Potter And Daughter Is Here!

Potter and Daughter (the new Harry Potter podcast I am making with my 7 year old daughter) is live! You can download and listen to episode 1 here: http://podcast.hijinksensue.com/…/potter-and-daughter-01-b…/ New episodes come out Wednesdays. Subscribe with iTunes or RSS. Leave us an iTunes review if you enjoy it. Our Patreon Patrons get the first TWO […]

The HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast Returns (again)!

Long story, incredibly short: The HE Podcast is returning this week. The first new episode will be up for download (website, RSS, iTunes) on Wednesday morning. All 51 Post Shows have been moved from The Vault into the main feed. Only about 50 people have ever heard the post shows they were honestly some of […]

Webcomic Rampage Panel Pt. 1 On The HE Podcast

There is a special episode of the HE Podcast UP NOW. It is a webcomics panel recorded at the annual Dragon’s Lair Webcomic Rampage event in Austin, TX. Enjoy! It features myself, Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content, David Willis of Shortpacked and Randal Milholland of Something Positive. If you like […]


Don’t Fuck This Up, America


Alright, America, if this comic doesn’t set things straight once and for all then I’ve lost all hope in you. Do you want me to spell it out? You like Voltron. Obama is Voltron. Vote for Obama. PLEASE, don’t fuck it up this time. Tags: 2008 presidential race, barack obama, podcast, robots, voltron, voting