I swear to god we’re doing a Podcast

OK, I’ve confirmed this with the brain trust, and we ARE recording a Podcast tomorrow. I promise this is (probably) not a fake out. If it goes well (or goes at all) I would like to make this a regular feature of the site. This inaugural episode will feature the core HE crew (me, Eli and Josh).

How can you contrubite? You can send emails/questions between right now and Saturday morning to podcast(at)hijinksensue(dot)com. What should you submit?

  • Questions you would like us to answer regarding TV, Movies, teh webz, Comicbooks, Apple, techology, scifi, geek stuff, etc.
  • Ideas for names for the podcast. YES, you can help name the Podcast
  • Your recommendations for where you think I should host the podcast. I want cheap-as-free, itunes subscriptions, RSS, little to no adds
  • Whatever else you can think of that might make for good conversation

Other ideas? Feel free to email or leave a comment. I want this to be fun and… that’s all.


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  1. i’m all about libsyn.com man… if you keep your files sizes small, you can do a few a month for $5. its 100MB for $5, or 250mb for $10, and so on. An hour long show, in poor quality (decent for talking… ie. podcasting) is usually around 25mb. great quality is about 75mb. libsyn.com is easy as hell to use, and its not owned by any corporate giants… i dont think… haha… you post your stuff, they host it. submit the rss feed to iTunes and you’re gold. i’ve been doing it for about a year ( plug: http://www.supercandid.net or http://supercandid.libsyn.com/ )

    if you use libsyn, keep in mind that whatever you enter as text on your PODCAST posts, is what itunes will post in the episode description. so format it as such (ie. no URLS, really long code or whatever) thats the reason we started a separate site, for the links and blogposts (which you’ve already got), and just use libsyn solely for hosting and ipod notes.

    i think just ‘Hijinks Ensue’ is a decent name for a show. Hijinks ComicCast or something would work to… ComiCast sounds good, but its probably taken.

    do you listen to many podcasts? you have the stream of conciousness shows like SModcast, where kevin smith and scott mosier just talk about WHATEVER. then you have stuff like Leo Laporte when its down to a T and sounds like a radioshow (because he also does radio). ie. segments and all that. The CAGCast is great, ie. the cheapassgamer.com podcast. they talk games and life in tokyo and all that. i think the penny arcade show is too sloppy.

    and one HUGE thing. AVOID TALKING OVER EACH OTHER. half the podcasts out there do this, and its annoying as hell. just listen and interject comments, but dont argue over and over. if there are more than 2 people involved, its very each to bog each other down, so be mindful. some big name shows fall prey to this every episode, and as such, i no longer listen at all.

    as for topics… just freeball it man. i’m curious to see what you have to say.

  2. comments working? i just wrote like a gotdamned page and it didnt show up… well hell… basically… check out libsyn.com, its cheap and works great.

  3. Names:
    Podjinks Ensue
    Discussions Ensue
    Oral Hijinks
    Audio Ensues
    Audio Hijinks

    That’s it. I’m out. And they all blow.

    Good luck on the podcast. I did it for a few years and had a ball.

  4. 2 ideas for topics:
    — The new season of Lost – are we excited because it’s good, or because we feel like as geeks, we’re SUPPOSED to be excited?
    — ThinkGeek just put out a new product – the utilikilt. What would you want as a utilikilt feature? And ‘pant legs’ isn’t allowed.

    As for the name, why mess with a good thing? I say you go with “Hijinks Ensue”. I’m sure it will sum up the podcast very well.

    • as a potential spoiler to our next podcast, since we didn’t cover it in the first, I’ve actually been the proud owner of a Utilikilt for about 3 years now. I don’t wear it all that often, but I do love it. More people should own them.


  5. for hosting, talkshoe.com. It’s free, easy to use if you have users who aren’t in the same location, and they pay you money based on the number of listeners you have. Scott Kurtz of pvponline.com apparently makes enough money using it to pay for his office space. While they used to have bumpers before and after the recording, I haven’t heard any of them lately on any of the podcasts I’ve listened to from there.

    • I was SO close to hosting with them but the best I can tell their whole deal is based on live calls. No way we are doing this show with NO editing at all. I cut maybe 6 minutes of dead air from the first episode… I mean it was all perfect.

  6. also!!

    if you are blind and always wanted to know what an Winter Extreme Sports Special Olympics going down in flames sounds like….tune in to a very special podcast

  7. also!!

    if you are blind and always wanted to know what an Winter Extreme Sports Special Olympics going down in flames sounds like….tune in to a very special podcast

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