I’m calling it right now.

Cally Tyrol is the fifth and final Cylon.

There. I said it. The gauntlet is thrown. What’re ya gonna do? Nothin. Deal with it.

Check out this “Last Cylon Supper” pic and blurb from io9.com (Gawker’s new scifi blog). I wonder if they served toast. I read the clues from Ron D. Moore and I’ve interpreted them thusly: The final-fifth is NOT in that photo (Cally is NOT in that photo), and he refers to Cally and Chief Tyrol’s baby as “seeming to be the 2nd human Cylon hybrid.” There’s your money shot. He SEEMS to be but he’s not. He’s the first biological Cylon baby.


Season four won’t premier until April so we probably won’t get confirmation on this for quite some time. Go ahead, and place your bets in the comments. I’m sticking with my theory (at least until it’s proven completely and utterly wrong).

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  1. Felix Gaeta. Read it and weep.

    Go back and watch the Resistance webisodes. The irony of the “resistance” was that it was orchestrated almost entirely by members of the Final Five. If we can exclude the exploding man Duck, then that leaves Gaeta as the only integral part of the resistance that is not a confirmed Cylon. Making that irony complete just seems too delicious a possibility for a writer to ignore. (He’s also not in the above picture)

    Cally would definitely be a surprise as the final toaster, but I think that spot is reserved for someone that has been critical to the fleet without being one of the obvious choices (i.e., Adm. Adama or Roslin). Cally just doesn’t seem “important” enough to be the result of such a big reveal.

  2. @Ape
    Do yourself and favor and watch seasons 0-3 before 4 premiers. If you dont love it, your heart is made of sad and fail.

    @Mike Brady
    Thats a very good point, but Ive never liked Gaeta so I really hope its not him. Cally doesnt seem important enough but the implications of her baby would be. That alone lends the gravity that would make her cylon-age a shattering surprise. Lets say Im right. HOW did they have a baby? Is it because they were in love?

  3. @Joel

    True enough – a full-Cylon baby would be pretty stunning. I think you might be reading too much into the "seems to be" comment, though. It wasn't in quotes – I think that's just commentary from Entertainment Weekly. It's a fun theory though. In fact, the more I think about it the more questions it raises. Why can't the skinjobs have kids? I mean, biologically they have to be nearly identical to humans (several of them would have needed to pass physicals at some point), so there can't be anything TOO bizarre about Cylon physiology. Then again, the Five are older models so all bets are off really. Maybe they *can* have children? Maybe the seven are (literally) their children? In that case there would probably need to be another woman to break up Das Sausagefest, so there's another point for Cally.

    Unrelated questions: how can they possibly explain Starbuck's survival? I mean, seriously… what? And what's the deal with Roslin's headache coinciding with the ship losing power? And with her sharing a dream with two Cylons? Obviously something pretty big being set up there.

    Finally: if the writer's strike continues and we're stuck with only the first half of the final season, how long will it be before we all go mad?

  4. I’m glad I decided to subscribe to this thread via email. Rarely have I had the opportunity to be so thoroughly confused by a group of nerds.

    Usually, it’s my nerdy discussions that are confusing others. Nice for a change if pace.

    @mike brady
    Is Das Sausagefest the name of a space submarine?

  5. @Honest Ape

    Ha! I think you’re getting that confused with Das Unterseesausage – a common mistake. The concept of Das Sausagefest was coined in days of yore (by Nietzsche, I think) to describe the phenomenon whereby there are “too many lances at the dance.”

    Seriously, though, the concept of a space submarine just blew my mind. It’s like when my daughter’s watching Spongebob and they go to “the beach” and there’s a body of water there (SPOILER: they’re already underwater). I often have to leave the room to avoid bleeding from my brain.

  6. @Joel

    Well met! Nathan was also responsible for the Dethklok Home for Wayward Kitties, which is one of my favorite charities. Although if I remember world history correctly the concept of the Pickle Party can actually be traced back to Chaucer in one of his lesser-known works, The Debaucher’s Tale. Of course then it was known as “Ye Olde Pikkel Partie” but the meaning was the same.

    • “Release….THE KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!”

      (that broke my wife beyond repair the first time she saw it. I had to get a new one)

      “Ye Olde Pikkel Partie” makes my day twice.

  7. @MB
    The funny thing about Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is that there are parts in it funnier than you could make up. Like The Miller’s Tale, in which the following things take place:

    1. A married woman being pursued by a man makes him close his eyes for a kiss, then sticks her rear out the window
    2. Said man kisses her female parts and is shocked: No woman has a beard!
    3. The woman’s husband, also wanting to get in on the action, later fools the man into a similar situation, then farts full force in his face.
    4. The man, pissed off, sticks a red-hot poker up the ass in question.

    Ah, my friends – didn’t know that one? No surprise. Wading through a book written in Old English is about as fun as eating tungsten.

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