Blue Moon of WTF

So, Conan went back on the air sans a writing staff. I assume he didn’t want to do it this way but pressure form the network and advertisers was probably too much to bare. Before bed I decided to flip on his show (I haven’t watched it since about season 3 or 4 when it was super-freak-out-low-budget-weird-awesome) and see what they could possibly do without writers.

The monologue was more like 4 min of so-so stand up (no news or references), with a lot of filler. Then this happened:


Not since Little Conan Babies, or the Masturbating Bear have I been so simultaneously entertained and confused by the chalky white giant with the scarlet pompadour. The best part is that he was DEAD serious. You know he sings that in the shower.

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  1. Nice voice on him! Never expected him to have a good singing voice. Also, nice to see him pull a Letterman and show up with a full beard.

    Awesome link.

    question: Why is there now a spot above and below the comment textbox to check for email comments?

    • That is a very good question. I am using Brian’s Threaded comments so conversations are easier to track. No sure if I like it yet but maybe it has a subscription feature of its own. I know that it doesnt let me stay “logged in” like wordpress default comments did. That sucks.

      • I’d check the options panel for the plugin. Should be able to remove it.

        As for the new comment style, I’m not a huge fan. I like threaded comments, but it makes it hard to follow all of the comments without missing any. You have to start at the top every time you return to the comments. Just my opinion.

  2. That was hilarious. I, too, was surprised at how good Conan sounded. I’m not a fan of country/western, but that song was pretty fun.

    As for the new comments style, I dig ’em. If you want help with the WP code to get rid of the extra email comments subscription box, just shoot me an email. 🙂

    • Are you still seeing the extra box? I turned off the plugin and turned it back on and it seems to be fine now.

      Im going to restyle the comments completely soon so I can use Gravatars. If I use them now the Avatar just appears in the middle of the text.

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