HijiNKS ENSUE 7 Year Anniversary Fancy Fan Art Contest!

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Last Sunday, May 11th, HijiNKS ENSUE turned 7 years old! What does that even mean? Why am I still allowed to do this? In celebration, I am holding a Fancy Fan Art Contest just like last year. And, just like last year, the rules are the same:

You’ll have a week (maybe 2 depending on how quick the submissions come in) to submit your most creative depiction of anything HE related in your artistic medium of choice. Crayon, paper mache, dubstep dance mix, digital drawing, whatever. There are no guidelines for what you can make or how you can make it, but know that I will be judging based on how much effort you appear to have put in, and/or how funny/amusing it I find it.

Please create your thing and email it, or a picture of it if it is a physical item to comics at hijinksensue dot com. Please send attachments no larger than 1mb, but feel free to link to larger versions.

If I get at least 5 submissions by a week from today (which is Wednesday 5/21/14), I will post a winner by that Friday. If I don’t get at least 5, then I’ll push the contest a week.

Check out last year’s winners. Think you can do better? I don’t see how.

PRIZES? Hell YES, there are prizes! 

First Place will get a digital commission by me! I will draw any HE characters (up to two characters) you like, doing pretty much whatever you like (within reason) and send you a full color file suitable for printing and framing!

2nd Place will get 2 signed HE comic prints of their choosing. International winners will need to pay shipping.

3rd Place will get a signed print of any HE comic of their choice.

If you don’t want to participate, but you want to tell HE happy birthday, please consider making a donation, becoming a Patronbuying something from the HE Store or Sharksplode or checking out my Amazon Wishlist.

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  1. I dare you all to top the magnificent Juan Q Zach made real in wool and stuffing. I DARE YOU. Seriously, please. Make something awesome. That thing is ridiculous.

  2. I submitted the rum cakes last year, but if you really need submissions I'll send it again…I don't have anything new for you yet.

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