7th Anniversary Fancy Fan Art Contest Winners

Just under a month ago, HijiNKS ENSUE turned 7 years old. I held a Fancy Fan Art contest to celebrate and here are the winners!

FIRST PLACE goes to Troy Zimmerman for this Edward Gorey inspired version of me. Clearly this is my destiny. This is my inescapable fate. Troy wins a digital commission of any 1 or 2 HE characters of his choice, doing pretty much whatever (within reason).

Troy Zimmerman - HijinksEnsueJIsForJoel7Yrs

SECOND PLACE goes to Jess D. for JOEL AND ELI JOUSTING ON FREAKING DINOSAURS! Check that crazy nonsense out! Jess wins any two signed HE comic prints from my store.

jess d - hijinkdsweird

THIRD PLACE goes to Zach Martin for a pretty accurate portrayal of a way that I will likely die. Come to think of it, all three of these feature my potential, if not certain demise in some fashion or another. Zach wins any one signed HE comic print of his choice from my store.

Zach Martin - Joel_RedShirt

Thank you, Fancy Winners! Email me to claim your prizes.

Honorable mentions go to Patrick Chin Cheong, for this account of our actual meeting at a convention. You can read a very kind and touching story about it here at his blog.

Patrick Chin Cheong - tumblr_n5mrica05Y1spnwz3o1_1280

Another honorable mention goes to Steve Walvick for these weird-ass Haikus, because he was the only applicant who took my advice to “write a Haiku if you can’t draw” to heart. I’m not sure how I feel about the part about Josh’s dong being so close to the part about my daughter though.

Steve Walvick - Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.04.53 AM

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  1. The Edward Gorey inspired winner is genius, truly the winner of all the things. It should be a poster, if not for sale just to have hanging in your booth and over your desk.

    The second place winner is a great concept (dinosaur jousting!) but it's driving me crazy because of how completely wrong you're holding that lance. It's SO wrong it must be intentional. And it's making me nuts. Well played Jess D., well played.

  2. THANKS JOEL! These were all awesome and it's an honor to be up with them. SO COOL! Great job, fancy bastards!

  3. I'm no real artist
    Yet an honor'ble mention?
    Not too shabby, eh?

    As for Josh's dong…
    Its immensity implies
    It's close to us ALL!

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