Heath Ledger found dead

Read the sad news here.


the housekeeper and the masseuse opened the bedroom and found Mr. Ledger naked and unconscious on a bed, with pills scattered around his body.

OMG, he died in 50% of Michelle Tanner’s apartment:

The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan owned by the actress Mary-Kate Olsen, according to the New York City police. Mr. Ledger was 28.

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  1. Jeez, what a shocker. Damn shame, too; he seemed like a really respectable, upstanding kind of guy. Am I dating myself if I compare this to River Phoenix‘s equally untimely demise? Both talented young men at the beginning of very promising acting careers. Both lost to drugs (when nobody was suspecting it).

    RIP Heath. We were glad to have you as long as we did.

    • Re: Dating yourself, he was only a couple of years older than me. I cant imagine only having 25-30 years to live. Regardless of profession or fame, its just not long enough to be considered “full.”

      • Yeah, granted I was pretty young when it happened. Young enough to consider 23 to be “pretty old.” Now that I’m a short ways past that mark it seems like no time at all. That he and Heath both had very successful acting careers in their short times is a testament to their talents. It’s too bad that we’ll never know where they could’ve gone. And it’s a real tragedy that there’s a child left fatherless as a result.

  2. This is truly upsetting. Firstly, Heath Ledger was a good actor and too talented to go this early in his life. Secondly, my wife has now lost her celebrity husband and will have to find a replacement, but we all know that grieving can be tough so it might be a while. Thirdly, we’ll have to readjust to another new Joker in the third Batman flick (assuming they leave the second flick open to such a possibility). Truly, this is just terrible all the way around. And, of course, he has a kid, which is the worst. I can’t imagine what Michelle (Heath’s [ex?]wife) must be going through.

    On a different note altogether, perhaps this will help cheer you up…
    Watch: http://gawker.com/5002269/the-cruise-indoctrination-video-scientology-tried-to-suppress
    Then: http://thesuperficial.com/2008/01/jerry_oconnell_obtains_interwe.php

    • i’ve heard that he pretty much owns the part, so I hope they have enough respect to let it die with him (at least for this current franchise). Batman has plenty of villains for future films.

  3. Joel, I added a comment but it was either sent to Moderation or it’s in your Akismet spam (I included a couple of links, so I’m sure that’s why).

  4. Apparently they deny it’s her apartment.

    And it’s a national tragedy over here. The news is going NUTS in Oz.

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