Doki Doki Prog Rock?

Drummer drumming to Super Mario 2 music


That was awesome.

About a decade ago (in highschool) my friend Justin and I had this idea that we would start a rap group where we spit (hot fire) rhymes over remixed classic video game music. Our names were D. Bugg Mode and ….(help me out, Justin) DJ I-Triple-E 1394? Something like that. For a while I was also Dirty Jesus X. Anyway. It was a fantastic idea and much like every great idea I had in the 90’s, we talked about it for a year and never did shit. Theres not really a point to that story. Just remenesing. Funny thing is (and I don’t care if you call bullshit or not, it’s true) we invented mash-ups in 2000. Mind you this was 4 years before the Grey Album. I’m not saying we were the first people ever to mash together two songs, but we did come up with the idea with no outside influence or provocation, so we might as well hacve been the first. We started a band sort of based on this idea called Los Hombres de Rock and Roll.A few set list highlights were:

  • Playing “Ready to Go” by Elastica/ singing “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top and “Love Shack” by The B-52’s
  • Playing “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction/ singing the Reading Rainbow theme song
  • Playing the most over used riff in 90’s rock (G, D, E, C)/ singing “What’s this Life For?” by Creed, “Good” by Better than Ezra, “When I come around” by GreenDay and about 20 others.

Somewhere there is video to prove it. A guy named MW Wil taped the one and only show we did (with my friend Corn Mo), and I never saw him again. I wish I had that tape.

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  1. Bits and pieces:

    – I think I was Colonel Debugger.
    – William B. was the name of the guy that made the video, as well as a recording of my one-and-only showcase at the Addison Improv, then promptly fell off the face of the planet. I talked to him about 6 months ago, but there’s no way he still has any of those videos.
    – The horrible recordings I made in that “era” are still around for anyone with the intestinal fortitude to handle them and the drive to find them. New Kat Food is still a hit in Sweden.

    • Wil! Right.
      I know that neither of our guesses were your rap name. Your obsession with Firewire was post-Beaumont so mine is out. This is going to piss me off. You hadn’t yet invented FG. You weren’t Dougy Dizeez, Mixmaster Mark Misanthropy, Uncle Screw Tape, or Mike Smith. Nor were you DJ Kathy Frazier or MC Nefarious Fat Bitch Riding an Onyx Donkey.

      C’mon. D. Bugg Mode (aka Dirty Jesus X) and…..???

      Colonel Debugger wasn’t funny until I said it out loud. Then i shit coffee.

  2. That was some amazing drumming. He should join the NESkimos – they’ve been using a synthesizer for a while, which actually (surprisingly) sounds good but it can’t beat a live drummer.

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