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HijiNKS ENSUE eBook iBook iJinks Ensue Drawing Hands Is HardIf you are a Donation Subscriber, you are A) one of my favorite people, and B) going to get an email today with a link to download the first HijiNKS ENSUE iBook/eBook. It’s called iJinks Ensue: Drawing Hands Is Hard, and it contains all of the HE comics from 2007-2008 plus some neat extras at the end.

It will be in iBooks format for iPad and PDF format for everything else. My wife and I have worked CRAZY hard on it, so I really hope you guys enjoy it and understand how much I appreciate your donations. If you are not a donation subscriber and don’t plan to be ($2 a month? C’Mon!), you will be able to get my eBook offerings on a pay-what-you-want donation model starting later today.

Looks like you’re going to have to wait at least one more day to find out what repressed “rememberies” Eli was starting to uncover.

I doubt I will get to see the Firefly panel at SDCC since people are probably already in line for it, but thinking about their “huge announcements” has sent me down a certain train of thought. Has anyone else seen Tron: Uprising on Disney? Can’t you imagine a Firefly/Serenity animated series done exactly in that style? The visuals look serious enough that you can take the story seriously. Does that make sense? And it wouldn’t cost $20 million an hour like the movie did. If the crew can never be reassembled for TV or features again, and the occasional comic just isn’t cutting it, doesn’t animation seem like the most logical choice for carrying on the verse?

Speaking of SDCC: Due to booth problems beyond my control I will not actually have a spot to sit, but I will be hanging out at the Blind Ferret booth (1332) throughout the weekend. Check my Twitter for signing times and availability. More info HERE. Despite the lack of a table I will find a way to do sketches for you. I’ll probably bring a little collapsable stool or something. NEVER GIVE UP! I WILL SKETCH FOR YOU!

Speaking of sketches, money is EXTREMELY tight in HijiNKS land right now, so I am going to do a live sketch drive this week. Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to order custom sketch cards from this site and I will draw them (whatever you requested withing reason) live on Ustream with times to be announced on my Twitter. I’ll probably limit them to 100, but if it’s a success I’ll do it more often.

COMMENTERS: What do you hope they announce at the Firefly 10 year anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con? Realistically and in your wildest imagination? How about my animated series idea? How would you see that playing out?

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  1. In my geeky heartofhearts I hope for 6 new seasons (because why ask for just one if we’re wishing for things that will never happen?

    As to what it could actually be – it could be something as mundane as the TV show getting re-aired or it could be something off the wall awesome that they’re going to all do a TV show together that isn’t Firefly but is something equally cool by Joss (he has some free time now Avengers : Awesemmble is complete doesn’t he?

  2. As long as they aren't using the cheap CGI animation where everyone looks smooth and puffy then I'm behind an animated show all the way. But they need to make it on a channel where occasionally we can still see Captain Tightpants's bottom
    Also, if I can scrape together enough money (things are tight here too) then I would like a sketch of Han shooting Greedo first. I think if I can provide irrefutable proof, then the young'uns will believe me!

    • Y'know, if you get the "Special Edition" DVD down at the Wal*Mart, I think that still includes the second disc with the *original* original film (no subtitle over the credit crawl or anything!). And that one quite clearly shows Han slowly drawing and leveling his blaster under the table, then Greedo leveling his little holdout gun at Han's face, and then only *one* shot going off. And Han appearing quite disturbed at what happened, as he tosses the creds at the barkeep…

  3. Joss Whedon stands up in front of the crowd, and they go silent in anticipation:
    "Fanladies, fangentlemen, people who were swept into this room on the tide of people, I have important information for all of you."
    *cheers, eventually tapering off*
    "For ten years you have clamored for more Firefly. We've had a movie, and the publicity has been very good for the various actors, but now is the time to let us go."
    *confused murmurs*
    "It's been TEN YEARS, and your hopes for new episodes are mired in a marsh of nostalgia. There is no possible way anything we do can match up to what you expect. I mean for God's sakes, last time I tried to write a second season look at what happened to Dollhouse! Enjoy what we did, I hope you enjoy what we do in the future, but let. Firefly. Die. Let it die with what dignity it has left, rather than flop around on a stage in an attempt to glean some morsel of entertainment. Thank you."

  4. Realistically – they announce another comic book.
    Middle of the road – 24 hour Whedon Channel – sadly all repeats.
    Dream – Inara and Kaylee open sexy carwash….for dirty, dirty cars.

  5. I could see an animated series being a good, and potentially likely, option. Joss seems to be comfy with continuing stories through comics and animation already and it would allow the actors to participate without having to kill other projects (it takes a LOT less time to do voice over work than shoot a scene and they don't have to be available at the same time).

    In my wildest imagination, I'd like to hear that they are going to start the series anew with Wash waking up from a bad dream about dying and Christina Hendrick's character added as a permanent member of the car wash that Inara and Kaylee are going to be opening <nod and wink to @opie051699>.

    In my second personality's wildest imagination, Joss reveals that the Firefly universe and the Farscape universe are actually the same and he's merging both shows into a CONSTANT STREAM OF GEEKGASMS that will be aired daily on a new Science Fiction network that is not afraid of the term "science fiction".

    However, my guess is they are making a prequel movie.

  6. Animated series? Yes. In the style of Tron? F#@$ no! There are better styles currently available. Justice League, Young Justice…

    I'd settle for a "cast of Firefly to appear on Castle" announcement, in an episode written and directed by the "Avengers-famous" Joss Whedon. Or maybe "cast of Firefly to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", ala the Monty Python / Fallon episode.

      • I didn't feel the need to list out EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE cartoon that would be a better choice than Tron. Why would you assume I've removed Clone Wars from the list of possibilities?

  7. If they do an animated series then I bet it'll be with Bruce Timm since he's a fan of Firefly and most of the Firefly cast has done voice work for his shows/movies.

  8. At Oz Comic Con on the weekend Sean Maher gave his "personal opinion" that "obviously if we were to be lucky enough to make more Firefly it would be set much later in time than where the first season left off, too much time has passed for us to just pick it up. It's exciting to think about what Joss might have in mind if something like that were to happen…" or something along those lines, obviously not an official announcement of anything, but I like how excited he was about the realistic prospect of more actual episodes with the crew of the Serenity…

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