You Can’t Take This Guy From Me

HijiNKS ENSUE eBook iBook iJinks Ensue Drawing Hands Is HardIf you are a Donation Subscriber, you are A) one of my favorite people, and B) going to get an email today with a link to download the first HijiNKS ENSUE iBook/eBook. It’s called iJinks Ensue: Drawing Hands Is Hard, and it contains all of the HE comics from 2007-2008 plus some neat extras at the end.

It will be in iBooks format for iPad and PDF format for everything else. My wife and I have worked CRAZY hard on it, so I really hope you guys enjoy it and understand how much I appreciate your donations. If you are not a donation subscriber and don’t plan to be ($2 a month? C’Mon!), you will be able to get my eBook offerings on a pay-what-you-want donation model starting later today.

Looks like you’re going to have to wait at least one more day to find out what repressed “rememberies” Eli was starting to uncover.

I doubt I will get to see the Firefly panel at SDCC since people are probably already in line for it, but thinking about their “huge announcements” has sent me down a certain train of thought. Has anyone else seen Tron: Uprising on Disney? Can’t you imagine a Firefly/Serenity animated series done exactly in that style? The visuals look serious enough that you can take the story seriously. Does that make sense? And it wouldn’t cost $20 million an hour like the movie did. If the crew can never be reassembled for TV or features again, and the occasional comic just isn’t cutting it, doesn’t animation seem like the most logical choice for carrying on the verse?

Speaking of SDCC: Due to booth problems beyond my control I will not actually have a spot to sit, but I will be hanging out at the Blind Ferret booth (1332) throughout the weekend. Check my Twitter for signing times and availability. More info HERE. Despite the lack of a table I will find a way to do sketches for you. I’ll probably bring a little collapsable stool or something. NEVER GIVE UP! I WILL SKETCH FOR YOU!

Speaking of sketches, money is EXTREMELY tight in HijiNKS land right now, so I am going to do a live sketch drive this week. Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to order custom sketch cards from this site and I will draw them (whatever you requested withing reason) live on Ustream with times to be announced on my Twitter. I’ll probably limit them to 100, but if it’s a success I’ll do it more often.

COMMENTERS: What do you hope they announce at the Firefly 10 year anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con? Realistically and in your wildest imagination? How about my animated series idea? How would you see that playing out?

I bid one dollar, Bob.

All of this and more could be yours, if… the price is right.

This comic is basically factual except that it hasn’t happened yet… or maybe it’s happening right now. I’m not sure, but I’m probably foretelling the future (or at least the present).

Josh is in Chicago this week for Bear Pride. You see, once a year Josh’s people instinctively return to their ancestral homeland of Chicago. Once gathered they begin an ancient ceremonial mating ritual consisting of bar crawls, dancing and alcohol. I suppose there is also plumage involved. At some point he’ll lay his clutch of eggs in the spawning ground, then return home never to see those he mated with again.

I am certain that I’m either talking about Chicago Gays, salmon or rain forest toads. It’s late and things are starting to blur together. Which one has a cloaca?

The unfamiliar face in the first panel is Josh’s friend Perkk (in the blue, not the bouncer in the pink). I told Josh I was doing this comic and asked who should be in it with him. He said it was Perkk‘s birthday, so they honors go to him.

Happy birthday, Perkk, from Josh.

The overall inspiration (and the image of Bob Barker emblazoned on human flesh) came from this Radar Online list of terrible tattoos (specifically this one).

If you want to see something else truly fascinating, I suggest you Google “gayest tattoo ever.” You can stop when you see the “MerMen.” It’s usually the first result. Breathtaking.

If you’re living it up in Chicago this week, I invite you to stalk seek out Josh and show him a good time (not that he needs any help).  In fact, see if you can do anything to lessen his good time. We need him back in as close to one piece as possible.