Who’s On Eleventh?

I feel so much pressure from the geek community to partake in the misadventures of The Good Doctor, but as of yet I haven’t partook… partaked… partaken. I think I’m saving it for one of those rainy days when I crave British accents and time travel (usually a Wednesday).

Seeing as how I don’t have a proper frame of reference, I can’t comment on Matt Smith being cast as the eleventh Doctor Who. If you are blessed with an opinion on this matter, feel free to share it in the comments.

Re: “Who’s On First” – I know it’s a lame joke and I’m sure someone else has already used to to poke fun at Doctor Who, but it made me smile. Having never seen an episoded of Doctor Who, I can’t very well make a subtle reference to some obscure faneurysm like I would normally do.

If you know the classic “Who’s On First” routine, might I suggest “Who’s On Stage“?

Also, if you enjoyed THE TASTEY ADVENTURES OF BACON MAN or currently enjoy pining for your favorite cancelled show, you’ll be happy to know that HE-Friend-Comic “Save Hiatus” is back.

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