Now It’s Time To Leave The Capsule If You Dare

THE END, FOREVER… of this storyline!

I should probably mention that I will be at San Diego Comicon this year with Blind Ferret and Something*Positive at booth #1231. I will have books and shirts and prints and sketches and a look on my face like, “WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON THIS WHOLE SITUATION IS OUT OF CONTROL WHY DO THEY EVEN CALL THIS A CON WHY NOT JUST CALL IT FUCK YOU?!?!?”


COMMENTERS: If a post-apocalyptic future group of nomadic wasteland types had only one movie to base a belief system and eventually a society around, which should it be and why? Don’t say Galaxy Quest, because that would be so meta the Omega 13 would collapse on itself.

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Is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure too meta also?

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How about “The Gods Must Be Crazy”? That’s pretty meta too.
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Djorra· 99 weeks ago

Probably 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Jane· 99 weeks ago

Can’t be. That makes too much sense.
Oh yay! I was wondering if you were going to be at SDCC but wasn’t going to ask since I have heard you not love it. But, I missed you the last time I went and I’m going again this year! Booth noted!

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I love the people and I love the readers and I love the friends, but the con…. webcomics are not the reason people go to SDCC. We’re almost in the way.
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Outis· 99 weeks ago

I would really like to see the Religion that would develop out of Monty Pythons Meaning of Life

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lou· 99 weeks ago

Or do you mean Life of Brian?
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Faye· 99 weeks ago

I honestly expected the first Python reference to be Life of Brian, good pick with Meaning of Life!
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MrPlow99· 99 weeks ago

I’ll have to go with Dogma since they specifically advocate against belief systems in the movie. So then you’d have a belief system based upon not having a belief system.

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lou· 99 weeks ago

Now THAT would cause a universe-collapsing paradox.
HandiGoat's avatar

HandiGoat· 99 weeks ago

Isn’t that basically Nihilism?
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HikingViking· 99 weeks ago

If they ever do make that Arrested Development movie, that would probably get my vote. Terrifying tales of the Loose Seal breaking out across the wasteland. The chicken dance actually becoming an offensive gesture. “Hot Patato” becoming the national anthem, or scattered tribe anthem I guess. But even better than that would be a postapocalyptic movie that mentions the “good old days”, but never shows what they were. Because how awesome would that be? Imagine if you found a movie that showed life like it is today, but always referenced how great things were “before the fall.” What the hell would that mean? “Oh, we had a cure for AIDS before the fall” someone would say forlornly. What the hell does that even mean?
The Big Lebowsky. Just imagine them building statues of The Dude…., their appointed leaders all growing beards and wearing bathrobes everywhere…, and their greatest law would be “Ho not piss on another man’s rug”
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inkstud· 99 weeks ago

Dumb and Dumberer
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Mysterious Stranger· 99 weeks ago


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Liam· 99 weeks ago

One of those Friedberg and Seltzer movies.
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That guy· 99 weeks ago

“Surely, you’re not serious?” “Yes and don’t call me Shirley.”
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Katie· 99 weeks ago

Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Because I’d like to imagine a post-apocalyptic church all simultaneously shouting, “I’m the Mary! I’m the Mary!” And then ending each service with a crazy dance to Time After Time. They’d also know the recipe for glue.

Reruns of the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda would be their Dead Sea Scrolls.

Candace's avatar

Candace· 99 weeks ago

Rocky Horror Picture Show. Enough said.
The Lion King; think about it. Hakuna Matata is a mantra in and of itself.
Okay, I won’t say Galaxy Quest… the Last Action Hero.
Batman1016's avatar

Batman1016· 99 weeks ago

Cloud Atlas. How’s that meta for you? A post-apocalyptic society based on a film about a post-apocalyptic society based on a the writings of a clone with a worldview based on a film about freedom from persecution and imprisonment, based on the life of an old man . . . etc, etc.

Course, with my luck, PA society will be based on some shite Tim Burton flick or the Twilight series. Just a planet full of emo jagoffs who worship Johnny Depp and Stephenie Meyer.

Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards?

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Or Fritz the cat. The black crow would be the first marytr.
YoYo_lax's avatar

YoYo_lax· 99 weeks ago

The music video to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

You just got trolled future scattered remnants of humanity on the brink of extinction. So take that.

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YoYo_lax's avatar

YoYo_lax· 99 weeks ago

Scratch that, “The Warriors.” Thus ensuring an irrational fear of bottles and 80’s hair bands.
Bron's avatar

Bron· 99 weeks ago

I’m really supprised no one has said the princess bride yet…..

So that or Blues Brothers (the initial film obviously….)

Presumably suggesting “The Passion of the Christ” would be a bit too meta aswell 😉
bubujin_2's avatar

bubujin_2· 99 weeks ago

“Pleasantville” would do the trick me thinks.
Faye's avatar

Faye· 99 weeks ago

Serenity: because at least they’ll understand the references to Earth That Was.
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DuckAmuck· 99 weeks ago

Good god, people. The answer is obviously Army of Darkness.

Everyone goes to bed at night saying “Klattu Beratta Necktie” and wonders why they have nightmares. “It’s a trick, get an axe” is the standard greeting. Every kid hopes they get the chainsaw hand for Boom-stick-mas.

Ceri's avatar

Ceri· 99 weeks ago

Zardoz. Yeah, you heard me.
Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59· 99 weeks ago

Has to be tge Big Lebowski. The priest stands over the baptismal font as the initiate is pushed in, backwards, fully clothed; whereupon the priest casts the wild ferret into the tub. As the ferret (having been fed peyote) tries to claw through the initiates chest, he cries out, “Get this fucking marmot offa me!” The parishioners respond, “Get this fucking marmot offa me!” As two deacons roll the initiate into a rug, the priest’s assistant, dressed as a Valkyrie, is lowered on wires onto the altar and rolls her bowling ball into the assembly.

“The Dude abides,” saith the priest.

“The Dude abides,” respond the parishioners.

Alan Grayson's avatar

Alan Grayson· 99 weeks ago

I’m surprised no Fight Club but if I was taking this seriously I’d say Into Great Silence because they haven’t made of movie of A Canticle for Leibowitz yet (and too bad theres no movie of Phillip K. Dick’s Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb) but in my heart I say The Charlie Brown Christmas Special even though its technically not a movie.
Bryce's avatar

Bryce· 99 weeks ago

I’m going to be completely honest with you, Joel. If The Adventures of Spaag and Skeev were a webcomic, I would read it. I would read it every update. I would subscribe to the RSS Feed.

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runcibletune's avatar

runcibletune· 99 weeks ago

I really want to see them take the box back to Motherboss.
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Allen· 99 weeks ago

Ghostbusters. The pantheon consists of everyone who’s ever been asked if they’re a god.

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lou· 99 weeks ago

“Ray, if someone asks if you are a god, you say YES!” Words to live by.
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lou· 99 weeks ago

I say we follow Peter Griffin’s example and establish the Church of the Fonz. Imagine what kind of ceremony you’ll involve jumping over a shark for.
HandiGoat's avatar

HandiGoat· 99 weeks ago

I think it should be Mad Max, because future dystopian peoples deserve to get to high-five eachother knowing that they got it right.
Tony's avatar

Tony· 99 weeks ago

I’m going to throw what I think might be a curveball and suggest: Rosencrantz and Gldenestern are Dead.
AttilaThePBNun's avatar

AttilaThePBNun· 99 weeks ago

How about a Disney movie? “The Aristocats’; what would a society based on a cartoon movie about talking animals be like? Would they all be vegetarians? Expect for fish, of course. They’d eat fish ….
allen's avatar

allen· 99 weeks ago

This comic clearly is calling out for a Spaag and Skeev spin-off series.
lou's avatar

lou· 99 weeks ago

I just love comic-Eli’s insane optimism, even in the face of logic and there’s easier ways to do things. Is he like this all the time?

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COMMENTERS: What goes in your cultural time capsule? Please chose 3 movies (1 comedy, 1 drama, 1 dumb action), 3 TV series (1 drama, 1 comedy and 1 British), 3 music albums (1 you love now, 1 you loved when you were younger, 1 you are uncertain as to why you ever loved because it’s truly terrible), and feel free to toss in some books or whatever.

Comments (38)

Movies: A Fish Called Wanda, Synecdoche New York, Die Hard
TV: The Wire, Seinfeld, Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Music: Haunted (Poe), This Year’s Model (Elvis Costello), ???
Books (drama, comedy, nonfiction): House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace
🙂 The Name of the Wind is great! The Wise Man’s Fear is even better. 🙂
Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Following, Punisher: War Zone (you did say dumb)

Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Spaced

Marcus Miller – Renaissance, NOFX – White Trash Two Heebs And A Bean, Korn – Follow The Leader (I may have to listen to this today to see why I don’t listen to it any more…)

Movies: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Fight Club, Marvel’s The Avengers

TV: The West Wing, Arrested Development, Downton Abbey

Music: Led Zeppelin IV, R.E.M. – Automatic for the People, ‘N Sync – No Strings Attached

Books: Sandman, American Gods, Ender’s Game, Hitchhiker’s Guide, The Hobbit/LotR

2 replies · active 100 weeks ago

Now that I look at it, those aren’t representative of my taste in TV at all. Throw in some BSG and DS9 as well. And RTD’s DW.
Candace's avatar

Candace· 100 weeks ago

American Gods is an awesome novel, as is everything from Gaiman!
Ceri's avatar

Ceri· 100 weeks ago

Hoh boy, this is gonna be tough…

Movies: Plan 9 From Outer Space (unintentional comedy, but hilarious and should be preserved), Once, Demolition Man

TV series: The West Wing, Pushing Daisies, Doctor Who

Music albums: Florence and The Machine: Between Two Lungs, Four Non Blondes: Bigger, Better, Faster, More!, and (I can’t believe I once liked this crap) Backstreet Boys: Backstreet’s Back.
(Disclaimer: I don’t buy/listen to a lot of albums, I just have an eclectic collection of songs from all ages on permanent shuffle.)

Movies: Dr. Strangelove, No Country For Old Men, Die Hard

Shows: Lost, Seinfeld, Doctor Who (duh)

Music: Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks, Metallica – Master Of Puppets, Genesis – Invisible Touch

Books: Jack Kerouac – The Dharma Bums

doko239's avatar

doko239· 100 weeks ago

Movies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Usual Suspects, Pirates of the Caribbean

TV: Firefly, South Park, Dr Who

Music: Dark Side of the Moon and that’s about it (never been a big music buff)

Books (long list): Ender’s Game, Lord of the Rings, Shogun, Necronomicon, Neuromancer, the Game of Thrones series

Andy's avatar

Andy· 100 weeks ago

Movies: Super Troopers, Whats eating Gilbert Grape? and the greatest dumb action movie of all time – Demolition Man

TV: Game of Thrones, Buffy and The Young Ones

Music: Andrew W.K – I get Wet, Godzilla the Original Soundtrack and another copy of Godzilla the Original Soundtrack.

Books: The Wheel of Time series, Redwall series and a handful of Discworld books.

Movies: Shaun of the Dead, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Mummy (the Brendan Fraser version – I am not ashamed)

TV: M*A*S*H, Scrubs, Doctor Who

Music: Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons, Let it Go by The Clarks, Dru Hill/Sisqo (the early 2000s were a bad time)

Books (drama, comedy, nonfiction): World War Z by Max Brooks, Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, On Writing by Stephen King

2 replies · active 100 weeks ago

Candace's avatar

Candace· 100 weeks ago

Brenda Fraser was totally hot in the Mummy movies – you should certainly not be ashamed!
He was hot, and those movies (the first 2, at least) were fun popcorn flicks.
Bouncing Boy's avatar

Bouncing Boy· 100 weeks ago

Movies: The Producers(The original), Casablanca and Flash Gordon (I’d say Hot Fuzz, but that’s more a smart action movie)

TV: Does MASH count as Drama? if so, I’ll say MASH for the Drama and Gilligan’s Island for Comedy…British is a tough one but I think I’m going to have to go with Monty Python’s Flying Circus (runners up for British include Blackadder, Black Books, QI, Green Wing, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Spaced, Jeeves and Wooster, The Catherine Tate Show and A Bit of Fry and Laurie)

Music: Young Frankenstein (Original Broadway Cast Recording), Even Worse by “Weird Al” Yankovic, and It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman! (original Broadway Cast Recording)

Books: (since you didn’t give us categories I’ll make them up) Comedy: The Myth-Adventures of Skeeve and Aahz series by Robert Lynn Asprin, Drama: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and Science Fiction: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Katie's avatar

Katie· 100 weeks ago

Movies: Clue, Eternal Sunshine, Point Break

TV: Firefly, Cosby Show, Red Dwarf

Music: Bat for Lashes-Two Suns, Tori Amos-Under the Pink, Ace of Base-The Sign (I actually don’t think it’s terrible, I just wanted a fun one in there)

Books: (non-fiction) Joseph Campbell-The Power of Myth, (fiction) Kurt Vonnegut -Slaughterhouse Five, (other) Robert Frost poetry (or Emily Dickinson, can’t decide)

Movies: Bedazzled, Blade Runner, Ready To Rumble

TV: Babylon 5, The Kids in the Hall, The Tomorrow People

Music: …I just can’t decide, and there’s simply nothing in the third category.

Books: The complete Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes and Girl Genius. (Hey, you didn’t say they had to be non-illustrated books…. 😉

4 replies · active 100 weeks ago

Candace's avatar

Candace· 100 weeks ago

I’m crushing your head – I’m crushing your head! 😀
I own all 5 seasons on DVD and when I do a re-watch I’m just amazed at their collective brilliance. Not every sketch worked, but the ones that did – O. M. G., the laughing and the sides hurting!
Oh, Babylon 5 is a great choice! Love that series.
I honestly don’t understand SF fans who don’t get it, but….
YoYo_lax's avatar

YoYo_lax· 100 weeks ago

Movies: Young Frankenstein, The Lord of the Rings trilogy (just Two Towers if only one is allowed), DOOM
TV: Any/ All of Joss Whedon’s shows (or Battlestar Galactica), Adventure Time, Trigger Happy TV
Music: Blackwater Park (Opeth) (alternatively any Dream Theater album), Poodle Hat (Weird Al), whichever Das Racist CD has “PIzza Hut and Taco Bell” on it.
Misc: Some Terry Pratchett, D@D rulebooks, and A Song of Ice and Fire (even the not yet written ones)
Movies: Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Third Man and Predator.
TV: The Wire, The Venture Bros. and Fawlty Towers
Music: The National – Trouble Will Find Me; Rush – Moving Pictures, something by the Bee Gees
Candace's avatar

Candace· 100 weeks ago

Movies: “Monty Python’s Holy Grail,” “Highlander” (the first one), Lethal Weapon (the first one); TV series: Star Trek (TOS), Doctor Who (all), Saturday Night Live – original cast, and/or the Carol Burnett show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers (or was that Farty Towels?); Albums: Abbey Road (then and now), Super Taranta! (Gogol Bordello), Shaun Cassidy eponymous (I blame it on pre-teen hormones); Books: The Three Musketeers, Jhereg (Steven Brust), Nine Princes in Amber (Roger Zelazny), LOTR, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

There are actually a ton more albums, books and movies I like – the above is just what came to mind first.

1 · active 100 weeks ago

Candace's avatar

Candace· 100 weeks ago

Actually, for favorite dumb action movies, I should have said almost all pre-Daniel Craig Bond movies – especially the Roger Moore period.
Salvador's avatar

Salvador· 100 weeks ago

Movies: Airplane!, Clock Work Orange, Tango and Cash. TV: West Wing, Scrubs, Red Dwarf. Music: Antifogmatic by Punch Brothers, The Wall by Pink Floyd, No Need to Argue by The Cranberries.
prkantor's avatar

prkantor· 100 weeks ago

Movies – (comedy) – History of the World Pt 1, (drama) – Godfather Pts 1 & 2, (action) – Die Hard

TV Series – (drama) – ST-TNG, (comedy) – South Park, (british) – Doctor Who

Music Albums – (love now) – Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the moon, (loved when younger) – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper, (uncertain why ever loved, cause truly terrible) – Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water

Books – LotR trilogy incl Hobbit (JRR Tolkien), Stranger in a Strange Land (Robert Heinlein), Breakfast of Champions (Kurt Vonnegut), The Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams), and a copy of the Torah

Unrelated, but Eli’s faces in the last two panels are fantastic.
IltmanIain's avatar

IltmanIain· 100 weeks ago

Films: Some Like It Hot, because nobody’s perfect. Kiss Me Deadly, What’s in the box? And dumb action film, Die hard 4.0 because we’ve all aged with John
Tv shows: as aBrit they will all be British so comedy; Ab Fab sweetie, drama; Dr Who of course, and finally The Avengers, the Honor Blackman years.
Music: Elephant by the White Stripes, the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and The Kinks Collected singles
Books: Right Ho Jeeves, the Lord of The Rings, and the complete Sherlock Holmes stories
Chaucer59's avatar

Chaucer59· 99 weeks ago

Hmm. Hey–uh, Joel? I’ve only just finished catching up on your webcomic. I’ve been pretty busy but I’ve spent every free minute for the past two weeks learning the ways of the Fancy Bastard. I gotta wonder, though, did something really bad happen that I missed? This was a really popular comic with a sizable following–maybe not as big as Willis or Corsetto, but big and cheerfully active. Somewhere around April of this year, the number of comments dropped considerably. This particular comic has been out for over a week, and mine is the first comment. WTF?

Also, I miss the photo comics. I thought the complainers were dead wrong on that score. In jokes or not, they were funny and provided genuine insight into webcomic artists’ mindsets.

1 · active 99 weeks ago

Ali's avatar

Ali· 99 weeks ago

You’re the first comment? Lawl, what universe are you operating in? Scroll up. I count 33 before you.
yodanic's avatar

yodanic· 99 weeks ago

The Ref, Serenity, Lethal Weapon 4 (drive thru – need I say more?)

Doctor Who (all of it), Coupling (British version), Sherlock (Cumberbatch), can I also have all the Star Trek series if I give up the music?

Films: Blazing Saddles, Serenity….action is hard because it’s my favourite genre….RED/Die Hard/Commando/Kung Fu Hustle – the list goes on!
TV: The Wire, Firefly (there’s enough comedy to justify this!)/South Park, Green Wing/Blackadder
Music: Essential Ella – timeless, Use Your Illusion 2, Hangin Tough – I was a 14y/o girl!
Books – I would have to throw everything else out and fill the capsule with books. The Gone-Away World (seriously, READ IT), the Name of the Wind. Every. Single. Terry Pratchett. All the Douglas Adams……can I have a bigger capsule?

The Story Of Us

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These shirts are marked down to $9.95!

OvipositorUnicorn PoopAnd My Axe (Ladies), SyFy Movie Title Generator and British Knights

Comic Eli might pick Blazing Saddles as humanity’s most defining cultural work, but I have a feeling Eli IRL would probably go with something a little more rogue Russian submarine captain themed, if you know what I mean.

COMMENTERS: What’s the one movie that you feel sums up your sense of humor? What movie does someone have to get in order to get you? I’ve been wrestling with this question for a while and I’m not 100% certain what my answer would be. It might be UHF. I just might be.

Comments (66)

I’m not sure, maybe Spaceballs.
Though UHF is a damn good choice.
Candace's avatar

Candace· 100 weeks ago

Both worthy choices.
Bryce's avatar

Bryce· 100 weeks ago

I was going to use those two movies to ballpark mine as well. A mix of dark humor and sarcastic wit.
Meg Danger's avatar

Meg Danger· 100 weeks ago

The Rock. Always and forever.
Mr Anaglyph's avatar

Mr Anaglyph· 100 weeks ago

The Great Dictator (Charlie Chaplin)
Perhaps UHF, Spaecballs, Young Frankenstein and Batman
I would say GNFOS, but mostly because fake Eli already stole my real answer.

1 · active 100 weeks ago

halfway through googling that, I remembered what it was.
Cannibal: The Musical & Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter. My best friend introduced me to the first, I showed her the latter, and we knew then we’d be BFFs.
Dave's avatar

Dave· 100 weeks ago

The Big Lebowski and The Hudsucker Proxy
pretty much anything Cohen Brothers… except maybe Ladykillers.

Long Live The Hud

Rabite's avatar

Rabite· 100 weeks ago

Anybody who disagrees with Blazing Saddles is a traitor to humanity.
Kier's avatar

Kier· 100 weeks ago

Silverado: You’re wearing my hat.
Candace's avatar

Candace· 100 weeks ago

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and/or Young Frankenstein.

1 · active 100 weeks ago

I almost said “Grail” for mine, but I started thinking back to when and how those two movies affected me. I saw UHF when I was probably 8 years old and Weird Al was the very first introduction I ever had to comedy, parody, and popular music. His impact on my comedic sensibilities are tremendous. I saw Holy Grail when I was about 11 and it completely turned my brain upside down. I laughed longer and harder than I ever had up until that point in my short life. It completely opened my eyes to an entirely new way of looking at comedy and restructured the way I perceived what was funny from that point onward. Still, I dont think I would have been as susceptible to it, had I not had the foundation in comedy that I’d gotten from Al.
I feel the same way about The Dude, and if I’m being 100% honest, it is probably the comedic move that has the biggest correlation to what I consider funny TODAY. UHF might top my list since it had such an overall impact on what I considered funny as a child, but is also still funny to me today for completely different reasons. That said, every single time I see Lebowski I catch something, some subtle nuance that I hadn’t noticed before. It’s certainly in my top 3 “You must get these to get me” movies.
Megan's avatar

Megan· 100 weeks ago

Blazing Saddles, Big Lebowski and Anchorman are my holy trinity.

1 · active 100 weeks ago

Im SOOOOOOOO worried about the Anchorman sequel.
Real Men. “You never forget the first time you save the world”
See? You almost want to have a “cooler” answer, but you have to be honest with yourself.
Duck Soup.

Consequently, to some extent, Brain Donors.

1 · active 100 weeks ago

UnderTheDark's avatar

UnderTheDark· 100 weeks ago

Holy sh*tsnacks, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone outside of my immediate family that’s even HEARD of Brain Donors!
it’s not well known, but I always recommend “The President’s Analyst”… a little dated but sums up the 1960s perfectly: American intelligence agencies fighting each other more than the Soviets, Telephone Company is the ultimate Big Bad – sorry, SPOILER – Freudian analysts, D.C. elites, hippies, suburban gun nuts, NOBODY is spared, plus a scifi angle that is just now coming true about ‘implantable telephones’ and the greatest line ever uttered in a movie “I’m NOT paranoid! You really ARE all spies!”


oof. I would have been right there with you had I not rewatched it earlier this year. For me, it doesn’t hold up at all.
MichaelH's avatar

MichaelH· 100 weeks ago

Airplane! without a doubt.

1 · active 100 weeks ago

I would second Airplane wuth a side of Top Secret.

“I know a little German….He’s sitting right over there.”

Allen's avatar

Allen· 100 weeks ago

It’s probably a tossup between UHF and Ghostbusters.

2 replies · active 100 weeks ago

Allen's avatar

Allen· 100 weeks ago

And I should probably add in The Princess Bride.
FUCK! I hadn’t considered Ghostbusters. Yep. Add that one to the list.
Correct answer. Blazing Saddles is the best of movies. Nothing better than the scene where Slim Pickens is very nicely asking that Roger Korman “Hang that nigg** up by his neck until he was dead” just as sweet as he could be. Then Korman going outside and seeing the hangman from Robin Hood Men in Tights handing a man and his horse.
Batman1016's avatar

Batman1016· 100 weeks ago

“The Paper” by Stephen and David Koepp, directed by Ron Howard, and starring Michael Keaton, Glenn Close, Randy Quaid, Marissa Tomei, Robert Duvall, plus an ensemble cast of all-star extras. A day in the life of a slightly trashy New York Newspaper. A bit dated, pre-internet, but still awesome. Whedon-class dialog, lightning fast deadpan wit, and so many little subplots and throw-away one-liners that you can’t possibly catch everything in one viewing, or even two viewings. You MUST watch it repeatedly to see it all. So snarky and speedy and clever. One of the best movies ever made.

Also, “The Aristocrats.” Because I’m also a twisted bastard.

monkeymadness's avatar

monkeymadness· 100 weeks ago

The Room. If that doesn’t speak for the world, then I don’t know what we’ve become.
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Miggor's avatar

Miggor· 100 weeks ago

I would have to say Clerks. But I also highly recommend Eagle vs Shark, not a monster mashup movie as you might suspect, but technically a romcom. But far far better than a romcom.
Matt's avatar

Matt· 100 weeks ago

Heathers. Definitely Heathers.
bubujin_2's avatar

bubujin_2· 100 weeks ago

Meatballs is one of my all-time favorite fun-filled films. Probably ’cause I saw it when it first came out and was the first Bill Murray film I ever saw. Besides just being wicked funny, it really has a pretty sweet, uplifting story.
Bryan's avatar

Bryan· 100 weeks ago

I’m torn between Anchorman and GalaxyQuest.
Adam D.'s avatar

Adam D.· 100 weeks ago

Even though it’s an action Movie, I’d have to say the Fifth Element would probably be how the rest of the universe would see us, even through a comedic lens.

“We’re sending someone in to negotiate”
“Anyone else want to negotiate?”

More comedy than anything else, you know that we’d settle all intergalactic differences with Bruce Willis and a big gun.

DuckAmuck's avatar

DuckAmuck· 100 weeks ago

Cartoons. Just cartoons. Not movies, just cartoons. Especially Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies from back in the day, but definitely not limited to that.
I was helped in this by The Simpsons, Family Guy, Venture Bros., et al., but it’s always been my thing. (The new Teen Titans Go is fabulous…)

If you think you’re “too grown up” for cartoons, I don’t have time for you.

Sophie’s Choice.
Wesley's avatar

Wesley· 100 weeks ago

It’s not a movie, but it’s definitely my sense of humour and not in the least because it so very well mimics the way the world works: Yes, Minister.
Boondock Saints. After the one guy kills the one girls thing and then goes off on her. That moment sums up my sense of humor.
Ceri's avatar

Ceri· 100 weeks ago

I was gonna say Monty Python and The Holy Grail, but then I remembered Slither…
Mongo can’t argue with that logic….
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James· 100 weeks ago

I have to agree with Airplane
It’s very hard to choose. Fanboys is one of my favourites but Clerks and just about anything by Kevin Smith deserves credit too.
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Tony· 100 weeks ago

There is a shameful lack of Ghostbusters on this list. It, like the snack food it uses as an analogy for New York’s ghost population, will never get old and inedible.
Just for argument’s sake, these were the movies I was considering for that comic:

the naked gun
young frankenstein
nl vacation
blazing saddles
holy grail

I don’t know if a single movie could ever sum up my sense of humor… there are a few that spring to mind. Monty Python’s Holy Grail (not so much their other films), Blazing Saddles, the History of the World Part I, Space Balls, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Idiocracy, the Invention of Lying … that’s a pretty wide swath of different flavors of funny, from heady intellectual jokes (the Invention of Lying) to silly sophomoric sight gags (Men In Tights).
I’m in Canada right now actually, (I need help with this politeness business; I can’t hide my American douchery) spending the week with friends of the internet.

Turns out they haven’t seen UHF.

There is a certain DVD I have brought with me.

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The Unknown FB· 99 weeks ago

Sorry, it would have to be “Death to Smoochy”.
Nothing fits my humor noir/sarcastic look at life and work, along with the fact that I saw it (in the theater) with a guy I was dating at the time, and in a full house we were the two gay guys laughing our asses off at all the gay references in the movie, with a room full of breeders looking at us like we was cray cray.
Good times.
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Chaucer59· 99 weeks ago

Dr. Strangelove.
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Ziggy Stardust· 99 weeks ago

Wag the Dog! It’s a good one.
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Toxicdelirium· 99 weeks ago

The Wizard of Speed and Time.
The two I come back to the most are Life of Brian and Blazing Saddles. I think it’s their quotability. I also LOVE The Meaning of Life for the songs. My kids already knew the Universe Song, and have now started learning all the others.
[Aliens round the moon]
(it’s just a model)(Shh!)

“Shall we go on sire?”
“Nah, ’tis a silly place.”

From Little Acorns Grow

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Eli’s plan suffers from one fatal flaw. Can you guess what it is? Spoilers: It’s Eli. “Let’s all orbit the lobby…”

COMMENTERS: Have you ever had to convince a friend or coworker that an overly complicated plan was… overly complicated? 

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Ceri· 101 weeks ago

I hate to do this, but it’s “zoetrope”, not “zoatrope” (panel 3).

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Tom· 99 weeks ago

I think both are used depending on where you are from.
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deadrobot· 101 weeks ago

My friend was going to get into a fight. He knew this was going to happen. After a long and elaborate explanation on how he was going to win this rambuncitous mid-teen fisticuffs, he explained: “If you kick a person in the left, he falls to the right.”

I couldn’t argue that.

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he’s got science on his side. his left side.
This plan is like the product of a torrid affair between Georges Melies and a squirrel.
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Larry Queen· 101 weeks ago

Wait! What are we gonna watch in the fall? And what about Anime? Will there be subtitles, like in the roots or something?!?

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Logic would only dictate that, yes, there would be root subtitles. Duh.
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tudza· 101 weeks ago

Need more leaves to encode the sound. You could hear it in space if you have the proper optical receiver, oh and some air of course.

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well now we’re talking shrubs and shrubs is a whole different kind of science.
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Lynn· 101 weeks ago

While this is a very dumb idea I can’t help but have a deep appreciation for the elaborate and almost childlike logic behind it. How did you even think of this?

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not to be crass but I thought of it while using the bathroom… which is where i get nearly 100% of my ideas.
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DuckAmuck· 101 weeks ago

My friends are always good at spotting overly-complicated plans. I never need to convince them that a plan is overly-complicated.
The problem is, it’s really hard to convince them that overly-complicated plans are either good or bad ideas.

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My friends are too smart to avoid or turn down my overly-complicated plans. And you know, you don’t have to convince them, theyll just know it.
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Chaucer59· 99 weeks ago

Are you kidding? I was the tools expert for a documentation department at IBM for ten years. ALL I DID was explain why stupid and overly complicated plans wouldn’t work.

La Máquina Infernal


These shirts are marked down to $14.95 and leaving the HE Blind Ferret Store for good!

Team EdwardEwok StareShow Us On The TrilogyWinter Is Coming and Sci-Five
Ladies versions of these shirts are on sale too!

These shirts are marked down to $9.95!

OvipositorUnicorn PoopAnd My Axe (Ladies), SyFy Movie Title Generator and British Knights

I hope you guys are enjoying this storyline. It’s been a lot of fun to write and draw and I’ve got 2 or 3 more planned to round it out. I’ve also got some ideas for LoFi’s that I’d like to do, so hopefully there’ll be plenty of HijiNKS to put in your faces this week.

COMMENTERS: What’s the most rigged or broken piece of tech you’ve ever used consistently. Any discmans held shut with rubber bands? Playstations you had to jam paperclips into so it thought the lid was closed? When I was a teen we had a 36″ CRT TV and the coaxial cable input broke off. We used it for another 3 years with the copper lead of the coax cable coming out of the wall balanced on the solder point of the logic board inside the tv through the whole in the plastic where the coax input used to be and with the whole precarious mess held together with a piece of electrical tape. We knew to never touch, nudge or bump the TV for fear of never achieving that delicate balance again.

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bubujin_2· 101 weeks ago

I’m still using a 3- or 4-year-old netbook. It’s been hard dropped about three times, has plastic non-essential pieces missing, has a cracked case, and an “o” key that doesn’t work. Today the left arrow button stopped working. I’m just too cheap to get into a tablet. And heck, it still works.

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I’ve gone through about three Sennheiser PX100 headphones in the last 5 years. These headphones were liable to get caught on objects when I wasn’t looking and end up damaging the cord. I ended up patching the exposed wiring that resulted with electrical tape to keep the whole thing going. Until of course, the pair’s final death where the cord wrapped around a train seat armrest and I chose to lunge forward out of my seat. All things everywhere split open and I was left with a few more parts than I started out with.

Also, my dad’s 13 year old car has the material lining the ceiling held up by staples.

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What’s important is that you hold the microphone up, say something mind-blowing into it, and drop it unceremoniously on the floor.
But yeah, one goes through a lot of microphones that way.
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Gordon· 93 weeks ago

I read that as “my dads 13 yea old cat”!!!
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Greg· 101 weeks ago

I think the CPU fan on my desktop has failed because it makes a sound like a hamster farting instead of the Concorde-taking-off thing it used to do. Anyways doing anything more taxing then yelling at blogs causes the PC to fall over, unless I point a real floor-standing fan at it.
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Algor_Langeaux· 101 weeks ago

My first computers were probably my most “bailing wire and spit” sort of tech I owned. The last incarnation involved an 8 bit TR(a)S(h)-80 Color Computer, with surplus-ed IBM 3400 tape drive and a IBM 3340 “Winchester” HDD that I picked up as scrap when a local insurance company was upgrading their systems. It also had 128k of bubble memory, (and a hugely hacked OS-9 level one OS, that allowed the system to get past the 64k memory address limitations of the MC6809E MPU.)
My last laptop hated me. The feeling was mutual
Eureka! First computer I “built” in college, in a case we made from a vacuum cleaner box.

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I don’t use much juryrigged tech, but at my last job there was this guy Bill, who had a PC that was made from 3 or 4 other PCs. I don’t mean replacing parts from one with another. I mean his PC had three cases pieced together and sticking out of each other in a geometry that I do not think is entirely possible with just 3 dimensions. It had multiple redundant bits, tons of drive space, and I think he had rigged it to use all the processors from the old machines. It looked like something you’d get if you let a Son of Ether into your IT department. And it made his office about 20 degrees warmer than the rest of the building.

Looking back, it’s a wonder that the building never burned down.

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{CB}Marsupial Vomit· 101 weeks ago

I think that was me…
The third laptop suffered from cheap, poorly constructed hinges. I had no problems with the actual guts of the machine and the screen always worked, but the hinges allowing it to open and close–and incidentally holding the screen in the open position so I could actually use the thing–began failing about two years into its life. I did not at that point have money for a replacement, and the computer still worked dammit! So once it got to the point that the only thing holding the screen on was the actual wire connecting the screen to the processor, I JB-Welded some friction hinges to it. It was amazingly fancy. It opened and closed properly, sort of, although when closed the hinges stuck up four inches into the air. It looked more like alien technology than jury-rigged nonsense, but nonsense it was. I was able to continue using it for a while, though, which was the point. I have pictures somewhere.

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Titmouse· 100 weeks ago

My friend in College got a new laptop for free off the college, but he persisted in using it as a notebook for a year.. A reall notebook. He kept all his handouts and paper in it and just closed the monitor on them. When i pointed out that he was going to Feck up the hinges he just laughed at me, until the day the hinges on it finally popped! I love a bit of commupance! He had the last laugh though, he went to a hardware shop and bought some hinges, ones used to put a door up and Screwed them straight into the moniter and base!! It worked until the plastic finnally snapped and he had just finished his Thesis!! Jammy bastard!
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Trumppoll· 101 weeks ago

We used to have one of those huge wooden cabinets that held our 19 inch tv, and yes we put our new new tv on top of it when the old tv broke, but before it died completely it had a couple of months of death spasms. I would turn on the set and I could hear the sound but it would take anywhere form 15 to 30 minutes before the tubes would warm up and the picture was visible.

P.S. Damn, I can write a run on sentence.

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My mom had a cheapo walmart particle board entertainment center that was rated for maybe a 27″ tv. we put a 36″ crt on it (the same one mentioned in the post above), and the entire structure sagged. liked literally bowed in a nice perfect curve. I crammed a bunch of wood blocks under it to keep it from breaking in half, but all of the drawers and cabinet doors wouldnt open.
Curse you, Newton!
Let’s see… there are a few in my history:

– After my first divorce in 1995, in which my ex took off with the PC that she never used except for Mahjong “because she needed it for her business” that didn’t exist, I needed a computer quick and dirt cheap. A friend of a friend cobbled up the machine I called Frankenstein’s Monster out of the pieces of about 8 dead computers. I used it for close to 3 years, keeping it running with $20 parts sourced from those community-convention-center computer shows where you had to pay $5 to enter for the privilege of buying $10 VGA cards made from questionable Chinese cloned chips. It worked reliably, if slowly, until I used a tax refund to replace it with a new box that was obsolete before my check cleared the bank (we still used those in 1998), as Intel deployed the Pentium II while my Pentium MMX machine was in production.

– My previous main TV was a 27″ Sony I bought in 1992. Sometime around 2003, the tuner crapped out on it, but since I primarily used it as a monitor for my DirecTV box, no big, just used the RCA in… and then the audio crapped out. Discovered that the board I’d need to replace to fix it a) retailed for $750 (I’d only paid $400 for the TV in the first place), and b) was discontinued 4 years prior. So I bought a new home audio system and rigged that up to the DirecTV box, the DVD player, and the VCR (still had one of those, too). Then the RCA video in jack broke off, so I found where it needed to go and soldered in a new one. I used it that way until early 2009, when it finally just died (it didn’t like the move from Detroit to Houston and was ailing) and I went ahead and went HDTV.

– My current primary home PC had a won’t-power-on condition that I learned was endemic to that particular model from a Austin-based computer company, and it was either the power supply or the motherboard. Only way to tell was to replace the power supply, so since that was only $60, I bought one. Pulled the side panel off the computer, plugged in all the power cables to the appropriate spots, and… it worked. That power supply sat on top of the PC for close to 2 years: it has a different fan configuration and I ended up having to mount it upside-down in the case when I finally removed the dead power supply a couple weeks ago (had to also replace the dead DVD-R drive, which entailed a SATA cable and swapping the two hard drive’s physical locations so I could put SATA with SATA and the lone IDE drive salvaged from the previous computer off by itself where the previous SATA drive lived). I really need new computers. My laptop tried to set its LiOH battery on fire the last time I used it as its charging circuits didn’t know when to shut off (the battery spent the night on the concrete driveway, well away from my truck and the house).

A laptop, whose fan has died. I have to sit it on a box fan pointing up otherwise it over heats in about 3 mins.

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that is beautiful.
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Varmint· 101 weeks ago

I am currently sitting in front of a cheap $20.00 General Electric box fan that has to be held up at just the correct angle by a folding chair in order to stand up, the plastic struts that it originally came with having been snapped off about a month after I had gotten it. However, that same fan has been otherwise functioning perfectly for almost twelve years of continuous daily use, despite having endured more abuse than any other appliance I’ve ever owned before or since.

When it finally does die, I absolutely intend to purchase another GE fan, as well as a new chair to hold it up for the coming decade after the struts inevitably break off again.

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Doctor_Who· 101 weeks ago

My first mp3 player had a problem with it’s headphone jack where it wouldn’t produce sound unless the plug was pushed to one side. I rubberbanded it in place, but it still tended to come loose eventually.

Fixing it required like 20 minutes of repeatedly unwrapping the rubberband, adjusting the plug, rewrapping it, and hoping. It was a hassle, so I got into the habit of listening to music with my thumb pressed against it to hold it in place so the sound wouldn’t cut out mid-song. Used it that way for 2 years.

I have a perfectly functioning player now, but I still catch myself holding it with my thumb pressed against the headphone plug, simply out of habit.

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nephaline· 101 weeks ago

Nothing as rigged as the descriptions here.

A very old laptop that was permanently locked in the docking station, it was free, but did not come with the key. So it sat permanently on the coffee table. Then I spilled a drink on the keyboard, so could no longer type. Plugged in a newer keyboard, and placed that on the coffee table in front of the laptop, so the small screen was even farther away.

Currently our dsl is plugged into a dsl modem that acts as a wifi router. But the signal isn’t great to other parts of the house. So to increase the signal, to the upstairs computer, the antennae by that computer is held in the middle of a metal screen colander with tape and cardboard, a “dish” to improve the signal.

Growing up we had a black and white tv, the channel knob snapped off one day while we were fighting over the channel. So we kept a pair of pliers nearby to change the channel. Remember when you sat as close to the tv screen as you could, so that you could change channels during commercials?

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I suddenly just remembered my mom making me sit in certain spots in the living room so that we could get a clearer signal.
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Shirami· 101 weeks ago

Let’s see, On my last computer’s the fan of the power supply had a bad bearing causing it to make a constant ticking noise as the fan hit it’s guard, had to have the whole case on a 45 segree angle to make it shut up, kept working for two more years like that.

Fixed the freezer door on my fridge with a piece of bamboo that just so happend to have the same diameter as the hinge that broke while the main door itself is kept shut by two pieces of velcro i glued on there

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bionelly· 101 weeks ago

My husband is into ham radio, but we don’t really have money to spend on equipment, so he built an antenna out of tent poles and a cardboard box, with wires strung through where they need to be, held up with a mop handle stuck in a milk jug full of sand. It’s incredibly ugly, but it works.

And it wasn’t really a long-term thing, but last year when we had a massive power outage in the middle of summer, he rigged a fan to run off the batteries from our daughter’s Power Wheels.

In 2004, 7 of us bachelors moved in together into one big house. We each had different video game systems, and decided that they should all be hooked up to the TV at the same time.
We had 2-3 Nintendos, a couple Segas, PS1 & 2, an Xbox. I believe at one point we had 9 hooked up to that TV.
It was an incredible feat. Only I and maybe one of my roommates had the wherewithal to go behind the TV and mess with ANYTHING.