Through the miracle of “Internet Magic(tm)” Josh and our friend Mikey saw “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and agreed that the experience was worse than “X-Men 3: The Last Stand” and only slightly better than having a scorpion lay eggs in your eye. Based on the trailers, I thought the movie could go either way. It seemed equally likely of providing stupid-fun or stupid-stupid with no fun at all (as illustrated by the scorpion metaphor).

I’m sure we’ll talk more about the effect “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” had on Josh’s sensitive eye places on the Podcast (Episode 50 Live Tonight!).If you want to weigh in early, get-a-commentin’ and let us know what you thought (if you’ve seen it) or if you plan to see it at all.

MERCH UPDATE: No one bought the “Eh-Team” shirt, so it’s out of the Topatoco Store. I will make them available again, for those that missed the chance. I’ll be relaunching the HE store with Topatoco HE Shirts, my own shirts, and Comic prints (+books SOON!) some time next week. Until then, if you want to support The Experiment, picking up one of the other shirts from Topatoco would be a great idea. The better those designs do, the more likely I will be to add new designs in the future.

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    • I agree – Gambit (and maybe Deadpool) are the only characters I've really been looking forward to seeing… I don't want this movie to be the horrible flaming pile of poo I think it's going to be.

  1. Well, whadjya xpect? It's leaked online, som maybe the version they saw was incomplete. What's so hard about waiting a month for the premier?

  2. I can forgive the "your/you're" mistake, since it's easy to correct.

    However, once the muscles tear themselves off of Eli's bones, the arms should immediately fall at his sides, not maintain their previous position.

    • It's a freeze-frame of the moment after Eli's arms explode. There will be a period between the loss of muscle support and gravity taking effect, therefore it's entirely right that at a given moment Eli's arms will remain in their initial position before falling through gravity.

      An alternative explanation would be it's A FUCKING COMIC STRIP. Grammatical corrections are fine if Joel is serious about the strip (as we know it is), but pointing physiological inconsistencies on a piece of humour is totally pointless and, quite frankly, unnecessarily arrogant on your part.

  3. I've always wanted to see a wolverine origin story. Hopefully that will redeem any inconsistencies with the other characters. Immortal and the best at what he does! 😀

  4. Compared to the prior X-men movies, Wolverine was enjoyable. The only character in prior movies who managed to be at least a little interesting was Magneto. The others were just one trick ponies.

  5. ARMSPLODE did bring the funny, but my favorite is still the classic SHARKSPLODE! Keep up the goodness Joel.

  6. "No one bought the “Eh-Team” shirt"
    LIAR, because I bought one!

    But I guess you mean it didn't sell well, its unforunate because I've got some compliments about mine. Guess its a shirt only a Canadian will buy, and there's only 30 million of us which equals a small market.

    Oh well, I guess mine will just be really valuable when you get famous Joel. 🙂

    Has Eli ever considered shaving his beard and going as Wolverines for Halloween or a con?

  7. It's a damn shame about Wolverine.. I thought the first half of the film wasn't too bad.. Frustratingly almost-loyal to the sources.. Then it just decided to turn into the most bizarre un-required bullshit I've seen in a while

  8. I may have to see it just for eye candy consideration, no matter how much of a train wreck it is.

    Wolvie's pretty hot on his own, but Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth? *swoon* I ought to have his babies, just so they'd get a double dose of rockin' hawt sideburns from both parents.

    • The movie could be the worst movie in the history of movies…I would still watch it to drool over Wolvie…Especially that one part where he runs naked across the screen…

      YEA I SAID IT.

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