V For Voluptuous

I’ve never seen the original “V” mini series, about space lizard people that wear human suits and try to take over earth after promising to share their magnificent space lizard knowledge with humanity. Nor have I seen the short lived 1980’s TV series, but THIS TRAILER for the re-double-remake television series debuting later this year on ABC has me ex-sci-ted.

My reasons for excitement are as follows:

  • Alan Tudyk is starring as the leader of the resistance (though he is suspiciously absent from the trailer)
  • Morena Baccarin is the chief sexy lizard head space hooker in charge
  • Juliette from Lost is in it, and she’s OK too I guess
  • I miss Battlestar

I think I’ve made my point.

I expect this show is being made as a direct response to BSG. If one campy throwback TV property can be ressurected and remade into top notch scifi and garner a rabid fan-base, what can’t another one? The producers were smart enough to include two scifi stars we already know and love to make the transition easier. They want our acceptance and devotion without resistence, so they put pleasing and trustworthy faces on their… OH GOD THEY’RE FUCKING SPACE LIZARDs FOR REAL!!!

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  1. Alan Tudyk in V and Dollhouse? Makes me wonder how little we're going to see of Alpha in next season of Dollhouse…however that could be a good thing depending on how it's played.

    • I never got the impression that Alpha was supposed to be a main character anyway – he's the mysterious player behind the scenes toying with Ballard and the Dollhouse. His big reveal at the end of S1 was twofold: to unveil the big bad they'd been talking about since day 1 and to give us a degree of payoff if the show wasn't renewed.

      Depending on exactly what direction Dollhouse goes in S2, I don't see Alpha being in it much – simply taunting the house from afar as he's done before.

      Similarly, Amy Acker didn't have huge amounts of TV time so she can probably pull double-duty if she has a new show, alternatively the Dr Saunders imprint can be passed onto Victor now he's all sliced up which frees Acker up for a while.

  2. I want to see the original V miniseries, but I always got confused once V for Vendetta came out whether V for Vendetta had been adapted before, but now I know better.

    Lizard sexual harassment lizard needs Sexual Harassment Panda. Or a workplace behaviour training program.

  3. i'm guessing your ads are location-specific, because i think they're trying to sell me asian hookers. also, loading this from China is crazy-slow.

  4. I’m really surprised that you haven’t seen the original. Marc Singer from The Beastmaster was the male lead, and I lovedlovedloved that show when I was 12 years old. I wonder just how cheeseified it would be now.

    I have to admit, though; when I first saw this comic, before I read anything, I thought for a second that they were supposed to be Sleestaks. 😛

  5. That trailer looks pretty alright, for an ABC series anyway… I'm digging the play between the "new saviors" and the Church, fighting over devotion… that aspect alone will get me to watch… (was that in the original original series? I never saw it)

  6. Also, I think your adware has a racial profiling sub-routine, because I'm seeing some sweet-ass TELEMUNDO ads strewn about – I think I need to watch MAS SABE EL DIABLO! (Lunes a viernes, 8PM/7C)

  7. you've never seen the V mini series? you're kidding me! you're KIDDING ME!?

    get thee to netflix and watch it. be sure to adjust for 80s cheese when and if you do.

    I grew up on the 80s series. The whole WWII angle(gassing scientists because they know too much) was lost on me as a kid but now, it makes so much sense. The new series seems to be taking a church angle which has me ready to yawn. Yet I'll give it a go since Morena Baccarin is there being sexy(and a very updated Diana) and more than ready To Serve Man.

  8. The regular series "V" doesn't hold up so well, but the two mini-series actually hold together pretty strongly (it's been a while since I caught it, but I watched it as late as my college years and I wasn't hideously embarrassed.) They do a lot of good stuff with people having believable reactions to aliens showing up, and there's some clever stuff with brainwashing and conspiracies…and, of course, Robert Englund in a rare sympathetic role.

    I certainly would rate it much higher than the original BSG. (Heck, I'd rate it much higher than the rebooted BSG, but I'm guessing that opinion is heresy around here. 🙂 )

  9. I actually saw Tudyk really quickly in the trailer, but it's literally for a split second.

    It's weird to hear Baccarin using that same soothing, kind voice when you know she's a sinister reptile monster.

    Also, did anyone else feel like the first 30 seconds of the trailer were almost identical to Independence Day?

    • That's because Independence Day ripped off the huge-saucers-floating-above-cities routine from V in the first place.

      Although Arthur C. Clarke and Hitchhikers Guide did it print and radio before V put it on the TV.

      • I'd like to heartily second Shakey here, because I know people toss off the words "ripped off" lightly on the Internet, and so it's entirely possible you might think he's just indulging in a little hyperbole. Trust me, he's not–if you watch the original "V" mini-series and "Independence Day" back to back, the first half-hour or so of each are so similar that you can't possibly believe it to be coincidence. They even share the countdown going on as the ships hover overhead.

        I know the creators of "V" didn't think it was very accidental either. 🙂

  10. The original miniseries, by Kenneth Johnson, holds up surprisingly well. As a wee lad, that actually helped me understand how the Nazis took over Germany. For the six-hour sequel, the Final Battle, they dumped Johnson and a lot of the allegory, but it was still some pretty cool sci-fi action, at least until the "magic space girl" ending.

    Avoid the series at all costs.

    • Dude, oh my god that fucking pernicious twat of a child! Disables the auto-destruct by Hybrid-Magic'ing the fucking computer? What the fuck was that shit? With that dip-shit Rain-Main retard Freddy Kruegger running after her dabbing her twat? -Bah, it's worst to remember than the Nazis sweeping through Germany.

  11. Am I the only one who is excited about Joel Gretsch being in this (along with Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk of course)? Ok perhaps a better question…was anyone else here a fan of the 4400?

  12. I agree and also add that this is being done to cash in by riding BSGs coat tails, I hope it will be good, but expiariance tells me it's going to be mucked around by executives too much in search of the BSG$$$ rather than let the story flow.

    Time will tell

  13. The whole thing just reeks of Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds "You don't get me, mom! The aliens love me so I'm gonna do something stupid!"

    I hope the kid dies and Juliet spends the rest of the series getting revenge. There's no way they can keep up that level of CGI past the pilot. Still confused as to how they'll stretch it out for a whole season/series.

    • Once the ships are modelled and built, they'll simply be reusable assets for the rest of the series and therefore pretty cheap to composite in to shots.

      Yes, the pilot will cost a lot of CG money, but it's simple to reuse after that (kinda like how Dollhouse S2 will be comparatively cheap because the sets are already in place).

    • The whole thing just reeks of Tom Cruise, War of the Worlds "You don't get me, mom! The aliens love me so I'm gonna do something stupid!"

      That's in keeping with the original, and yes, there's a bit of a comeuppance for it.

  14. You friggin' kids, V, was goddamned lightning in a jar made of lightning! -And, for some reason, fucking HUGE in Europe. Seriously, I had a V note-pad that I got in France in 1985. And I think a hat?

    The new series will suck shit from dead assholes for these two reasons:

    1.) The new ships are stupid–are they supposed to look like Sleeslak foot-prints, nudge-wink-knuckle-in-the-anus? The original ships are, to this day, the most intimidating city-ships I've ever seen. Independence Day and all that crap are just pale queermo's.

    2.) Little Miss Spooky Scientology Herpetological Hottie McSide-Ways-Vagina is nothing compared to the sheer horror of sex-pot dick-explosion in the Real Diana, who kills her boss, the lady that gets the Horny-Beast up and running from Conan the Destroyer.

    Suffice, the new one will be pure trash.

  15. You'd be surprised the things they don't bother blocking. I don't think you talk about democracy enough to scare them. Maybe a Memorial Day special would do the trick 😉

  16. Oh yeah the Aliens in their massive ships flew billions of miles to spread love on planet earth……so wait their space hookers? No wonder that kid is pissed!
    Kid – If dad were still around he would have taken me to my first lizard space hooker! You just don't understand mom!!!

  17. Yeah Tudyk is in it a few times, but they never focus on him.
    And in 1953 Arthur C. Clark wrote "Childhoods End" where huge spaceships suddenly appear over the capitals of the world – in them, aliens who just want to be our friends 😉

  18. Alan Tudyk spotted at 1:29 in the trailer. Woot! Yay! Woot I say again!

    I was a *huge* fan of the original series (miniseries and (don't hate me) tv series too. I WAS A TEENAGE GIRL COME ON!). I wonder if this will hold up…At least if it doesn't we have Alan and Morena to look at. I can't wait to see her go all postal on someone the first time things go wrong.

    not sure about the ship design…but hey, I'm oldskool, so what do I know about this newfangled special fx stuff?

  19. But…but what about him and Dollhouse?

    I swear I recognized one of the blonde girls on the ship who is probably going to be the love interest, but I can't remember her name at all. Also, I got a Hitchhiker's Guide flashback, but that might have just been because I was watching on Towel Day.

  20. I can see the promotion now….
    "Come on down to Chili's for our Sleestak of Onions with honey mustard dipping sauce!"

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