Better Than I Know Myself

[digg-reddit-me]Does anyone else look at the contents of their DVR with a sense of shirked responsibility and obligation? Oh, that’s just me? I’m horrible.

I watched the pilot for ABC’s “V” last night and overall I was impressed. I LOVED seeing Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin back on TV, and Juliette from “Lost” (Elizabeth Mitchell) definitely held her own and my interest. The pilot cover a lot more of the “V” mythos than I thought it would or could in 1 hour. I would have expected at least a 2 hr installment before we got the “big reveal.”

If you saw the pilot you know the V’s are trying to convince the people of Earth that they’ve never encountered other intelligent life before. If that’s the case, then why do all of their city-sized ships have 40 mile while LCD screen public address systems covering their entire undersides? Seems that that would only be useful for addressing entire planets or select pay per view events.
Oh, and they just need to come right out and say that Obama is a “V.”


Serious Question: You know what is an awesome thing to buy for yourself or others or pets?
Answer: MY BOOK!

V For Voluptuous

I’ve never seen the original “V” mini series, about space lizard people that wear human suits and try to take over earth after promising to share their magnificent space lizard knowledge with humanity. Nor have I seen the short lived 1980’s TV series, but THIS TRAILER for the re-double-remake television series debuting later this year on ABC has me ex-sci-ted.

My reasons for excitement are as follows:

  • Alan Tudyk is starring as the leader of the resistance (though he is suspiciously absent from the trailer)
  • Morena Baccarin is the chief sexy lizard head space hooker in charge
  • Juliette from Lost is in it, and she’s OK too I guess
  • I miss Battlestar

I think I’ve made my point.

I expect this show is being made as a direct response to BSG. If one campy throwback TV property can be ressurected and remade into top notch scifi and garner a rabid fan-base, what can’t another one? The producers were smart enough to include two scifi stars we already know and love to make the transition easier. They want our acceptance and devotion without resistence, so they put pleasing and trustworthy faces on their… OH GOD THEY’RE FUCKING SPACE LIZARDs FOR REAL!!!