Tragedy + Irony = April Fools Comedy!

Multiply that equation by “orphans” and you have a recipe for hilarity.

Josh is basically a monster. More like Charlise Theron (in that movie), than say like Mothra or Nancy Grace. I don’t think he would actually burn orphans alive, but I doubt he would go out of his way to stop it from happening. Like if he saw the orphanage a blaze, but the phone was “all the way over there.” Well, then you got yourself some teriyaki orphans. Oh, forsaken children, when will you STOP being funny? My sides can’t take it.

Experiment Update:

I’m into my second week of full time comic’ing. This is the first Wednesday strip I’ve ever done, and with promise of a Friday strip, this will be the first 3 comic week for me ever. I’m already behind on pretty much everything I had planned for the week, including THE STORE, THE DONATIONS PROGRAM, MORE SITE ENHANCEMENTS, THE MANIFESTO, THE PODCAST and THE VIDEO BLOG.

That’s a lot of items. If I am slow to respond to comments this week, don’t feel bad. I read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT that you post. You guys have been so encouraging since my announcement. I really do appreciate it.

Expect the Podcast later today (in 2 parts!). We have an interview with someone who worked with Joss Whedon on “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog” for your geeky ears to devour.

Assignment 1: Name “The Experiment.” I’m fine with calling it just that, unless you have a better idea.

Assignment 2: Name yourselves. What are HE readers called? I’m leaning towards “The Fancy Bastards.” I am absolutely making a shirt for GYFB.


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  1. Sure, but burning orphans really only has a slight emotional impact in the world in general. I mean, they're orphans. If anyone loved them, they wouldn't be orphans any longer. An actual school, however, that spreads sorrow through a community like none other. Think about it.

  2. You know, the more I look at it, the more that Josh's pose in this comic is actually, pretty sexy. That sort of languid sensuality which Scarlet Johansen portrayed so well in, Lost in Translation; but presumed much better equipped.

  3. Godspeed you Fancy Bastards needs to not be on a normal shirt. It needs to be… fancy. Can we get one of those Renaissance Fair-style shirts? I don't know what they're called, the ones with poofy sleeves and eccentrically ridged collars? I'd buy one.

  4. For your fans? -Jotson Prostrates. For the experiment; you, no job, writing comics on ramen? -Yuppy Blowback 3000. Oh yeah, Intense Debate = Sucks Shit from Dead Assholes.

  5. The Fancy Bastards is awesome, I can't think of anything else.

    "The Experiment" sounds like a bad techno group, why not try calling it "Operation : Trying to become a fulltime cartoonist instead of getting a new dayjob", or something like that.

  6. Also, I forgot to say, I was out of salsa so I tried the peanut butter thing your friend Josh did with my Doritos.

    Fckin' delicious.

  7. Any idea why the comic doesn't show on the syndicated LJ feed? I am getting just a broken image placeholder…

    Want! the GsYFB shirt. When will it be?

  8. Put "Godspeed you fancy bastards", or "Godspeed! You fancy bastards", or "Godspeed, you! Fancy Bastards", or just dribble a few drops of the bodily fluid of your choice on a shirt and I'm there!

    As for what to call us, I suppose Joel's Robotic Zombie Multi-Cultural Devil Doll Ent Super Happy Fun Hour Zoo Crew is a bit much, huh? I'll let you know if the acid comes up with any other names for the gang or the experiement.

  9. Click on the Red X and check the properties. If you can paste the image URL it THINKS its looking at I can better troubleshoot the problem. Images arent showing in feeds at all for some reason.

  10. Some delays are to be expected when you undertake something as big as trying to make your webcomic a full time job. Looks like "The Experiment" or whatever it winds up being called is going well even if you are a little behind because this comic is hilarious. Some dark comedic gold.

  11. The Experiment: Project Mayhem
    The Readers: Bobs

    The Experiment: The Revolution
    The Readers: Bourgeoisie? I dunno. Plebs, serfs, proletarians, proles, something…

    The Experiment: The Singularity
    The Readers: Singularists

    The Readers: Jinkers

    The pairs wouldn't have to remain intact, if you wanna steal just one of a pair, don't hesitate.

    Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into that orphanage fire. Good job ^_^

  12. I actually used "GsYFB's" (plural) yesterday when leaving a meeting to plan a retreat. Was that wrong?

    I'm fine with being called the Fancy Bastards, although I think "Jinksters" would work pretty well too.

    The Experiment should henceforth be known as the Only-slightly Planned Rededication to All things Hijinksensue. Or "O.P.R.A.H." for short.

  13. You should do a follow up to this comic – a prequel – that shows Josh walking out of the orphanage, wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette, and saying, "Godspeed you fancy bastards."

  14. Long time reader (since you first posted a link on the PA forums), first time commenter. I'd be honored to be known as a Fancy Bastard.

  15. I think "The Experiment" is a greta name. my idea for the readers is the HE-Men (HE=hijinksense). at the same time i'm sure there are female readers who mite want something more gender neutral, but HE-Folks doesn't sound as good.

  16. Once again, Hijinks Ensue has made my day! Teriyaki Orphans! Excellent lol.

    I also like the Fancy Bastards or the Toasted Orphans XD.

  17. How about Joel Watson & His Rollicking Rick-Rollers? Or some variation on that. I'd be on board with The Fancy Bastards though.

    Experiment: Hijinks Geek Theatre 3000? (or HGT3K).

    And just so you know, I would be one of the first to wear a GYFB shirt… of course, it would probably never see the light of day at work, just like my Fukken Shit shirt from Octopus Pie.

  18. Gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme more.


    Hey, more people need to start putting peanut butter on their food. It's awesome. I'm going to try it next on chicken.

  19. Two orders of business. (just to give you a visual, I'm deployed at the moment.)

    First, I just Rick Rolled one of my co. workers. He is now in love with your site.

    Secondly, I totally told my boss “Godspeed you fancy bastard” as he got out of the truck yesterday…. And I'm not fired yet.

    Your fingerprints are officially on the war effort. Awesome.

  20. Teriyaki orphans? I'm assuming they taste like chicken. Well, chicken covered in teriyaki sauce of course. I agree with Josh, peanut butter is wonderful. I used to eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches all the time. And chips on any sandwich is always good. Oh, and I too vote for "Fancy Bastards". k.thx.bai.

  21. The Experiment: Cashscam!
    The Readers: The Proletariat!

    And as for your brave endeavour, all I can say is:

    Godspeed you fancy bastard!

    (it certainly beats the shit out of searching for a job!)

  22. (drools like Homer) peanut butter….ahhhhhhhahhh

    I just take the delightful stuff and mix it with strawberry jelly, some chocolate sauce and a spoonful of brown sugar (how come you taste so good?) and eat it with a spoon. Yum.

    The Magnificent Obsession
    Fancy Bastards

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