Tonight’s Forecast: Snow And Ice

Tonight’s Forecast: Snow And Ice

Yep. That really just happened. For “IRL” reals, even.

A moment later 100 white doves burst into the sky each doing an air guitar rendition of “Eruption” by Van Halen while swarms of hawks painted like the jets from Top Gun picked them off one by one mid-air. A team of sled dogs pulled a polar bear with a flame thrower as he burned “WILLGHFHYOUHFGAUEGQ AIFHMARRYJIAJDHGAHHHH” into the side of the resort (because polar bears can’t spell very well, much less do they have the fine motor control to write legibly with a flame thrower). But the sentiment was beautiful, none the less.

So Fancy Bastards, please join me in offering 1000 congratulations (and not a congratulation more!) to Eli and Denise on their pending fanciest of nuptials. I have watched their friendship grow into bromance over the years. A bromance which culminated this weekend in a broposal of marriage (I know that implies two dudes, but Eli is bro enough for the bro-th of them). Feel free to post your well wishes in the comments (be super respectful or get immediately deleted/banned), as well as your ideas for the perfect geek wedding.

In less joyous news: I’ve had a pretty crappy day dealing with the fallout of our last trip with the kiddo to the ER. The bill is over $2700 (that’s WITH insurance) and the best they will offer me is a monthly payment that is more than my car payment. If you enjoy the comic and would like to help out, please consider making a small DONATION. Put “ER Bill” in the comments and I will make sure it goes straight to the Hospital/Collection Agency.




If you missed out on the “Riker? I Hardly Know Her” shirt and would still like to purchase one, please email me.

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