Beet Red

Beet Red

Thanks to Paul Southworth of Not Invented Here for informing me that John “Jim Halpert” Krasinski was in the running to play a goofily smirking Captain America [and for essentially coming up with the idea for this comic]. If you like this particular comic, why not email your favorite movie blog and send them a link to it? What could it hurt?

HEY!There is a new LoFijiNKS Podcast up now!

2 Upcoming Appearances!!!
March 6 @ The Monarch Event Center in Austin, TX

Emerald City Comic-Con
March 13-14 @ The Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA

Many of you know about the hell I and my family went through in 2009 with various illnesses and medical bills. Well, the bill from our last trip to the ER for our daughter came and it is over $2700 (that’s WITH insurance) and the best they will offer me is a monthly payment that is more than my car payment. This is in addition to the $1800 bill I am still paying down monthly for having the damage caused by my spinal tap repaired.

If you enjoy the comic and would like to help out, please consider making a small DONATION. Put “ER Bill” in the comments and I will make sure it goes straight to the Hospital/Collection Agency. I am very happy to report that the Fancy Bastards have already donated over $300 towards my medical expenses. Thank you all so very much.


If you missed out on the “Riker? I Hardly Know Her” shirt and would still like to purchase one, pleaseemail me.

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