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Thanks to Paul Southworth of Not Invented Here for informing me that John “Jim Halpert” Krasinski was in the running to play a goofily smirking Captain America [and for essentially coming up with the idea for this comic]. If you like this particular comic, why not email your favorite movie blog and send them a link to it? What could it hurt?

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Many of you know about the hell I and my family went through in 2009 with various illnesses and medical bills. Well, the bill from our last trip to the ER for our daughter came and it is over $2700 (that’s WITH insurance) and the best they will offer me is a monthly payment that is more than my car payment. This is in addition to the $1800 bill I am still paying down monthly for having the damage caused by my spinal tap repaired.

If you enjoy the comic and would like to help out, please consider making a small DONATION. Put “ER Bill” in the comments and I will make sure it goes straight to the Hospital/Collection Agency. I am very happy to report that the Fancy Bastards have already donated over $300 towards my medical expenses. Thank you all so very much.


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  1. Ι love the idea. It is so much out of the box, that it might actually work. And I love it when Hollywood transforms an actor to fit the part. Who knows, maybe we will be surprised.

    Imagine the subtle comedic chemistry with Robert Downey Jr. in "The Avengers"…


    The office is a concentrated can of laugh. Captain America… That's the WW2 Anti-nazi progaganda superhero, right? Krasinski could do that.

  3. Red Skull Dwight I buy….Captain Jim, not so much. It's not the smirk–hell, I think Matthew McConaughey would be the best–it's just that I can't see has anything but Jim. Whatever he's in, he's Jim Halpert to me.

  4. I'm only vaguely aware of both subjects in today's comic and it still made me laugh. That's the sign of a quality product.

  5. What I find funny is that IIRC (and I haven't watched the Office in years), in that episode (The US Pilot), Michael does a Hitler Impression with a name tag.

    It all comes full circle.

  6. Ho boy, where to begin? Joel, did you read the other actors in that io9 link? One of them is some douchebag from "Gossip Girl", and as I recall, Steve Rogers is the un-douche-iest super hero in the Marvel Universe! I would say Wilson Bethel, Michael Cassidy, and Mike Vogel are a better fit than Eyebrows McDouchebag. I would also be bold enough to nominate Chris Pine (Captain Kirk in STAR TREK) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester on SUPERNATURAL) in the title role, with Krasinski or Zach Levi (CHUCK) as Bucky. Otherwise, great comic today. You been keeping up with the Captain America comics lately?

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