The Bestest Of Men

Josh seems to have recovered nicely from his momentary transformation. The Eli and Denise wedding saga is concluded! Now let’s never speak of it again!
[Continuity is the enemy. It burrrrrns usssssss…]

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COMMENTERS: Josh IRL’s actual best man speech did involve the true story of when Eli asked Josh to bring certain specific pornographies back from his trip to Germany. If comic Josh was toasting comic Eli and Denise, what other tidbits, and tributes might his speech include?

Tonight’s Forecast: Snow And Ice

Yep. That really just happened. For “IRL” reals, even.

A moment later 100 white doves burst into the sky each doing an air guitar rendition of “Eruption” by Van Halen while swarms of hawks painted like the jets from Top Gun picked them off one by one mid-air. A team of sled dogs pulled a polar bear with a flame thrower as he burned “WILLGHFHYOUHFGAUEGQ AIFHMARRYJIAJDHGAHHHH” into the side of the resort (because polar bears can’t spell very well, much less do they have the fine motor control to write legibly with a flame thrower). But the sentiment was beautiful, none the less.Continue reading