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Sharktopus Vs. DinoVampire Vs. CyberYeti!
The Science Fiction TV-Movie Title Generator Shirt!!!

SciFi SyFy Tv-Movie Title Generator Shirt

I posted a “Friday” comic yesterday. If you missed it, HERE it is.

Radiohead are calling their nontraditional bundling of “things” and “stuff” with their new record the world’s first “Newspaper Album.” I have no idea what that title is supposed to represent, but I support the idea that all future Radiohead releases be named after dying industries. How about the “Dial Up Album,” “The U.S. made Automobile Album” and “The Rigid Airship Album?” Maybe it’s like a newspaper because you have to rifle through a bunch of other shit to find the thing you want, and all these little cards and pieces of paper are likely to fall on the floor while you’re searching. Or maybe the “625 pieces of tiny artwork” are just coupons for Tide and Del Monte Green Beans.

More Radiohead stuff: ALL Radiohead fans must acquire and enjoy “Rodeohead” [by @nerdist and @phirm]. One time I covered a Radiohead song and put it up on the Yourtubes.

Oh, and yes that is a Machine Of Death reference in panel 3. The slip of paper says “Stabbed By A Dog.”

Commenters: What other package tiers and prizes should Radiohead offer? What other bands would benefit from this type of distribution and what would their offerings be?

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  1. i want that tote bag.

    For $358 they should have all that mentioned, a lock of Norm Abram's hair in the tote bag, a cup of chewed up sunflower seeds, and a Girl Scout Daisy Vest slightly torn.

    • Eff yes, you do. You win, sir. And now our celebrity guest will lamely attempt to read the Will-Shortz-related prizes you get for putting up with Will Shortz's bullshit.

  2. I want all that junk! Especially the spazdance dvd, Thommo's moves are so phenomenal the late Ian Curtis would be jealous.
    Additionally I'd really like Thom's t-shirts that say YES and NO and then one that says DEFINITELY MAYBE.

    And cheesecake!

  3. Ah, radiohead. Once again revolutionizing music distribution by doing something that other, less well known artists have been doing for years. Buncha useless nonces.

  4. For an additional $312.43 plus one 'alf-a-penny, Thom Yorke will surgically cross-activate your visual cortex, lateral sulcus, and temporal lobe thus granting you synesthesia. You may now see, hear, and yes, even taste the music as it was truly meant to be experienced. Also, you get a lolly-pop.

  5. You can Torrent it for free, which allows you to sneer at how Radiohead's "sold out" to "The Man" while you swill down another PBR.

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