There Goes My Hero

I wrote this comic based primarily on the developments of last week’s installment of Heroes, but I’m sure it will apply to tonight’s as well (is it new tonight?). There’s no reason to beat a dead show (or steal it’s powers, as it were), so here’s some links about how Heroes sucks and Tim Kring is a douche mellon:

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  1. hahaha. Although I am one of the few that keeps watching this show (probably due to my OCD with finishing shows), I loved this comic. Keep up the good work.

  2. That very nicely sums up S2 and S3 or Vol. IV or whatever. Well done.

    I'm still at a loss how the show managed to go downhill so fast after the crazy powerful first season. It was …mighty TV.

  3. Comic Made of Win!
    Sadly, the action in 2day's comic feels very familiar. If not for superpowers, this show would be a LOST clone. Why do I stick around? Well, does Barney Gumble choose to drink?

    Also, a little something for those of you who didn't watch the parade on Thursday:
    just Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V in yur browser, sit back, relax, & enjoy the show…

  4. It's like I always said, don't fuck a dead horse. Or, you know, whatever.
    I just wish real life was written like Always sunny, except, you know, that'd be horrifying. I guess I just want to test out my Charlie impression.

  5. Great comic, I lol'd several times just in this one comic.

    I find it so hard to watch anymore but I still do though I have missed the past couple episodes cause I've got better things I could watch.

    I'm also liking Denise's new haircut.

    • There was potential after season 1, people still in love with it after absolutely no character or plot development in two seasons are just too in love with the genre to ever give up on it.

      • That's very true. I guess it's just the best thing around, for that genre anyway. Still, I wouldn't want to give it up… unless they actually made an X-Men TV show. That would just be the bee's knees.

  6. I'm the same way with Prison Break. I just caught up on the latest 3 episodes last night. I thought they were finally free – of course, I was wrong. Just like the last time I thought they were finally free. Yet I keep watching it.

  7. I'm going to disagree with this comic. I've noticed some significant romantic tension between Eli and Denise on the podcasts and the stories they tell. For the first 10 podcasts or so I actually assumed they were dating.

  8. No man I get it. I liked the joke, and I understand why those 2 characters were your only option, but I'm serious about what I said. From the podcasts, I was getting a relationship vibe from Eli and Denise. I think they'd make a great couple.

    Love the new shorter podcast format, btw. Much easier to listen. Love your stuff. All of you keep up the funny.

  9. wow. when Kring crashes and burns, he takes out the knife and madly stabs himself in the thigh on the way down.

    i'm 5 eps behind on watching Heroes and somehow, i can't seem to care.

  10. The near-perfect season 1 has left us with too high an expectation for everything else, and as such Heroes could only ever go downhill from there, but I must say I think teh interwebz are being a little too critical of Heroes.

    Personally, I never felt that season 2 was as bad as people said – I actually liked the build-up of a little more of the mythology before the inevitable fighty-fight, but the strike kicked in and I guess after the phenomenal let-down that was the S1 finale, everybody were impatient for a scrap. It was the strike that made Maya and Alejandro irrelevant, not the writing itself.

    As for season 3, I was phenomenally pissed that the entire "there's 6 of them, each worse than Sylar" tease during hiatus was thrown away as a 3-episode lead-in, but I actually like where things are going overall – you have to establish sides and motivation before a fight can mean anything and that's going down pretty well I think.

    OK, so Daphne and Parkman have come out of the blue – a future-flash of marriage doesn't guarantee that she'd love him immediately, but don't forget we've seen Daphne do a few things duping Parkman into trusting her – is this "oh, Arthur will kill me now and I love you" genuine or maintaining his trust? Parkman's always struck me as being a bit clingy and easy to love though – I don't see anybody complaining about his attachment to Molly which similarly was stronger than "oh I've saved you from a bad corporation" would dictate.

    Mohinder's self-injection is bollocks. I cannot defend that even if I wanted to.

    I also don't have much of a problem with Sylar's current emotional flux. We saw at the very beginning how unstable he was and the events that led him down the psychopath route. I have no problem with adding the "with the gift comes a hunger" bit because that adds credence to why Sylar continued the killing route despite his humble, conflicted beginnings and I must say I actually love the Noah/Elle flashback and the whole manipulation angle – it gives Noah back that moral grey area he's been missing and also helps Elle's messed-up head along too.

    And let's be honest here, Darth Vader's admission that he's Luke's father was totally out of the blue, had nothing before hand to suggest it, yet set up a beautifully conflicted personality in Luke for the third film. Why is Sylar as a Petrelli any different?

    Overall, yes Heroes is not a patch on season 1, the writing quality is inconsistent and there are bits that have us tearing our hair out, but overall I reckon it's finding its feet again and deserves a bit more credit than is being given.

    I could go on, but this is long enough as it is…I'll continue in any replies along the way.

  11. I've defended Heroes this season but last night was the final straw.

    Sylar just flat out sucks now, if you have seen yesterday's episode you'll likely agree. It's not that he's conflicted, it's that he flips between one and another constantly and the writing was counting on you not knowing what happened in the first two seasons. He killed people without powers because he could, or it was convenient. He's not even a human character anymore, his motivations don't make any sense, he never had much of a purpose to begin with besides just to kill other people so he could be better, and they've made it into some sort of Sylar soap opera.

    That and it really does seem like every episode will mix things up for a bit, and then the following episode just shoves you right back into status quo. I hate that they wanted to erase Season 2, they actually had a few good characters they could've kept longer, Adam felt completely unfinished. Instead they took a good chunk of the season just to erase season 2. Then if they do change something in Season 3 they quickly try to bring it back to normal fast. The whole premise of these maximum security prisoners in a secret warehouse was great, until they made the whole lot of them functionally handicapped.

    Heroes is just such a tremendous disappointment, Kring deserves a good punch to the kidney.

  12. I'll be watching last night's in a few hours time so we'll see what we have. I was enjoying the emotional conflict that Sylar was going through, ultimately he just wants to belong and there's so many sides manipulating him (and he is easy to manipulate), but if what you're saying is the case then I may have trouble defending this show…

  13. Speaking of Molly, where is she? Whos taking care of her? I imagine shes just hanging out in Parkmans apartment, rocking gently in the corner while eating macaroni and cheese, wondering if everyones dead and what shes going to do when the food runs out?

    Actually, I love when shows do the whole 'kid as a plot exclamation point' thing. Nip/Tuck does a pretty good job of doing that. They even had an episode that made fun of it.

    While I don't agree with the season 2 assessment, I admit that I think season 3 isn't as bad as everyone seems to say it is. Its not as great as season 1, but I mean, its still better than Smallville where every character is susceptible to AirborneAmnesiaTM (I have the same inexplicable need to watch that show to its horrible, horrible end). I would probably catch it regularly if NBC stopped trying to derail everyones DVR by having shows go over by a minute. Which of course makes me not want to DVR it, which leads to making me want to download it. So now instead of passing through commercials, occasionally stopping on a clever one, I miss them entirely. Butbut since I don't have the interest in watching it conveniently, I have less of an interest in spending the time downloading it. maybe I'll netflix it.

  14. Im with Kohaxx on this one, I loved S1, thought S2 was ok, and have suffered through every episode of S3 up until this last one. I shut it off 10 minutes in, it was that bad.

  15. Heroes Ensue! (or just HEroes?)
    I never bothered with the series, watched couple of episodes, got annoyed with the "Las Vegas, US", "Tokyo, Japan" texts. I mean, I understand having those once per episode but every time when the scene changes? Goddamn it still looks like Nevada, why you have to tell me that again? Does the tv think I'm stupid? Oh wait, it does. Sorry.
    Then I heard they got the old jug-ears Chris Eccleston as some disposable new character. Way to go, get a brilliant brit and then not really show him that much!
    (Or I don't know, I had given up watching by then. I just like saying "Yeah the 9th Doctor is in it.. Sure he is, but he's invisible!")

    That said, the comic has powers of Awesome.


  16. Im still watching PB and I have no idea why. I just want closure but theres a "NOT YET" moment at the end of every episode. Also, since theyve been cancelled its unlikely the series will ever have a proper ending other than whats already been shot.

  17. I thought S1 was great – but let's be honest, the writing (or lack thereof) was on the wall in that finale. Nikki, stop beating on the bad guy no single one of you can defeat and try to administer help to you a gunshot wound your training of a stripper is perfect for!' was awful as was Hiro's convenient time shuffle. All to get Peter to blowed up.
    Since then the writing has struggled a lot. I don't know if they fired writers post season 1 or if they stopped/started doing drugs but last season was very painful (I'm sorry, the wonder Twins added almost nothing to the arc – why are we following characters for hours on end when we barely see the people we learned to care for in S1?).

    This season has been better but it feels panicked – parts (like Mohinder) are just wastes of time and some (like Sylar's emotional volatility) don't seem to be things the show wants to commit to. Like they lack the BALLS to have Sylar good b/c he was so popular as a bad guy.

    In sports writing, they call it 'playing from behind'. When a team is way behind and scared they cannot come back from a deficit, they panic and try to force to many things, ultimately failing. Heroes feels like they are doing that – like they are panicked they lost us and face cancellation, and are just throwing everything against the wall at once hoping to God at least one thing works, but hurting it all.

    Heroes needs to take risks and COMMIT to them. Let Sylar be good. Take that risk. Go full bore evil with Mohinder (for goodness sake do SOMETHING useful with the guy). Have
    someone big die. But commit to SOMETHING and stop waffling, afraid you'll lose us. Cause you are anyway.

  18. I stopped watching it because of the very things the comic mocks. I watched parts of it last Monday and can honestly say its gotten worse. Characters aren't even making realistic decisions anymore.

  19. Totally spot on! I loved the first season but the last two have been tired retreads with totally nonsensical character and plot inconsistencies. I can deal with plot holes but the seemingly random character transformations make my eyes spin in their sockets.

    "I'm not dead anymore! Also, I'm evil!" Hahahahaha!

  20. The reason why Season 2 started to suck was because of the writer's strike…just like how many of the other shows started to suck during that strike

  21. I think Heroes is a good portrayal of psychosis and how the government tries to eliminate us from existents. And for that alone I think it's great.

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