There Are FOUR Jack-O’-Lanterns!

[reddit-me]That look in your eyes says “WTFCOMIC?” but that look in YOUR EYES screams “SERIOUSLYWTFCOMIC?!” Your reaction is understandable. This Halloween comic is really just a love letter from me to other hardcore Star Trek: TNG fans. I actually came up with about 100 even more obscure, 1(ish)-episode characters to use for costume ideas but in the end I settled on The Traveler, Lal and not one but TWO Captain Dathons. Dueling Darmok’s, if you will.

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  1. Technically, the metaphor-speak was taught to Picard by Dathon the Tamarians during thier time together in the cave on El Adril after Dathon was injured by the energy creature. None of the Klingons spoke in this manner. Pfft. N00b. *snort*

  2. Hahaha, glad to see you enjoyed REALjinKS Ensue, I had a good time making it. I wanted to see if I could do it, and instead of sleeping like a sane person I decided to drop a few hours and whip out this. Could be better if I had more time, but alas, between constant work and school this week I'm just happy to get an entry out there.

  3. My word on the comic: awesome. It took a few minutes to figure out who you and Eli were, but my brief gap in drinking was worth it.
    I would suggest the cloud of microscopic Calamarain aliens from the episode "Deja Q" (then laugh at all attempts to accomplish this feat).

      • No, they were the cloud of glowing light that terrorized Q when he lost his powers. And Q was so touched that Picard and crew would risk the Enterprise to protect him that he stole a shuttle and left the ship, leaving himself at the mercy of the Calamarain. His act of self-sacrifice so impressed the Q Continuum that they gave him his powers back.

        Season 3 TNG was the best 🙂

  4. I am unashamed to admit I got all four of those right away. In fact, I'm rather proud of myself. *pats self on back*

    Unfortunately I've been lacking appropriate amounts of TNG lately, so all I can think of for other costumes is Samuel Clemens in the Holodeck, or going as Picard as Dixon Hill (with a Picard Halloween mask, I guess. …Do those exist? I assume they do).

    Although, this isn't TNG, yes, but if there was some way to pull of the gambling brains from the Original Series – whatever they were called (my TOS knowledge is weak) – that would be awesome.

  5. How about the Bynars? Speaking of which, I noticed in that episode that Picard and Riker were acting quite binary themselves, which prompted me to ask, if Riker's Number One, then what did that make Picard?

  6. Wow. I’ve been following this comic for about a year now, and I gotta say, this is my favorite non-bacon related strip so far. Darmok is one of my fav eps evar. Keep it up.

  7. @photozz,

    how could you think they were Klingons? They look nothing like Klingons!

    Please retract your n00b, Joel rules surpreme.

  8. In true Trek-nerd fashion, let me take you to task on your statement, "I actually came up with about 100 even more obscure, 1-episode characters to use for costume ideas but in the end I settled on The Traveler, Lal and not one but TWO Captain Dathons."

    Actually The Traveler appeared in 3 episodes, "Where No One Has Gone Before", "Remember Me" and "Journey's End". While featured heavily in "Where No — hold on I have to adjust my glasses and take my inhaler……..okay, while featured heavily in "Where No One Has Gone Before" he played a key role in all three episodes, sir.

  9. One Continuity Question. Didn't Data perfect the human skin color with Lal, therefore she shouldn't be yellow?

    Also, I only just now realize that having the asian actor be yellow could be seen as incredibly racist.

  10. Let's see:
    Thomas Riker (basically just Riker in a yellow uniform)
    Grown-up Wesley Crusher (not from his last appearance, but when Q gave his powers to Riker and Riker gave them all gifts)
    The Elder Race that planted life throughout the galaxy
    Sirma Kolrami, the Strategema master
    Mrs. Carmichael, the landlady from "Times Arrow, Part 2". "MR. PIK-ARD!"
    Data in drag, from "A Fistful of Datas"

    And now I'm late for work. Got to go!

    • Tom Riker would be the best real life costume because you have to constantly correct everyone and look like a jerk all night.

      OMG the stratagema guy would be perfect but only if he had the little cups stuck to his fingers.

      I also submit Boothby the groundskeeper from starfleet academy.

  11. Wasn't the Traveller in three episodes? The one where he takes them across he universe, he Native American one and the one where Dr. Krusher makes her own shrinking universe.

    Wow. I'll never get laid again.

  12. Ideas for obscure TNG characters: The possibilities are endless: Ensign Ro Laren, Lore (ok, he's not that obscure), Hugh, any Cardassian would be pretty friggin' bad-ass. I would totally go as K'Ehleyr.

  13. What about that non-gender alien that wanted to do Riker.

    Devolved spider-Barclay would have been awesome, that's one of my favorite episodes.

  14. Love the strip…but I found a typo in Josh's word balloon. You have the word "are" twice…

    Sorry…I just can't help myself!

  15. Wow – I…I totally knew what all those costumes referenced. I'm not sure how to feel about that but I can say with confidence I have just out geeked my husband.
    By the way I received my copy of the book this past week and we've been fighting over it ever since. Really great comic-ing!

  16. Ishara Yar
    Kivas Fajo
    Berlinghoff Rasmussen
    or someone in a bunch of episodes who hardly ever speaks – like Ensign Russell

    I wish I had thought of the Stratagema master. That would be perfect

  17. Shaka! when this comic rocks! Timba! His mind full of awesome ideas!
    That’s the only TNG (or any star trek series) episode i’ve ever seen.
    Great comic.

  18. For one-offs I’d have to go for the Time Traveler from the past claiming to be from the future played by Canada’s own Matt Frewer.

  19. At least no one suggested the creepy little girl (Sarjenka or something) that Data saved in Season 1 (the one on the planet that had some kind of tectonic imbalance).

    Other obscure suggestions: Thomas Riker, Wesley Crusher's Dad (Complete with zombie-starfleet outfit), Dr. Noonien Soong, the guardian of the Tkon Empire in episode 1.5, or any number of the different Spot's (Data's cat)

  20. The costume where Barklay gets Flowers4Algernon'd and ejaculates the Enterprise across the galaxy with the holographic non-traveler species who addresses Picard with an "interrogative" and hologram book-mark jammed in his head.

    Having only missed one (1) original Next Generation episode–the with Jean Grey getting hijacked in hibernation by Ferengi–you've made my entire day.

  21. I've actually just started watching the 2nd season so I can't say I got any of the jokes but it heartens me to know I will… eventually.

  22. I feel good. I got all those references, including the title.
    Hm. I have Wil Wheaton on twitter. I wonder if he'd think this was funny. I think he would.

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