1. This was a young coworker so I don't know if she was too old to count (late teens, maybe early twenties?) but this one time, about twenty years ago now, I was at work and a regular customer and I got chatting and we fell into the "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!" routine, as you do, and she had NO idea what it was about. Even when we told her it was from Monty Python, her response was "Is that a band?" ;n;

    Probably not precisely the sort of thing you were looking for, but still.

  2. I laughed out load, indeed I did. I have been binging on The Wire for the past several weeks or so (I am not very good at binging, because of linearity of time), and I thought of The Wire even before I read the alt-text.

  3. You might find this interesting. Last year I worked with someone who volunteered with the Girl Scouts, and we had a discussion about the cookie business. Apparently the chapters (or dens, or battalions) have rules they need to follow as regards where/when/how they sell their cookies. However, there are members of the girls scouts who are not themselves members of any chapter, and operate with practically zero oversight. I guess what I'm saying is, there are Ronin Girl Scouts.

    • <cheesy announcer voice>
      "Next up on FX: What happens to girl scouts kicked out of their chapter? They become Ronin Girl Scouts, coming up after these messages from our sponsors!"
      </cheesy announcer voice>

        • "Guys I just bought all the Grils scout cookies in the tri-state area, for a thousand dollars, all we we have to do is get in this white van I rented and troll the neighbors selling cookies, which we have to sell off in the next 24 hours or I owe a guy $1500." Cut to….
          Charlie and Devito in a tub of milk eating thin mints

  4. Don't know what it is like where you guys live but up here in Canada I made the mistake of reading the ingredients on a box of GS cookies. Can't bring myself to put one in my mouth now. Dark days.

  5. My non-geek, Potter-denying, LotR-hating wife finally laughed at one of your strips–without me having to explain the context. She even got The Wire vibe (which, I admit, I did not) without the alt-text. Well done.

  6. When I was in middle school, some kid stole my hearing aids (I had taken them out and put them in a pouch to protect them from the rain) and buried them. I found them in the dirt a couple of weeks later. I had a girl come up during recess and tear a book out of my hand while I was reading it, throw it onto the basketball court, and grind it under her high heel. I was pushed down in a fast moving line to the locker room and trampled by the entire gym class. I was lucky it was the early 90's. Kids these days set people they don't like on fire, or pester them online until they commit suicide. I'm 31 now, and I think at 35 on up I'll start getting a fresh new baseball bat every year just in case the youth of the day feel like they want to mess with me (or my lawn).

    • First tip: wooden bat. Second tip: unfinished wooden bat. Don't clean the blood smears off, just let them settle in and dry. Nothing like a blood-stained, dinted wooden club to let some hoodlums know that you mean business.

      Might want to have the plumbers stick a hatch on your septic tank, though. Decent place to ditch bodies awhile.

      • Perhaps I can mod it by gluing a ring of brass knuckles around the top.

        Also, using a weed whacker as a weapon has yet to be elevated to the status of fine art. I hope to develop a martial style around it someday. In my heart of hearts, it is the closest we've come to creating vorpal blades.

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