Mine and Wil’s T-Shirt site, Sharksplode, is involved in the Reddit T-Shirt Exchange this year, and to get these started we’re launching a brand new shirt.

The Reddit “Reddshirt“… shirt! 


In the last comic, I invented the concept of coffee waffles or “coffles.” Shut up forever if someone has already come up with that before, because I INVENTED IT. IN INVENTED IT WITH MY BRAIN!

My challenge to you is to come up with a real recipe for coffles and share it with the Fancy Bastards in the comments of this comic or on the FB Facebook group.

COMMENTERS: Have you ever created, or been treated to a dish with an unexpected SECRET INGREDIENT? A reader from Seattle sent me a chocolate bar with cayenne pepper. It seemed super wrong, but it was super duper right.

ANOTHER THING: On Joco Cruise Crazy 3, I led a panel called “The Quitting Panel: Keep Calm And Quit Your Job,” where a group of creatives from the worlds of animation, music, programming, cartooning, and game design told stories and answered audience questions about how they quit their day jobs to pursue their passion for a living.

I created a Youtube playlist of the uploaded videos uploaded by Sea Monkey Angela. The whole thing is an hour long and I think we threw out some good information about the realities of “living the dream.” This is a must watch for anyone interested in The Experiment.