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NEW HE PODCAST [episode 79] IS HERE! Hours of extra podcast (including a Post Show where I sing autotuned 80’s pop hits) are HERE for Vault Subscribers.

COMMENTERS: Firefly will be airing in HD on The Science Channel. Seems like an odd fit, but I’m not complaining. Do you think this will win over more Browncoats, or is it just a deep cable channel looking at it’s audience, seeing a bunch of geeks and trying to give them something they already love to keep them from changing the channel? What other news might enrage the Evil Fox Exec to the point of employee “cancellation”?

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  1. Seth MacFarlane has ANOTHER idea for an animated series!
    James Cameron buys 20th Century Fox with all that AVATAR money, just to renew Dark Angel!
    HOUSE and BONES (they're sort of sci-fi) are cancelled, and nobody's making a fuss over it!
    George Lucas and Joss Whedon finally throw down in a (insert form of unarmed combat here) match, and EFE wasn't given front row seats! These ideas are sure to piss him off.

  2. "Seth MacFarlane has ANOTHER idea for an animated series!"

    Wait, wouldn't that just cause EFE to become incredibly aroused? I mean, the levels of violence would be similar, but I assume it would be a joyful rampage, given the sheer quantity of Seth MacFarlanes faeces EFE pours into the primetime schedule. I can only assume that another Family Guy Palette Swap is EFE's wet dream.

    My EFE Rage-inducer: Dollhouse found a way to pull off a moderately satisfactory conclusion!

  3. First of all, isn't EFE an interim position while in training to be a EEFNE (Extremely Evil Fox News Executive)?

    But seriously, what would cause an EFE to kill the messenger?
    Based on an obscure contract clause, HOUSE must cast Stephen Fry as Dr. House's ex-wife…
    Both IDOL and GLEE do a 'Bach Fugue' episode on the same week…
    It is revealed that Gordon Ramsey has eaten all the losers on HELL'S KITCHEN…
    Seth MacFarlane's new series idea doesn't have a dumb dad!
    IBM turns down his offer for "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader's Cellphone?"
    While nobody was looking, David Boreanaz of BONES turned back into a vampire…
    AMERICA'S MOST WANTED profiles a dishonest banker!
    The NFL starts its new season will all scab players!
    And somebody, somewhere watches NBC and Neilsen notices it!!!

  4. Yay! I heart the Evil Fox Executive and his hate-filled pineapple heart!

    Other Employee cancellations throughout history:
    2010: Futurama returns with new episodes and the original voice cast on Comedy Central. Trent Hartford becomes first Fox employee in Space and the first human in space without the protection of a spacesuit.
    2008: While looking forward to canceling Dr. Horrible, he finds out it's a web exclusive. Pieces of Employee found scattered from Atlanta to Boston.
    2005: Family Guy returns to Fox after having been canceled several years prior. Seth McFarlane is forced to sacrifice Norm Macdonald on an altar to avoid being eaten.
    2004: Promised Wonderfalls cliffhanger instead ends up providing closure to the story and series. Half of an Employee winds up in a barrel over Niagara Falls.
    1999: After massively celebrating the cancellation of Millennium before the actual Millennium, Evil Fox Executive is irate to find out that the show got some closure on the X-Files a month before NYE 2k. He first sets up the series The Lone Gunmen, to be canceled later. Then he locks David Duchovny in an Iron Maiden for nearly a year, forcing him to miss the first half of Season 8.
    1989: After having his heart broken by Tracey Ullman a young Evil Fox Executive cancels her show. When he finds out that a spinoff survives, he makes a pact with the Devil to prevent Tracey Ullman from ever being successful again. The bodies of seven Fox employees are found, completely drained of blood and with their hearts removed.

    • No, it's the Science Channel; completely different. They're more educational shows with actual science, and the occasional special about pumpkin launching with catapults and cannons.

  5. I don't even know what number the Science Channel is on my box. I'm sure I've passed over it about 13 million times on my excursions through the guide listings. Just like Current or History International, I glance at the show descriptions, go "Huh," and then scroll down to the movie channels to see if Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is on.

    Besides, I've got Firefly on instant queue for Netflix. What need have I to conform to someone else's schedule?

  6. I'm interested to see the extra segments they are adding where scientist talk about the science in the show. Considering how low tech the verse is I'm wondering how much there is to talk about.

  7. Fox has a love/hate relationship with Seth MacFarlane, given their long, storied history.
    What would REALLY piss them off would be: Seth MacFarlane has another idea for an animated series and offers it to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim for free.

    FRINGE doesn't die a horrible death… it keeps gaining viewers until it must trade places with the sagging GLEE.

    I loved FIREFLY, but… alas… it's old news now. I own the DVDs and can watch whenever I want… but they're never new.

  8. May I just say, I am *loving* all the visual manifestations of sound effects in this comic. Well played, Mr. Joel.

    • Oh crap is right! If you take the time to notice, Whedon actually did a lot of things right from a scientific perspective. Hell, just having the space scenes SILENT is great! Also note that when Serenity turns, it actually runs an arc as it should. Hurray for physics!

  9. I've always wanted the BBC or another UK channel to broadcast Firefly; with Doctor Who and Touchwood the British are very open to Sci-Fi and a show like Firefly could prove to be very popular with a UK audience…

    • Hmm … it's a shame Whedon didn't produce the show with the Beeb originally. Granted, he may not have gotten the same cast due to Ye Actors Guilde and such, but the show could have at least run it's due course.

  10. Maybe it's just me, but I think one of your podcast guest hosts (Alex if I remember correctly) sounds like Carl (movie fan/ convenience store owner) in Family Guy.

  11. So it's like the edumacational segments they put at the end of early-'90s cartoons so they could brand the shows as "edutainment" and get around FCC regulations? Oh, nostalgia.

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