TCAF 2011 Fancy Photo Comic Part 2

Where as the previous photo comic dealt with the party times bookending TCAF 2011, this one details absolutely everything that happened during the actual 2 day show. All of it! Not a detail omitted. It’s like you are living it RIGHT NOW!

funny scifi parody t-shirt newt 2012 newt for president t-shirt aliens ripley scifi parody

I have tabled with Sam “Fuzzy” Logan twice now, and each time I seem to find new and more ingenious ways to mess with the stuff he is trying to sell to people. WAY TO GO ME! USA! USA! If you have not read Sam And Fuzzy, I suggest you fix your problem now (see what I did there?). If you need convincing, the comic is about a couple of dudes that inherit an ancient clan of ninjas and try to use them for good instead of assassination purposes. Also there is a vampire named Edwin who thinks the way to a girl’s heart is through her bedroom window while she is sleeping. Good stuff.

I can’t say much about the female Questionable Jeph cosplayer at TCAF, other than that she owes me one boner because upon seeing her, mine exploded.

Hey, look down at he bottom! It’s Angela again! If my carry-on bag was a Pokeball, she would be here in my dojo now. Alas, she has returned to Vancouver, or “Little Cold Hollywood” as the locals call it.

I hope you enjoyed the photo comics this week. I know it’s not typically what you come here for, but I enjoy making them and sharing them with you.

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  1. Hey Joel, I just dropped in to tell that I got my überfancy HE books!
    Sported the Ultimate Fancy Bastard button today at my local comic festival, which didn't feature as many drawn-on dicks as TCAF apparently did. BUT there was a hobo! And not a comic artist, but a real one.
    Anyhoo, thanks for the good work on print as well!

  2. Love the new shirt! I think Newt's should run on "Nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

  3. I felt weird and out of place this morning. I'm weird, my friends are weird, I do weird stuff, and nobody will ever love me because of all the WEIRD.

    Then I saw this.

    There is hope.

    There is hope for us all.

  4. Wonderful, just wonderful. Best photo-comic I've seen in a long time.
    My favourite part though (I'm a pedantic ass), is that you should have taken the Canadian money! It's stronger than your US money!

  5. ROFMAO! …3 hours before I saw this page, someone mentioned "Newt" to me (in the political context), and my response was "Nobody calls me Rebecca… except my brother." It drew blank stares from my friends, who are apparently not as serious geeks as I am.

  6. Glad to here you enjoyed your trip into our northern area, as far as I know Toronto is considered one of the worst cities here for crime and whatnot so it's good to know you weren't shanked while visiting.

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