Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht, Krampusnacht

hijinks-ensue-january-2015-book-sale-2UPDATE: ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT!!!

For the month of January 2015, both of my books are only $5 each. Buy 2 of them and I’ll give you a free mystery mini print. After January they are GONE FOREVER

I am selling them at or below cost so they can go to Fancy Bastards that will appreciate them, rather than a bonfire. Grab them HERE. 

Sing along if you know the words:
He’s making a list, He’s sharpening sticks.
The list is irrelevant, You all go in the sack.
Krampus comes to take you, that’s alllllll.
Yes, Kraaaampus coooomes to taaaaake youuuuuuu NO NO AHHHHHGHGHG! NO KRAMPUS NOOOOOOO!

HEY HEY HEY, did I mention that I have a Patreon? I do, and because my Fancy Patrons blew past the $1500 Milestone Goal, I was able to redesign the website and clean things up. The comics are about 15-20% larger as well. So far I’ve uploaded embiggened versions of all the comics from 2014. I’ll keep embiggening until all are cromulently embiggened. The downside, is some of the things I had to fit in to the new design completely break the site on mobile browsers. I’ll be working on fixing that over the next couple of weeks. I’ll also be adding in some of the things that are currently missing, like the mobile alt-text button.

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  1. Good Sir, the new colour scheme for this site is not good. Not good at all I say!
    It is reminiscent of the kind of gaudy deck chair those with taste should scorn as inferior.

    Yours Faithfully


    • Why do you hate deck chairs? Why do you hate reminders of sitting in the summer on the beach with the roar of the ocean as you significant other plays with the kids in the sand? Why do you hate the feeling of nostalgia that comes over you when the colors of this site remind you that sometimes you don't live in a cold cold world filled with greys which eat into your soul not destroying it but turning it into more grey mush as it goes? I urge you my friend to embrace the colors. Hug them. Hug them until you believe again in sunshine, love, warmth, and all those things which life has in store for you. Let the new colors work massage you, spread oil on you, and warmly caress you.

    • This is exactly why we don't listen to England anymore! We fought a WHOLE WAR so we could tell our children that you couldn't come over to OUR internet and get all up in our Kool-Aid with your wrong opinions!

  2. Looks great, Joel. Though I must admit, my first reaction as I refreshed the page was, "Oh god what's happening?? Why is EVERYTHING DIFFERENT?!?" Then I spent about five minutes scrolling up and down to make the menu bar shrink and grow. But I'm ok now.

  3. I think Krampus rounds up all the bad kids and takes them to hell. very much a good cop/bad cop thing with Santa.

  4. FYI in chrome on my android phone I can no longer zoom into the page and everything is misaligned with the background stripes invading the comment section.

  5. Very nice new site. Actually made me make my first comment :).

    You need to change the <meta name="viewport" tag so it doesn't include the maximum-scale=1.0 or the user-scalable=0 parts. That will at least make mobile useful enough to be able to survive.

    Anyways, love the comic. Keep up the good work.

  6. Now I have to go research Krampus…. to find out more then I learned on an episode of Grimm when I could watch because TRouble wasn't on it…

  7. Not sure if you've tested the new site design on android Firefox. The blog post is getting rendered on the horizontal color background. I can still read the comic though, which is the important part. 🙂

  8. Also having major trouble with the mobile version on my galaxy s3, both chrome and native browser. Background not positioned correctly, fonts in unreadable sizes, difficulty zooming.

  9. site, shmite. It looks fine on my "mobile" (15" laptop).

    Today's _comic_, on the other hand, is a masterpiece. The combination of Krampus and "Footprints in the sand" is…just so wrong that it's perfect.

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