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NEW HE PODCAST – Episode 83 “Ass Merkins”

Please enjoy this comic sans any sort of commentary or post regarding a 20 million pound party thrown for some fancy pants inbreds, and paid for by people who generally don’t give a shit about them.

I have been furiously sketching and shipping preordered HE Book 2’s. 15 more left today and there are about 65 left to go. I am making the sketches extra special since I know you guys have been waiting a long time.

Sorry for the truncated post, but I am running right now to see The Decemberists play in Dallas. They are one of my favorite bands and I have never seen them live, so I am SUPER excitedpants.

COMMENTERS: How else might The Doctor have interacted with the royal wedding? I bet there was a Cyberman attack brewing in the basement and he stopped it in the nick of time.

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  1. as an english, i can indeed comfirm i couldnt give less of a shit about a royal wedding. im sure the werewolf from tennants run could come back or one of charles radar dish ears could be recieving communications from space.

  2. no in fact it was the sontarans they were going to use the royal wedding as the perfect cover to invade earth. kate middleton or at least the one we have seen the past few days was a clone that the sontarans were going to use to attack and destroy the royal family as the first step of there plan. the doctor foiled the attempt and when prince william asked what he could do to repay the doctor he stole a kiss and made a run for it.

  3. I'm british and while its true that I couldn't care less about the wedding, I do care about the monarchy – its sure beats a flag and a couple of 200 year old pieces of paper.

    • Hats off to the Brits. We've fought too many wars together for me to be petty about historical legacies (which I think includes our heritage as a former British colony).

      Also, I think TR and Churchill had some things in common. =P

    • And the fact that we can now make our President prove he was born here, yet still not believe the piece of paper he has to prove it…ba-zing!

    • I was just going off the fact that 80% of Brits polled said they didnt care about the wedding. I wasnt knocking your monarchy. It also doesnt seem in the least but equivalent to compare the royal family with our flag and constitution/bill of rights. It would make more sense to compare our flag to your flag. I guess I just dont get the point you're trying to make.

      • They're closer than you think. The monarchy IS the british constitution, or at least the unifying symbol thereof.

        • Actually, the Parliament is the embodiment of the constitution of the United Kingdom. It also is the only appropriate parallel to anything associated with the original make-up of the US. The Royal Family is the embodiment of centuries-old sectarian nonsense that deemed a certain group of people as selected by God for the sole purpose of commanding others. The Constituion of the US directly contradicts that premise by stating that people are free to govern themselves.

          • I'd disagree with you on a point or two. As a constitutional monarchy, britain has as a symbolic head of the executive, and legislative, and judiciary, a monarchy (read unelected tyrant if you so wish). In symbolism, everyone is accountable to the Queen-in-Parliament, not Parliament itself. The Americans and the French and lets face it, most of the rest of the world likes to imagine the three branches of government as separate, and in those places, they are. In Britain they are more unified than separate, and ministers are accountable, truly, to Parliament, but in statute to the Queen-in-Parliament. Its the twisty turney half-truth half-understood-to-be-a-fiction that us Brits are so good at.

    • Say what you will of the Constitution. However, it should be somewhat fascinating that every four years we have a common citizen step up and take the reins of power. Heredity doesn't play a factor (Bush 'n Sons not-withstanding). That, in and of itself, is a special thing. I'm aware that the UK has parliamentary elections and that the monarchy is more a figurehead than a real, legal force; but, truly, if you think about it, how often has this sort of thing happened in the history of the world? The common citizen has an opportunity to rule.

      I'll grant you, it takes far more money than your average common man could acquire in his lifetime to really have a go at it, but legally … it's possible. The only requirements are age and citizenry by birth.

      We Americans do not bend our knee to any king. Friend, that's something to think about.

  4. Great comic, though I would expect the TARDIS to appear in St. Edward's chapel, where they were signing the register.

    It was Peter Phillips, another one of the Queen's grandsons, that married a Canadian woman, Autumn Kelly..

    I would point out that the Middleton's are paying for their own expenses and the dresses of the bride and her sister. The Queen and Prince Charles will be paying for their own family expenses, the reception and the party at Buckingham Palace out of their own funds. The City will be paying for the cleaning and the police security of the Abbey and the route, about as much as they paid for the St. Patrick's parade in March – about 100,000 pounds. The state will be paying for military security, cost undisclosed.

    In the meantime, it is estimated that the wedding will pump about 600 million pounds (or more) into the British economy. The British value-added tax is 20%.

      • Hell, I can't even get married unless I move to a state where it's allowed, and I can find a man that won't want to dress as a woman, or wear a bright red jacket and think it's "coutoure". *chuckles*

    • All good points. Im just making silly jokes for laugh times.

      Maybe thats where I got the Canadian thing from. Not sure. I changed the comic regardless.

    • Yeah, my understanding is that the "20M pounds" figure is a) very rough, and b) refers to only the parts that you'd expect the state to pay for at a gigantic outdoor thing that a million people show up for; crowd control, security, port-a-loos, extra EMTs, whatever.

      • I suppose, in short, a rather wealthy girl just married a quite wealthy Prince and, for the most part, they picked up the tab. London Town shells out a smallish bit, the nation as a whole brings out a few handsful of soldiers to run security at a modest cost and there is some kind of tremendous economic benefit due to trickle-down effects.

        Then again, sometimes you've just got to put on the dog for the pride of your country. Lovely wedding, really.

  5. You are on a role with the Doctor Who jokes! I love it!!! This is the only thing that's even made me care even a single iota about the royal wedding, which is really saying something considering the fact that at work they are making us wear tiaras in honor of it all weekend.

      • Shhhhh, you know how long it takes me to clean my damn tiara? I only wear it on special occasions anymore just because of that reason.

      • I work at The Body Shop, it is a predominantly female work force. The only guy working at my store did not mind wearing the tiara for at least a few minutes. The main problem was that they were child size tiaras. All around a bad plan.

  6. Wait … your theory was that the royal wedding featured a horde of interchangeable humorless megalomaniacal drones … in the basement? OK, then.

  7. Any minute now an alien horde will arrive to take over the House of Windsor (and then the world) based on intel provided by the mechanical pilot fish flawlessly implanted as the stoic companion to the Earthling football-superstar-underpants-model.

  8. But don't worry. I'm sure the Doctor is just hanging out with the Royal Hat/Hideous-Target-of-Mockery-Maker negotiating his next fashion statement, and will be close at hand to diffuse the situation.

  9. I kinda like the whole Canadian woman thing it implies prince William was involved in shenanigans similar to threes company as a sort of side plot to the doctor.

  10. Apropos of nothing, enjoy the Decemberists show. I saw them in Portland in February at the suggestion of my GF and LOVED it!! Awesome, awesome show.

  11. Balls, there was me thinking the rest of the world didn't know or care about the royal wedding. I'm too cynical.

  12. I could actually see this in one of the upcoming episodes. That's just spot on with how the 11th Doctor would act. You can easily picture that scene playing in your mind's eye and edit it into the beginning of the first episode of this season, during his clips of his hijinks.

  13. It's things like this comic that make me think that if the Brits really want to do the opening ceremony of the Olympics right next year, they have to have David Tennant in full regalia (striped suit, long coat, and trainers) light the torch.

  14. I really like the idea that the Queen, as monarch of the Commonwealth, is privy to all sorts of "secret history" like the Doctor being real, sort of like the Prime Minister in the Harry Potter universe knowing about Wizards and liaising with the Minister for Magic.

  15. 5736.6 Rassilon Era (246)
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    Greetings Fellow Gallifreyans!!
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    Or do parodies count??
    Thank you and Allons-Y!! The Professor Dalen Rune.

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