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NEW HE PODCAST – Episode 83 “Ass Merkins”

Please enjoy this comic sans any sort of commentary or post regarding a 20 million pound party thrown for some fancy pants inbreds, and paid for by people who generally don’t give a shit about them.

I have been furiously sketching and shipping preordered HE Book 2’s. 15 more left today and there are about 65 left to go. I am making the sketches extra special since I know you guys have been waiting a long time.

Sorry for the truncated post, but I am running right now to see The Decemberists play in Dallas. They are one of my favorite bands and I have never seen them live, so I am SUPER excitedpants.

COMMENTERS: How else might The Doctor have interacted with the royal wedding? I bet there was a Cyberman attack brewing in the basement and he stopped it in the nick of time.