Somebody’s Watching Me Watching Me


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Something about a home-brewed camera backpack that let you watch yourself from a third person point of view seemed like it would fit right in with Josh’s particular brand of finely attuned narcissism.

Commenters: What other cinematic tropes might Josh encounter in his personal docu-drama? What would it be called? What would happen to the other characters in his film?

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  1. I'm more curious whether he would enjoy a fight sequence.

    I mean, it always sucks to be in a fight, but a lot of times the fight scenes are the best parts of a movie to watch…

  2. There will be a sex scene with a bacon covered hand. Luckily it will be very tastefully (tastefully, getitgetit?) done and be nominated for an Oscar. Due to the lack of cowboys, the film will not actually get to take home any awards.

  3. The guys over at Rooster Teeth actually did this a while back with a truck. They created a trailer hitch camera mount that suspended an HD camera behind the truck, blacked out the windows and placed an HD screen inside. They then had staff try to drive the truck around a course….after the driver had to attempt to get in the truck while being beaten up by guys with baseball bats.

  4. He needs an ‘OMG! get out of there ya gunna get stabbed foo’!” moment, like Boxcar Pete is about to get him and Josh forgets is it happening. I guest it is extreamly derivetive of scream but hey still fun!

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