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If our cats didn’t teach us lessons, we would never learn. Without supervision and proper admonishment, we might continue negative behaviors like sometimes leaving the house, or putting a thing in a place where the cat wants to be later, or not topping off the completely full food bowl so that there’s a nice peak to the food pile. It’s true what they say, most people are untrainable. It’s not that they’re inherently stupid… well it’s not JUST that. It’s in their nature to be aloof loners with total disregard for for superior feline lifeforms.

Sharkploders: How do you cats punish you when you misbehave? 

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  1. Ours tries to go for guilt. I never knew cats could sigh until we got her, but there she is, lying on the floor forlornly (with the occasional side-eyed glance to make sure we’re watching) and sighing heavily until we apologize for our transgressions.

  2. My cat must’ve been defective, all she did when I was away was sleep on anything that remotely smelled like me and when I got back she’d pretty much launch herself into my arms.

  3. When we first changed our cats litter box from a small, kitten appropriate thing to a proper, covered box, he saved up his pee for a whole day, then went into the kitchen & started meowing. I go & he’s just standing in the middle of the floor waiting. I stop, he looks me right in the eyes, and takes the longest pee I’ve ever seen/heard a cat make. He never broke eye contact.

    After that he used the box without issue, but that look…he was not happy with that change.

    • Holy shit I have that EXACT SAME STORY. One night the litter box was too full (apparently), so our cat Replay walked over to my wife’s boots, looked me straight in the eye and peed for what seemed like 4 minutes, NEVER breaking eye contact. I was screaming and freaking out and just stared at me until he was done.

  4. My old cat used to sneak up on my ex in the middle of the night, get a big mouthful of arm-pit hair and yank as hard as possible…. Thankfully he wore underware to bed

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