Rory Hears A Who And Hatches The Cube

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This comic started as a Fancy Sketch Drive sketch request from Fancy Bastard Erin H. I posted the sketch on Twitter and TWITTER WENT UNSANE with favs and retweets. I contacted Erin and asked if she minded if I worked it up as a comic and shirt and she graciously obliged the use of her idea. I’m pretty happy with the outcome and I hope you enjoy it too. Thanks, Erin!


COMMENTERS: What do you think is the most heartbreaking display of romance/affection/love in geek pop culture? 

TWO new HE Podcasts last week! 
Episode 93 and Episode 94 With Voice Actors Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt!

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    • Although I prefer Buffy & Spike as a couple, Buffy kissing Angel in before sending him to the hell dimension, KNOWING HE WAS RE-SOULED, was heartbreaking. "Becoming, Part 2"

  1. While i agree w/ the Buffy/Angel moment there, I've gotta go with Jean sacrificing herself at the end of X2 while Scott, Logan, and Charles look on. That shit makes me cry every fucking time.

    (PS: i just loaded it up and yeah, crying)

  2. Well, I'm going to give a plus for the thing that the comic is based on to be honest. >.>

    I hate Rose with the burning passion of a thousand suns, or I would probably mention that (the first one, the goodbye)….

    … Yeah I'm not up on much geek romantic pop culture >.>

  3. "I laid out the cabin today. It's gonna have an easterly view. You should see the light that we get here, when the sun comes from behind those mountains. It's almost heavenly. It reminds me of you."

    I get teary just *reading* that, let alone WATCHING it.

    Admittedly, though, that's not a display in the sense people are talking about here…. oh well!

  4. Season 5 of Angle, when Fred dies and Wesly stabs Gun and shoot they guy that killed Fred then goes catatonic for a few days. Wesly in general is a sad sack of shit, never had a single thing go his way. But damn when he was reading to Fred on her death bed, Bam, right in the feels.

  5. I'm going to go with the moment in Wonderfalls where Jaye's being held hostage in the store and Eric comes to talk to her before leaving and she's forced to brush him off to save him.

  6. Dunno, guess I'm too new-school. I'd go straight with Rory standing watch for two thousand years. With the attention spans that folks have these days, that's a rather incredible display of devotion. Nothing against anyone else's ideas!

  7. Because of the 2000-year-long cubesitting job, I HATE watching Dr. Who on BBC America. They cut out all the subtle touches of Amy realizing what Rory did for her while she was hibernating, and finding that no one has seen or heard from the Centurion since WWII. Those are the things that make it so ecstatic when he re-appears. So when you watch it on BBCA, the tearful reunion falls flat.

    I get that they cut things to make room for ads, which they need. But is it worth it if doing so drives away viewers? If they ran the episodes for 1:10 instead of the usual hour, they could put the good stuff back in, and maybe run one less episode of Top Gear each week. It seems like Top Gear is on ALL THE TIME.

  8. "Love. You can learn all the math in the 'Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. Makes her a home."

    Of course it doesn't help my waterworks at all when Mal throws that line from behind a console littered with plastic dinosaurs and no Wash behind the wheel…

  9. Futurama has some surprisingly emotional episodes, but one that really got to me was Jurassic Bark. Watching Seymour obey Fry's last command and wait 12 years for him got tears in my eyes

  10. A little outside the line of discussion so far, but that damn futurama episode with fry's dog. HE WAITED FOR YOU, FRY! He waited…

  11. Yeah it's always the animals that get me. In I Am Legend (the movie, though the book is pretty bad too) when the guy tries the newest serum and then holds and pets the dog until it turns and he has to kill it… well, dammit, it's all dusty in here now, but the point is, I was depressed for weeks after that. Maybe the whole "Please God let this medication work" followed by euthanasia is too familiar.

    Excuse me, gotta go pet my dogs for a while now…

  12. Got to go Futurama with Leela's parents watching her grow up. I always teared up but now with a kid of my own, big tears. Parental devotion doesn't always get nice not in a creepy way play. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Love You, Forever! B&E to hold your adult kid is weird.

  13. Now that I'm awake, I'm remembering some of Futurama gut shot scenes.

    Leela's parents watching her grow up over the years, without her knowing.

    The ending of Jurassic Bark, watching Seymour wait years for Fry to come back (I don't know how I feel about the Bender's Big Score changing of this… it's less depressing, but still).

    The original ending, with Leela sitting in the crowd, wanting to see how the concert ends.

    For a more recent episode, the ending of Lethal Inspection gets to me.

  14. My vote’s goes to the following exchange near the end of Serenity:

    Simon – “In all that time on the ship… I’ve always regretted… not being with you.”
    Kaylee – “With me? You mean to say… as in sex?”
    Simon – “I mean to say.”
    Kaylee – “To Hell with this. I’m gonna live!”

  15. I have to go with the end of Buffy, when she takes Spike's hand as he's burning and tells him she loves him; and he says, "No you don't, but thanks for saying it." Big tears, big big tears.

  16. This isn't really an instance of romance or love, but I cried like a baby when David Tennant did a final round to all his past traveling companions. Many manly tears were shed, and I had to choke back a sob at "I don't want to go…"

    Then there's Futurama when Seymour waits for Fry to come back, the choice of song only made it worse.

    Whether you'll lump this in with the rest is up to you, but the single saddest moment I've watched is in the anime One Piece when they have to junk their old pirate ship. To begin with they'd taken such good care of it that it manifested a soul and went to save them even after they'd been forced to leave it in a scrapyard; this is despite knowing that doing so would surely finish it off for good. (it actually splits in two after it saves them) Actually, just go watch it. A friend of mine showed it to me before I'd ever known anything about the series and I was still in tears. (it wasn't pretty when I actually had watched all the episodes leading up to it) So yeah : go watch that.

  17. Long time reader first time poster 🙂 I guess this whole thread is full of spoilers but I'm going to post something recent so:


    The Walking Dead, season 3, Lori and Rick show that there could perhaps be some reconciliation between the two of them and then she has the baby, Carl shoots her before she turns and Ricks face at realising the news that comes with the baby…. Yeah I cried so hard and despite the fact I didn't really like Lori until the beginning of season 3.

  18. back when anime in general was still 'geeky', i saw 'grave of the fireflies' turn a handful of Navy SEALS and a Marine Recon guy into a bunch of teary, booger-crying wrecks. seeing guys that hardcore sobbing and leaning on each other is a REALLY disconcerting sight.

    i wasn't in much better shape, to be honest. the only reason i could hold it together at all was because i'd seen it once before. and 'hold it together' is being really generous.

    you don't cry by the end of that movie, you ain't human.

  19. Come on Old School people, no Leia saying to Han that she loves him while he in in the carbon freezing chamber about to be frozen? And the classic Han reply?

  20. Harry telling Grace that he has to break his promise, hands on the screen as they say goodbye…not exactly geeky but in the sci-fi genre…..still hits me hard

  21. Wall-E. Jesus, for a movie with only a half-page of dialogue at best, Eve scrambling to fix a mangled robot, only to have him not recognize her and start compacting his keepsakes…

    Damn you Pixar.

  22. The end of Farscape. They have just reunited you think its all going to be happily ever after and then bam….disintegrated

  23. Jurrasic Bark definitely kicked up the pollen in the room… But the silent Carl and Ellie’s life sequence at the beginning of UP made it difficult to see the animation of the next few scenes… Still.

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