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I had this idea back in Phoenix while having dinner at this neat little Neapolitan Pizza place with some friends. About halfway through drawing it, I did a quick google and saw that Jon Rosenberg had already touched on the idea of a PorTARDIS-John with “Doctor Whoah” in Scenes From A Multiverse. Oh well. I guess it’s a pretty obvious comparison for two guys that think allot about science fiction and poop jokes. His comic is great. Go read it.


BEST THING EVER: My good friend Lar “Poned” me. I have never been so happy or honored in all my stupid life. [click to embiggen]

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  1. Well, if he's walking out with paper stuck to his shoe, I think it's safe to assume the tardis sensed his need and fulfilled it…

    • This. We have a full season this time 'round, just split. And I don't think we have enough info yet to know if they're splitting next year, or spreading it across more than 1 year…

    • Not in the swimming pool! Not in the library! Though for a while the swimming pool was in the library…
      Fish fingers!

  2. Though Moffat is denying the delay for next season, I have to wonder what's the reasoning here for delaying it? Sherlock? Money? I mean, it's pretty freaking popular, and they don't delay their other shows, so why does the Doctor get the short end of the stick here?

  3. I have thought this very thing upon seeing a portapotty. I’ve also thought it the other way around: a time travelling crapper would be pretty sweet.

  4. Sweet, HE at SDCC! im gonna buy me some swag!

    So, when I went to a renaissance faire a few weeks ago I saw pretty much the opposite scene. A guy dressed up as the 11th doctor leaving a blue port-o-john. It was pretty funny

  5. Okay, folks, don't panic. It may seem that all that is happening is that the start date for the 2012 Doctor Who series is being shunted to the Fall/ Autumn, which is a very wise move on the BBC's part. Most people forget that 2012 is the Summer Olympics, taking place in the UK, and because of this, the show would have been royally screwed in the schedules, due to the big event.
    So, instead of starting in the spring, and then having it screwed in the schedules, due to the Olympics, football, and Eurovision Contest, the BBC have opted for what Steven Moffat always wanted: A later start date.
    Plus, shows fair better in the later months due to less familaies going on holidays, more bums on seats, better ratings, etc…
    Thus, it will no doubt start Autumn/ Fall 2012, with a break for the Christmas special, with the latter half of the season being aired in 2013, giving us extra episodes for 2013, on top of the 50th anniversary special.

    Makes sense, yes? Steven Moffat has this all planned out, and his Twits are alluding to something on top of all that, so we may be getting more rather than less.

    • This is exactly what I was going to say. Plus from what I understand the studio is moving right around the time when they would normally be filming the 2012 season, so that's probably part of the reason for the delay. Moffat has said we're still getting the full 14 episodes, though, so that's nothing to worry about. They just won't all be in 2012 (but a "good chunk" will be). Of course, I'd rather not have to wait that long for more Who, but it's not the horrible disaster you'd think it was from reading some of these stories.

      • I know, but if you visit some of the major Doctor Who foums, like Gallifreybase, most of the vocal minority are running around, screaming as if the sky is falling in and spouting stupid nonsense about the Head of the BBC wanting to kill the show, etc…
        It makes a person feel embarrassed and ashamed to admit being a Doctor Who fan, as these nutters and loons just give the mass media (who love to hold them up as an example of how ALL DW fans are crazed psychos) more material to make fun of the more sane and level head majority.

        And, even though I am a fan of the show, and have been since I was 3, I denounced any affiliation to Doctor Who fandom back during the squeeing crazed Tennant fangirls era, and have no plans on ever going back.

        The antics on some of the forums make the memories of the 80's fandom seem tame in comparison. And, if you have no idea of how bad the fandom behaved in the 80's, you should look it up or ask some older fans. There are quite some scary stories of the pre-internet days.

        • Oh, I know. I've been following what's going on on Gallifrey Base, and it's amazing how people keep going on about how this is "obviously" going to lead to cancellation, or we're only going to get two episodes a year, or all kinds of other nonsense. I do consider myself a fan (even if I am a very new fan), but I don't think that means I have to go insane and start spouting conspiracy theories. 😉

          The whole situation kind of irritates me more than anything else, because part of the reason I've let myself get so focused on Doctor Who was because it felt nice to be a fan of a show where I didn't have to keep worrying about whether or not it's about to be cancelled (as opposed to, say, Fringe), but even though there's no way the BBC would cancel Doctor Who at this point (and in fact we're guaranteed at least one more season), the fandom's still all panicky about it. I can kind of understand why considering what happened in the 80's, but I still can't help wishing there could be ONE show I really like without this kind of stuff going on.

  6. Oh well then Ill stop making the comics I want to make and make the ones YOU want me to make RIGHT AWAY! Problem solved.

    [Easy solution: stop reading]

  7. PS

    For ANYONE else out there who's just about to hit submit or send on a "just thought you might want to know, but you're doing this wrong" comment or email… DON'T. I don't care. I will never care. I make the comics I want to make about the things that I like and if our likes and dislikes don't line up the onus is on YOU not me to do something about it (which is finding something else to read, NOT telling me how to do my job).

    • LOL! Loved this one. One of your better ones, I thought. I love Dr. Who, but would not have thought of comparing the tardis with the blue porta-potties until seeing this comic, but the juxtaposition was hilarious!

  8. Really Joel, if people can't bitch about you to you, who else are they going to bitch about and to? The REST of the internet?? ……………….Yes. Alwaysyes.
    Great comic. As a fan of Doctor Who I say thanks. As a fan of your webcomic I say thanks as always. I think it's awesome you get to do something you love, exactly the way you want to do it, for a living. Kudos!

  9. And also, to readers who need to express disappointment and threaten to stop reading, might I redirect you to the comments section at blastr.com? I think you will find a happy home there.

  10. JUST got caught up with the series this morning. So now all your Doctor Who comics make so much sense! Your Royal Wedding comic makes me laugh so hard.

  11. Solution to this problem Dylan. Make your own website…your own comic…and draw exactly the topics that amuse you.

  12. One of the things I love about "general geekery" is the sheer enthusiasm nerds display for what they love. While I'm not a huge Who fan (haven't got to it yet), I appreciate seeing Joel's love for it even though I do not share it. It's part of the general geekery.

  13. Whilst I'm not up on the latest Dr. Who (I know, I know but I have other things distracting me like tattooed pen*seses and online gaming), I enjoy the comics and the general Dr. Who chat so when I see the latest group of Who actors, I know who they are and why they're worth paying attention to.

    Also, I'm voting for some fart jokes…"firing photons" and such, and maybe some flatulence being lit on fire while the characters are quoting some sort of treatise on whether or not we have a soul and free will. That's high and low comedy at the same time, and Joe can be all things to all people, such as this:

  14. There's a pretty good Doctor Who audio play with the Sixth Doctor called "The One Doctor" that features a con man who impersonates the Doctor. His scam is faking an alien invasion, foiling it, then accepting the gifts of a grateful populace. Unfortunately, since the Doctor is such a legend, accounts are garbled, and his mock-TARDIS is a port-a-pottie. (And yes, it dematerializes with a flushing noise.)

  15. To be perfectly honest, I just haven't seen any of the new episodes, but I LOVED the old serieses and the books. But your comics about it are so hilarious I'm tempted to start watching it again.

    Haha, this one made me actually laugh out loud. Well, most of your ones do, haha!

    Here, check this out:


    It's Bill Bailey talking about the music and theme and it's HILARIOUS. Especially if you understand the French… XD

  16. I LOVE it ! It's funny, I saw one last week and send a text to my friend to told her : "it's the tardis !" I was right ! These blue boxes are confusing.
    Bravo pour ce splendide dessin 😉

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