Joel and Ethan Cohen? More like Joel and Ethan Goin’… To Put Me To Sleep! FROM BOREDOM! WITH ALL THEIR SMART WORDS! AM I RIGHT!? LADIES?! FELLAS?!

[It’s secretly June 18, 2015, and I am back from a short vacation with my family. We went to a water park and also a cave. Both were wet. Also I nearly sliced off my left thumb the day we left, so doing… things, anything really has been pretty difficult. I’ve never seen that much of my own blood and/or finger meats. It was an ordeal to say the least. Getting caught up on comics for this week now that I have mostly regained use of my thumb and have relocated to my home where there is reliable comic-making technology and Internet service.]

SHARKSPLODERS: What movie dialog cliches are you sick of hearing? They can also be dialog+action cliches like, “I’m not going, there’s no way you can get me on that plane, I’ll never go!” *cut to that dude totally on the plane.

Pantalones En Fuego

COMMENTERS: Has a writer ever impressed you with their ability to create complex and believable characters that are seemingly very different from themselves? Of course every writer creates characters that aren’t mirror images of themselves (or at least they should), but I’m talking about creators that seem to really get the voice of someone they appear to have little in common with. Joss Whedon’s command of strong female characters, might be a good example.

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Persons Of Interest

COMMENTERS: What character in fiction who was a person of color, different orientation, different background, different… interest really opened your eyes or made a difference in your life?

One that really sticks out to me was Hedwig, played by John Cameron Mitchell, from Hedwig And the Angry Inch. I saw that movie when I was in my early 20’s and still suffering from some residual homophobia. I thought gay people were great, but actual, real, dude-to-dude romance was gross. Hedwig just melted my heart with an amazing and universal love story, and told that story with music that became extremely meaningful and important to me. That story and those songs were so honest and so correct about love, alienation, rejection, freedom, identity and what it means to be a human person on Earth that I quickly forgot they were written from the perspective of a biological man, living as a woman, in love with another man. It wasn’t gay love. It was just love. It was the same thing I felt, and it flipped a switch in my head and my heart that I’d spent most of my life trying to keep un-flipped.

TARDIS Necklace from Science & Fiction

tardis necklace on etsy from science and fiction


Population Explosion

[Please forgive the colorless nature of this comic. I am currently on the road for Denver Comic Con. I will color it as soon as I get home. – Joel]

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HijiNKS ENSUE: I Could Really Go For A Martwinky Right About Now
(An iBook Collection Of HijiNKS ENSUE Comics from 2009)
EXTRAS: Contains an intro I wrote while on an airplane and while insane with sleep deprivation. I can not promise you that it makes sense at all. Also contains a whole section of freelance projects (many never before seen) that were commissioned by you, the Fancy Bastards.


Worf’s sash is called a Ha’quj

If you are interested in “the process” behind HijiNKS Ensue, here’s a little glimpse. Probably 30-50% of the comic ideas come from IM’s like this. Josh doesn’t realize he’s writing my material (but he really should at this point).


Josh: and today nintendo was rated the least eco-friendly electronic manufacturer
Josh: which seemed odd
Joel: like they pour toxic waste around each crate of complete Wii’s just because
Joel: they test each wiimote by clubing a seal and chopping down a tree
Joel: as long as the wrist strap stays attached, its golden

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