Of Feather And Fang

EXCELLENT NEWS! Lil’ Wil Wheaton Plushies are SHIPPING NOW!

Wil Wheaton Plushie Box - HijiNKS ENSUE

You can order yours HERE and get them in time for the holidays.

At the first sign of danger, Eli immediately resorts to the tried and true stratagems outlined in the films of Bruce Campbell.

If you are a UK type who is planning on going to MCM London, please seek out the Blind Ferret Booth. I am nearly positive they will have my shirts for sale.

COMMENTERS: Please offer your own “sage advice” or “wise affirmisms” using lessons you’ve learned from Bruce Campbell movies. If that’s too specific, I will expand the criteria to cover the entire B-Horror genre. I’m looking for real world applications here. The kind of stuff you’d tell your kid as they left for college. “If your English Lit. book has an evil face, see if they have a version you download to your iPad.”

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  1. If it is a basilisk, Eli is going to need a polished hubcap or something to fight it, so he won't turn to stone.
    Studying old stop motion movies is his only hope.

  2. May I say, that box of carefully-packaged Wheaton plushies looks like a furry/human centipede joke just waiting to happen.

  3. At first glance I thought Blind Ferret was going to the UK to visit the McMexpo, which I can only assume is a Food Market/Trade show extravaganza showing off traditional Mexican Cooking secrets adapted by people from Texas, and sponsored by a well-known Fast-Food Chain. The McMexpo. Sounds reasonable.

  4. Doesn't every iPad come pre-installed with a Necronom-icon? Mine did…

    Saying "N" plus a bunch of vowels with your mouth covered is just as good as actually saying the required words. Especially when reading Shakespeare.

    Good, bad… I'm the guy with the gun.
    When fighting miniature versions of yourself, always remember You're a Dick!

  5. Is it just me… or does that picture of the Lil' Wil dolls waiting to ship, seem like some sort of kinky plush Wheaton orgy?

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