Occupy Jumpstreet

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Cops are tazing our grandmas with pepper spray, and the government is SOPA’ing the Internet into oblivion. Everything is terrible forever. I can’t think about it too much or it gets kind of terribly depressing.

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COMMENTERS: I would ask what you think about OWS, but I’m scared things would escalate negatively and some of you might start fights with each other. Polotics tends to bring out the piss and vinegar in even the most reasonable geeks. So what about SOPA? Can we all at least agree that a “Great Firewall Of China” for America is probably a pretty terrible idea? [please don’t fight, please don’t fight, please don’t fight…]


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  1. ¿Que? Sopa está deliciosa. Oh… you mean the acronym, not the Spanish word for soup. While I won't comment on piracy (as an ethical, legal, or financial issue) SOPA would be impossible to enforce and in the attempt to enforce it, it would have to give someone carte blanche authority to block sites (otherwise every action would be bound and gagged by red tape). Any way you cut it (and regardless of your stance on illegal downloading) SOPA is would be ineffective and likely misused.

  2. Well I for one stand with the East India Company against these ruffians and brigands. Their grievance is against the king. Why should innocent private businesses suffer the indignation and insult of these malcontents?

  3. SOPA is like burning down your house because of a few ants – a ludicrous overreaction. I'm glad that the response is actually making some in Congress think twice – and not just on one political side or the other. When Nancy Pelosi, Ron Paul and Darrell Issa all think a bill stinks…!

    • Yeah, luckily this where Paul's libertarism falls on the side of the angels. (As opposed to his wanting to get rid of the EPA.)
      Issa surprised me though. Given his rep as a big business guy, I figured he'd be all over it.

  4. I think the only reason SOPA ever had any support was because it wasn't explained properly.
    If you explain it like it was a murder law where piracy=murder it sounds something like this:
    "I and a friend come into your house. I then proceed to murder my friend. YOU are EQUALLY responsible and prosecutable because you failed to take adequate steps to stop ME from murdering my friend."
    See? Much easier to realize the bill is absolutely terrible when explained properly.

    • More like claiming you are responsible and prosecutable because I drove down your street on my way to murder my friend. Under the terms of that bill, a website could be shut down because a commenter LINKED TO an alleged copyright violation.

      • You don't own your street, you do (theoretically) own your house. which is why I used it in my example. And yeah a commenter linking to pirated content can not only cause a stop of traffic to a site which is bad enough but also a stop payment.

    • Considering how many of the major internet companies are ran out of the US, Google, Facebook, youtube, ect, it probably would have.

    • and considering how many other countries are trying to do similar, like Australia and New Zealand, then it possibly will apply to you soon too

  5. That's good news on SOPA. Assuming it ends up being true. I wonder how long sites like this would be allowed to exist under SOPA. I post all kinds of things that could probably be considered copyright violations on my blog. They're just links and pictures to amusing things or reviews of stuff. But them would probably get me shut down as well.

    As for Occupy movement, it's an idea whose time has come. Ignore anything you see on TV or read in a major media source until you've actually gone down to a general assembly or watched unedited video from people who are there. You'll see how different reality is from what the media or any GOP politician says.

  6. Here's hoping that bill dies a death of a thousand cuts. Every time one of these internet censorship laws broaches Congress there usually a huge outcry just as it's about to get passed and seemingly every time it fails because of that outcry. You think they'd get it that any kind of censorship like this just isn't acceptable… but no it's more taxpayer money wasted. Yeesh, the USA (the country I live in and am a citizen of) fails hard.

    I'd talk about the Occupy movement but I actually agree with ya, Joel, that everyone seems to get all Incredible Hulk when polimatics gets mentioned. I'll just drop that I went last month and got about what I expected.

  7. I think copyright laws are a good thing to a point,if someone creates something whether it's a individual or a corporation I think they have right to control how its distributed. But this law is crap,the idea a whole site can be shut down because someone posted a link to pirated martial is unfair.

    Me: Hey did you guys check out that new movie/book/video game/what ever
    You Guy: Yeah I'm going to buy it today
    Pirate:why buy it? I uploaded a copy to here (link)
    Government: http://www.hijinksensue.com is now shut down and your all under investigation for copyright violations.

  8. Kind of reminds me of a certain WHO story where the workers had to pay for everything, including the air they breathed. Any debt they died with was inherited by their children … and the cycle continued.

    I look at our so-called-democracies and I feel like I am in a badly written twilight-zone / Dr Who script.

    • “the air we breathe?” seriously SOPA Is a terrible idea BUT I am sick of Internet THIEVES complaining as if it is their god given right to illegally download the latest “Mad Men” or “muse” album. The people that create these wonderful forms of entertainment OWE YOU NOTHING. if you download there works for free, you ARE STEALING. Full stop. No ifs or buts. Stop THIEVING STUFF!!

  9. Alphabet agencies and programs are slowly spelling our demise,… SOPA and PRO-IP are tricks by the VIPs to get the 1227 back on the teet of the OWO, or if that fails cause all of the FB-heads to once again take their DLs on the QT to OZ just so their i5s don't end up MIA.

    Back to serious reality,…. SOPA will cause more problems than it solves all due to the open wording throughout it. As mentioned by others if you have a blog or something that people comment on and you mention wanting to buy a CD/MP3/Movie/Game/Book and someone who "pirates" such things links a torrent or something you can be liable or just sharing a youtube vid on Facebook can get you in trouble. Now of course they say its not meant for those situations and would NEVER be used thusly,…but why leave the "check open" and risk it. Lets worry about getting the economy right again before going after the guy who pirates a few movies and albums. So says one who "plays Pirate" in real life,..Yarrmen.

  10. Considering the number of people who use Google everyday, it isn't surprising that when they politely ask people to contact their Congressmen the veritable flood gates of emails which ensue are enough to make even the most hard headed of Republicans take notice.

    As a librarian, I'm against censorship in all forms, (And yes, that, includes censoring materials to "protect" children. If parents don't want their kids to see something, they should talk to their children calmly about why they don't want them looking at the material so the kids become wiser as a result. The hear no, speak no, see no evil route only serves to make people more ignorant) so I'm happy to see this bill halted before it gets to far off the ground. Hopefully this will make our lawmakers think twice before they try something like this again.

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