The Desecrator

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TheĀ HIJINKS ENSUE STORE Is where you can buy stuff that I made! It supports me and my family and keeps this little operation going.

LIMITED PRINT UPDATE: If you have ordered the limited, signed “Fancy Bastards Assemble” print, they are on the way from the printer now. I should have them in a few days and they will start shipping out just as quickly as I can sign and pack them.

Sometimes you just need a good poop joke. Don’t fight it. Just try to enjoy it. That’s also what my proctologist said at my last check up. BOOM! BANG! ZAM! More with the joke making! It’s even doubly funny since I don’t have medical insurance and couldn’t see a butt doctor even if I needed one! Ohhh, the hits just keep on coming.

COMMENTERS: Can you still laugh at juvenile humor, or did you find your self growing out of it at some point? Was there a specific instance that made your mind up either way? Are there certain bits of low brow comedy (movie scenes, tv shows, stand ups, etc) that still get you despite your best efforts to remain a bastion of adult sophistication?

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