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I’ve had this idea on my “to draw” list for over a year. A bit of an unofficial Wheaton comic dare last night involving my friend Lar forced me into action.

[UPDATE 04/18/13] COMMENTERS: Wesley was always looking for others, especially Picard, to fill the role of space-father. Who are your favorite surrogate parents in geek fiction? Giles tops the list for me.

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  1. First thing that came to mind was Gurney Halleck (Patrick Stewart) and Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan) fighting in Dune movie. =D

  2. Nobody would surrender to the Dread Pirate Wesley! Which kind of seems even more sad when the name they actually would surrender to is French…

    • I don't know…I could see the Dread Pirate Wesley as an older Wesley with an eyepatch and a bad-ass scar on his face. Perhaps self-inflicted or faked in order to get people to take him seriously.

      I know – a mini-holo projector in an eyepatch that simulates a jagged scar coming down from under it. The eyepatch also has a camera or other sensing device in it that actually lets him see out of that eye. (He would, of course, still be the same old Wesley under the pirate persona. 🙂 )

      • As you described this, I kept thinking back to the way Wil was portrayed in S*P, with one arm ending in a hook from the convention massacre and thought "Hmmm we could have something here." Now add in a borg eye scanner and then you have a true Dread Pirate Wesley!

    • You do realize that some of the most successful pirates were French, like François l'Olonnais and Jean LaFitte. LaFitte in particular is an interesting character. He managed to get himself and his entire crew clemency for their years of piracy by helping save New Orleans from the English alongside future president Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812.

  3. i think this right here is a true comedy pinnacle.

    seriously, if you quit today, this would be one of those epic ways to go out.

  4. I was hoping we'd be talking about Defiance today. (perhaps if I were on Twitter…)

    This is not a spoiler, but could be perceived as such:

    If you have not watched Defiance but plan to: make yourself a Sci-Fi Tropes bingo card, THEN sit down and watch it. Let us know if that made viewing more or less enjoyable.
    I think I would have enjoyed it more – would have saved a lot of LizLemonesque eye rolling.
    How do I make a bingo card like that? Answer this question as many ways as possible:
    You'll know we're sic-fi because of our ——————.

  5. "You fell victim to one of the classic blunders… Never go in against an android when death is on the line. Ha ha ha ha ha…."

    "But how did you know which goblet he would choose?"

    "I didn't. Neither goblet was poisoned. I've spent the last several minutes working out the location of his off switch."

  6. Granny Weatherwax to Tiffany Aching. More of a surrogate grandparent, but she's my favourite anyone of anything, so I'm keeping it.

    • Try The Princess Bride .. and what Westley said the Dread Pirate Roberts told him ever night on the ship before he went to sleep.

      • I believe Gordon was answering the commenter question from the post, not trying to guess the origin of the quote.

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