During the campaign there was a lot of talk about how this was the first election where the candidates had the option of taking full advantage of the internet, both to reach potential voters with their message and trade snarky comments on each others blogs. It’s safe to say the guy that won (that one) ran a more net-savvy campaign and I’d like to think it contributed to his victory.

The idea that our next president is a Crackberry addicted, Mac using Spider-Man collector makes me feel like we have “one of our own” in the highest office. I’m not preaching… just enthusiastic. He’s also going to be the first President of the United States to appoint a Chief Technology Officer. Here’s hoping he stays away from Youtube commenters and 4Chan members. If you have an idea as to who it should be or what they should focus on, you can cast your vote (sort of) here.

I remember, as the economy began to implode, hearing the media recall Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats and suggesting that someone (W?) should be communicating with the American people and reassuring them that their concerns were being addressed. I thought, “Obama should do a video blog! That would allow him to keep us informed and show that he relates to us on a technological level! Also it woud allow me to stare into his deep brown eyes while his dullcet tones gently bid me off to sleep!”

I guess he had the same idea. I really hope he keeps it up.

ALSO A THING!: Check out this forum post where a few Aussie Fancy Bastards weigh in on the potential castration of their nets.

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  1. HA! I wonder if the real Obama has any isea what these l33t-speak phrases mean. If he uses them in real life, he'll come off as a dork.
    Ah, but quoth the Colbert: "Turns out Barack Obama's not a secret Muslim. He's something much worse: a secret nerd." But of course steve has a right to be bitter, after running for President in the Marvel Universe, pulling a Dewey, & losing to Obama. See more @

  2. After the delight that was the "Roslin 08" shirt, how about keeping the BSG election theme going? Felix Gaeta for CTO?

    I'll come back later with something even remotely funny…

  3. haha great comic. While im glad its not going to be some 12 year old haxor, how about someone with the first Fing clue about the internet and 21st century tech in general, that would be nice.

    Oh and Dropbears are gay also.

  4. I think its less about pretending to care what we think and more about keeping us informed. If you've ever had a boss or manager that kept all the workers in the dark you know what kind of mistrust and speculation that leads to. Just talking to america for 5 min a week will go a long way to reassuring us.

  5. lol dude there's a big label directly to the left of every comic saying "get a signed print of this comic" with an arrow!

  6. At least that keeps Denise away – she can't even get wireless at Joel's (unless she's sroted it now – I'm about 8 podcasts behind)

  7. i do believe i said "stupid me!" in the last post… i usually don't come to the site directly… i only come here to post a comment… otherwise i use an RSS feed for the comics

  8. I laughed. A lot. Loudly. Jess thought I was crazy. I'm reading again and laughing again now.

    I think the "LonelyPresident08" really seals the deal on this one.

    I'm writing Obama a letter as we speak: "Joel Watson for CTO of AMERICA!"

  9. just a piece of potentially interesting information…… about 2 months before Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas rolled out a domestically produced rocket propelled grenade capable doing damage to an Israeli tank (the Israeli Merkava Main battle tank is significantly more heavily armored the US Abrams M1A2 Main Battle tank), it is likely that this "taking the war into the internet" is at least an effort to stop the technology from spreading to The West Bank, Lebanon, etc……

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