Josh Wins Halloween

In what may be the most meta move in the history of Internet, Josh dressed up as HIMSELF from the “Godspeed You Fancy Bastard” comic. It’s like a living recursive anagram acronym (J.O.S.H = Josh! Oh Shit! Halloween!). Then Eli and I decided to use this (hopefully) once in a lifetime opportunity to recreate the GSYFB desktop in real life. Luckily there was a missile just laying around in a nearby office (no kidding… thanks, Jen!)

Here’s the COMIC and the DESKTOP for comparison.

Today’s (non)comic counts as our collective costume. WE went as “the desktop”. The Halloween comic I had planned was shelved in lieu of sharing today’s serendipitous series of events. Fancy Bastards will appreciate it. New readers and such will certainly find it highly confusing and never return.

Apparently Josh conspired with Fancy Bastard Sultmhoor, who actually knitted the gloves, legwarmers and head band. The shorts, on the other hand, were born in the fires of Mount Doom, and only there can they be unmade. In those shorts, Josh’s junk was so spectacular I could only view it through a pin hole in a cardboard box. I still suffered some minor retinal damage. There was MANmal toe as far as the eyes could see (which wasn’t far because I was crying).

Josh won “Sexiest Costume” as his office costume contest, because they didn’t have a ribbon that said “Most Testactular Costume.” Eli, posted a few pics of the contest. Check out The Yip Yips, Rick Roll, and Duff-Man. You can see more of Josh’s costume poses there as well (but why would you want to?).

Eli made an HE-Ween Pumpkin.

And my wife and I made a “Boo” costume for our daughter.

Happy Halloween You Fancy Bastards!

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  1. Coming in two years after the fact I had to comment that the Boo costume is absolutely adorable. Josh is hilarious and the pumpkin is really cool, but I give my shiny blue ribbon (are blue ribbons shiny? Fuck it.) to the Boostume.


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