It’s My Cat In A Box

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  1. Someone should have mentioned to him that Shroedingers Cat is intended as a satirical argument, and not an actual one.

    • Shrodinger: "This is absurd and thus QM can't work this way."
      Science: "We've done some more tests and QM seems to work this way, which confuses us as well."
      Shrodinger: "Dangit, I'm never going to live this down am I?"

      • From my observations QA departments of most technology firms run on QM.

        Programmer: But it works everywhere but here!
        QA Tester: Welcome to the Zone of Unhappy Programmers! Enjoy your stay.

    • The irony has always been that in his attempt to satirize QM he perfectly described and made the argument for it much clearer. Irony, it doesn't just burn, it cuts.

    • My cat likes certain wines sometimes as well. Then again, he's a not-so-juvenile-anymore delinquent. If he were able, I'm sure he'd be smoking as well as drinking, and knocking over pet supply stores for catnip and things.

  2. I moused over and I saw alt text/did not see alt text.
    BTW, one thing has always bugged me about Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment. Shouldn't the cat in the box count as an observer?

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