The Archie-Angel Of Death

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Next week I’m going to be at SDCC with Cyanide & Happiness!¬†Booth 1234! More info at my Tumblr.¬†


In the last day or so the HijiNKS ENSUE Patreon went over $1500, which means starting next month there will be 4 new comics a week! This is either going to take the form of 4 HE comics or 3 HE comics and one FANEURYSM comic. Haven’t decided yet. Either way, thank you all so much for the support!



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    • I have to admit I was not expecting anything like this. Following your link reminded me, once again, that the world is a far stranger place than I normally imagine it to be. That's just…I have no words.

    • I checked out that link and looked at the cover gallery. The variant covers are kind of risque with Betty and Veronica in skimpy negligees.

  1. Perhaps Archie is just a prequel to Buffy the Vampire slayer. He goes on to become Angel? Rivervale…. Sunnydale…hmmmm

  2. I went ahead and changed the title after realizing that Afterlife With Archie was a long running, and pretty popular comic.

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