In The Year 2000, In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Short post because today is my birthday: I thought the new Conan-powered Tonight Show was good. Leno is a hack. Jimmy Fallon is terrible. There are a few Conan-specific references in this one that many of  you probably won’t identify with. I started watching Conan when I was in middle school when his show was little more than public access with a slightly higher budget. It was frighteningly weird and I loved it. As it got more mainstream I stopped watching but I always got the feeling that Conan O’Brien was “one of us.” He’s just a lanky red-haired geek who happens to have a really high profile job on TV. I wish him the best.

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  1. Wait, there’s a strip about a masturbating bear, and Josh isn’t in it? Something’s not quite right…

  2. Boy I wish I understood this comic! I've never once watched Conan. I guess I've never needed to. Late night TV is sort of a, "Oh god I've got to deal with my spiteful bitch wife and my stupid dead end job, release me from my cares as I drift off to sleep, sweet, sweet Jay" thing in my mind, always has been.


  3. That would make Craig Ferguson Mace Windu: the one that really is too cool to be there, but we're happy he is.

  4. That's not Conan, it's the president of Finland. We switched them when he came to visit couple of years ago, and now you laugh at our mrs. president's jokes while we our towering, flame-haired leader plans to declare a war against Sweden.

    …Okay, that was so 2006 but it's every Finn's civic duty to remember the glorious Conan mentions, and the visit, forever. It may not be written in our law, but it's definitely in the Finnish DNA.

    Oh and Happy Birthday! I gotta go to post office now, wish I had remembered earlier but anyhow..


  5. That's funny, on Facebook we were reacting to the news that Conan's backdrop is a copy of stuff from Mario Bros. We decided Leno is Mario, Conan is Luigi (both were based on rather physical comparisons), Fallon is Yoshi. I originally had Carson Daly as Toad, but he's not short like I thought he was. That makes Letterman Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ferguson is Tails. And Kimmel, running 3rd place in a two-horse race, must then be Crash Bandicoot.

    And by that measure, Carson would have to be Donkey Kong or Pac-Man or something.

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