I’m The Best There Is At What I Do

And what I do is hosting awards shows.

I didnt’t watched the Oscar’s last night, so I can only assume this is exactly what happened. The whole affair doesn’t hold that much interest for me. The show is typically long and boring and the movies I actually see in a given year either aren’t nominated or don’t win. It seems like a giant Hollywood wank-fest where all the actors pat each others backs (and dicks) raw. I guess I should go find a list of who won and what not. I bet I can find all the interesting parts on the YourTubes.

Did you watch it? Did you favorites win? Any major upsets? Commentward ho!

Also, I’ll be attending the New England Wecomics Weekend. Check out my post and comment if you are going to be there.

UPDATE: I just reread that hastily written post and realized it sounded angry. I’m not angry at the Oscars. I just wasn’t that interested in watching the broadcast.


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  1. I'm tired of the Oscars, it just leads to bitching and arguing between people and I don't understand the point. Art shouldn't be competitive in my opinion.

  2. I felt Mickey Rourke was robbed for his performance in The Wrestler, but at the same time he's been rewarded for it in at least 2 other awards forums (Golden Globes, Independent Spirit), so I've come to terms with it. Somewhat.

    • Sean Penn is just as deserving for the Best Actor award from what I've been told and glimpsed, and although I would've preferred Rourke to clean sweep (he won the BAFTA too) the Oscars always have a degree of political spin (usually internally) – I guess given the anti-gay bullshit going on in California these days I think it's good Hollywood tipped the Milk.

      Plus, Penn gave Rourke the shout-out so I think everybody was pleased with that.

      Shame Frost/Nixon didn't get anything – a classic that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  3. I've given up on award shows PERIOD! I did see the opening number, though. I don't care if he is Wolverine, Hugh Jackman really needs to come out of the closet already.

  4. ==> "It seems like a giant hollywood wank-fest where all the actors pat each others backs (and dicks) raw."
    I just wonder what the response would be if someone said the same thing about the "The New England Web Comics Weekend"? Especially if they didn't participate or check it out.

    I thought the show was pretty good. I'm actually not a huge fan of the show, but my husband is (he refers to it as the Gay Man's SuperBowl). It was much better than it has been in years. More casual and intimate.

    to sonochamp: Hugh Jackman? Why does anyone care if he's straight or gay? He is the only one who knows for certain. Even if he was, do you think he's going to sleep with you? Let it go, you're never going to have him.

  5. I didn't watch it all the way, but I heard Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor as the Joker and WALL-E waon best animated Feature! At last! Vindication for Geek Movies as legit art!
    But during the dead people montage, my reaction to most of the deceased was "Who?" Also, when the Lead Acting awards were given, the presenters sounded like they were verbally wanking each nominee, didn't it?

  6. But @ least Hugh Jackman was funny
    "And now, here's the man I've been trying to impress all night with my fake-Australian accent…"

  7. I don't mind people getting awards for their work but hearing stories about how Harvey Weinstein bough nominations for The Reader sours me to any enjoyment I could possibly have watching an awards show.

    That and I can't possibly take anything seriously that awarded Titanic, Shakespeare in Love, and Crash best picture within the last 15 years.

  8. Well, webcomics weekend isnt an awards show. Its a party. Im sure there will be some back patting, but it's not the Oscars (also its never happened before). I just dont find that the Oscars help me to enjoy movies any more than I already do/did.

  9. I think people just watch the awards shows for the same reason they read or watch endless reviews. To …
    A. Know what to watch because they have no idea what a good movie is.
    B. They wouldn't know a good movie even if they saw it so they watch shows like the oscars to sound smart.

  10. I have a co-worker who is an Oscar junkie. He watches the Oscars like you and I watch BSG. He knows every Best Picture and Best Actor/Actress back to the very first one. Now THAT is something I don't understand.

    I think it's nice to have your work validated by your peers, but I personally prefer the SAG and other guild awards better. I think those winners are a little less based on politics and stuff and more based on actual merit.

    I also thought Hugh Jackman was brilliant. Bring back the movie musical!

      • Ive actually thought about this at length. why do people watch sports? is it the shared experience? The notion that an athlete's accomplishments somehow become your own if you root for them? I think football would be 100 times more interesting if they played the game then edited it to 20 or 30 min before broadcast.

        • Yes! I agree wholeheartedly. I just had a discussion the other day about sports movies and how I'm a sucker for them. The reasoning I came up with is that its a condensed sporting event with all the boring bits taken out and lotsa drama thrown in for good measure. I used to like to watch sports, but as I've gotten older I've decided that they are just too damn long with too much *yawn* in between all the good bits. Long live sports movies!

          • Definitely watch Hugh Jackman's opening number, which I thought was brilliantly funny and had a definite nod or two to the comic fanboys. Maybe watch Danny Boyle's speech since you like Slumdog…and that's about it.

            About the sports thing, it's funny because I was thinking about that today. I can only really comment on British/European sports but the principles are the same – the best sporting events have an element of real drama to them – more real than any reality show and something that is completely unscripted and unpredictable. So for the reasons you list ceer78, that's exactly why I'm *not* usually a fan of sports movies!
            The real-life feuds and grudges, the back-stories of the players, the age old question of 'Who's better?" and the knowledge that when the lights go out and the camera's stop rolling, the competitors are still going to be carrying whatever happened on the field with them.
            Of course real life drama being unpredictable also means it can be very boring – there's no guarantee of entertainment at all. I guess that makes it so much more special when you see something amazing.

            My last point is probably going to undermine all of the above, but maybe that's why the only reality show I like/can stand is The Apprentice (UK version) because it's the closest to a meritocratic competition, the closest to a 'sport'.

            • Actually, Vince McMahon (i.e. the owner of the WWE) tried to do that with football. It was called the XFL, if anyone remembers it. They tried to sell off the field drama as well as the hits. "Is this quarterback dating the head cheerleader?" "This linebacker really hates this fullback" "This guy's such a showboat, how does his team stand him?"…that kinda stuff. It flopped. Hard.

        • i think it's the shared experience and the beer. oodles and boatloads of beer… with wings.

          also, these days, when i'm at the gym, on the treadmill, making myself sexy(sorry for the image), i tend to watch ESPN because it is simple. no plots to figure. just blind action and people hitting people. it's strangely inspiring.

          although, the sportscasters. dear GOD, the sportscasters. i don't see how any sports enthusiast has any right to complain about too much talking or sharing because all ESPN does is talk and whine and CRY about one athlete or another. there's maybe 5 minutes of game-play compared to the 15 minutes of deconstruction of that play afterwards.

          MTV doesn't play videos. ESPN rarely shows actual sports. and they have scripted shows, too.

          the world of TV entertainment has gone to seed.

  11. I wanted to watch the whole mostly boring awards ceremony this year, just because, but only caught the biggest winners. Waking up (hello there different time zones, around here the show started at 3am) to see Danny Boyle bounce around happily wasn't that bad tho.

    Sure Ledger deserved that Oscar of his, but I think dead people should have their own category, or just get the naked man statue in case they deserve it.
    If the dead guy doesn't win, it's a scandal because it would've been his last change to get recognition, so he has to. I know Heath's Joker was truly remarkable performance, yes, but still would've loved to see RDJ win because of the massive meta of it all. Dude playing the Oscar-winning dude winning an Oscar, how about that!

    The comic is lovely, so this is what happened in the part I didn't see! (I always think like that with certain actors, though for me IanMcKellen is always Gandalf.)


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