If This Battlestar’s A-Rockin’

Sometimes he makes her wear an eye patch and call him “The Old Man.”

Isn’t it about time these two frakked? Or do you believe, as I do, that Adama and Roslin have been knocking space boots since New Caprica? Or are you of the opinion, as so many unfortunately are, that you have no idea what this comic is about because you don’t watch Battlestar Galactica (shame on you, bad geek, BAD GEEK!)?

I know ultraspecificSPLODE comics like these are bound to alienate a vast number of you Fancy Bastards, but BSG has nearly run its course and I have to get this stuff out of my system while it’s still relevant.

Even if you don’t know the specifics of the Roslin/Adama relationship dynamic, you can still enjoy the fact that two old people are banging in space. That’s Grade-A Hotness right there. To make it even nastier, the lady involved is bald and dying of cancer (queue the “bow-chicka-wow-wow” music)!  I know, right? If you are too turned on to continue reading this, feel free to stop here and go have some sex.


Did I mention the dude portion of this futuristic elderly sexcapade has a face so leathery and scarred with pock marks, craters, cracks and crevaces that it looks like the Moon and an old couch bad a baby? This pairing is oozing with sexual intercourse appeal… and probably some BenGay.

[Credit goes to Eli for coming up with the de-cornered condom wrappers. That shit is gold.]

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  1. I made this knowing good and well that non-BSG people would have no idea what it was about, but BSG ends soon so I have to get these out of my system while I still can. Also watch BSG.

  2. That was so frakkin' worth the wait.

    Does anyone else think Bill and Laura have actually been doing it since New Caprica, and this is just the first time they've let us see it? Or am I just a repressed slash writer? I mean, it was one thing when I assumed that about Mulder and Scully, but when I passionately argued that Lister and Rimmer were doing the nasty off-camera, my friends started getting a little worried.

  3. I'm impresssed with how quickly you got the frakking strip up.

    And SEVEN times? Damn. I feel lucking to get two a night and i'm 25 years younger than him. (starts looking for vitamin C)

  4. WOW! Great job!
    I fucking love this show! Adama and Roslin are the best shit ever. They can fuck each others brains out till the universe collapses. How much ya'll wanna make a bet these two end up saving the whole fucking world? ROCK ON!

  5. She probably couldnt get into it until she stopped the meds. Now Adama's like "Yeah you probably dont need any more treatments. you'll probably be fine. Lets go frak some more."

  6. Just……So funny no acronym in the world could express how dementedly hilarious this is. By the way I think Olmos/McDonnell have to be the best old couple in Sci-fi…..nay, the world. Maybe if Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II shagged they could beat out Olmos/McDonnell, But it would have to be some kinky shit.

  7. My guess is they ran out, but ruled that in a state of emergency, they are reusable. Disgusting, I know. There was splashback.

    Btw, thanks for this comic. It rocked my face so hard (and the wife's). We're still on season 3, and have been for a while now, but have picked up watching it again recently. This comic made my week.

  8. Joel, you're killing me man. I just managed to sear that image out of my brain, and then you just go and put it right back in. I was all for them hooking up, but I really didn't want to see it. shiver…

    BTW: great idea on the condom wrappers but doesn't that break the BSG law on baby makin'?

  9. Oh My… *vomits*
    Every bit as disgusting as the actual scene. While I can appreciate the scene for having allowed this comic to exist, I still wish they had never included it in the show.

  10. Something about Adama's face makes me think of the bald guy from King of the Hill…
    'Frakking' awesome comic though! Made me chuckle most heartily so it did!
    Kudos to Eli; the cut corners do make that last panel something special!

  11. Gross and awesome all at the same time. Good job Joel! I'm glad I wasn't the only one kinda grossed out by that scene. I mean, hooray for them and all, but I was happy without the mental image.

  12. It probably wouldn't have mattered anyway. Those eggs are certainly shriveled up after all those Diloxin treatments.

    Oh Gods, that picture's back in my head, aagghh

  13. That's the plan – gonna watch episode 7 right now. Meanwhile, thanks for not spoiling the hell out of everything too much in the main podcast, but I heard things in the post-show that made me push the stop button and claw at my brain to erase the knowledge of… well, stuff that I can't type here cuz the wife would kill me. I've caught a few things before, but now I had a real big mindsplode. Trying hard to ignore and forget. Not that I'm holding a grudge against you guys for talking about junk, though.

    Anyway, will be watching lots these next few afternoons to get caught up.

  14. If I remember correctly, Adama once had Roslin arressted & tossed in the brig. Ya think they might get a little kinky in there? Maybe the safe word is "mutiny"!

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