I think that’s why they call it the Jesus Phone.

Josh camped out for an iPhone on Friday, knowing good and well Uncle Steve was flooding the stores with multiple millions of them at launch. That’s like camping out for the Unrated Director’s Cut of Norbit. Trust me, there’s going to be one left when you get there.

I haven’t procured the device in question yet, but I have been able to play with one for about 30 minutes. It was extraordinarily difficult to put down. It BEGS to be touched. Remember when Buffy first took hold of the scythe? Yeah, it was a lot like that. I KNEW it was mine. I was instinctively able to wield it.

And just to be clear, they do call it the Jesus phone.

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  1. @MKR

    It’s anatomically correct. I checked. When burned from the inside out (thats the key) the face innards turn purple.

  2. God's power is no longer inside the ark, and I believe it was destroyed when the temple was completely demolished in AD 70. About 300 years after it was prophesied (in Old Testament) that the temple would be destroyed.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. But very interesting depiction of what would happen.

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