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Ohhhhh [Christmas] fuuuuudge! If I am not careful, A Christmas Story comics might become an annual thing. 

In the post for the previous comic, I asked you to reveal your favorite non-traditional Christmas/holiday-times movie (Edward Scissorhands, Die Hard, Over The Top, etc). A Christmas Story is my favorite… well, Christmas story, period. The watching of it is, in fact, one of my only Christmas traditions. When it comes on TBS back to back for 24 hours on December 25th, I pretty much set the TV to channel 500,000 or whatever and leave it there until the presents are all opened, the relatives are gone and the leftover pumpkin pie beckons to me like a moist, high calorie Siren. It is surprisingly easy to finish an entire pumpkin pie by yourself in a day or so when you realize it is every bit as much breakfast and lunch as it is an after dinner-pie dessert.

This is most likely the final HE comic of 2011. I offer you my most sincere thanks for your (you Fancy Bastards, that is) continuing support, both emotional and financial. This has certainly been my busiest year and my most exciting one as a professional person that draws bullshit on the Internet. The latter half of this year represents the first time since the inception of HE and the beginning of The Experiment that I have felt a slight release on the constant financial pressure that running a small business based on (again) drawing bullshit on the Internet (and giving it away for free) has presented me with. I am by no means “well off” or “flush with cash” or “a money having type of guy” or “more words in quotes,” but for the first time ever I feel like I am out of the woods, or at least approaching what seems to be a clearing ahead. It feels like if I can somehow manage to keep going at this pace, in a couple of years things will be pretty much OK. That’s a nice feeling. The constant struggle to stay afloat is still very much alive, but now it feels somehow on a larger timeline. It’s more like I’m trying to get to the next year as opposed to wondering how I’m going to pay the mortgage next month.

I say all of that so say this again: Thank you. Thank you all for making 2011 a truly life-changing year for me. Thank you for indulging me, supporting me, and finding some modicum of joy in these weird pictures of mostly dicks that I upload in this space several times a week. The previous sentence is a perfect description of my dream job, and I get to do it every single day because there are geeky weirdos like me all over the world that feel the same dumb feelings I do about TV and movies warp nacelles and TARDISes and what not. There is even a small subset of you that will chuckle when I say “weird pictures of mostly dicks” is Velera III crystalline Microbrain-ese for HijiNKS ENSUE.

See you in 2012, nerds.

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  1. You're welcome, Joel. May you find success in your continuing mission, to seek out new dicks, and new things to draw dicks upon, TO BOLDLY DRAW DICKS WHERE NO ONE HAS DRAWN DICKS BEFORE!

  2. From a few hours further into 2012 (and wearing my "Fighting Timelords" shirt to honor this), I wish you a brilliant New Year. Even if we all die in December (fucking Mayans…).

  3. The full name of the restaurant was actually the "Bo' Ling Chop Suey Palace"., but I think they shortened it in dialogue.

  4. I totally hate those ads too! Great comic. Wish you a happy new year and thanks for all the laughs.

    P.S. I framed two of your comics for my husband for Christmas and I must say they look great.

  5. I feel like I missed out. By the first time I saw A Christmas Story, I was well past the age where new things can be forgiven their flaws in the same way nostalgic things from one's childhood can. I simply couldn't share the appreciation all my friends had for this allegedly amazing film. But the worst part is, it fills me with an almost-crippling caution and desire to add an endless string of qualifiers before I can suggest anyone check out anything that I'm nostalgic for…

  6. Thanks for the great year (even though I came into your comic late), and best wishes for the next! Your comics reawakened my inner geek, and prompted me to catch up on some of the movies and shows that I missed during the previous 10 years.

    Knowing that there are people out there who can geek without being elitist douches has restored my faith in human kind. Well, I say restored…maybe just replenished a bit. If I can say that without sounding like an emo-Lifetime-Christmas-movie.

    Eagerly awaiting 2012! Let the hijinks ensue!

  7. You're welcome Joel, and thank you for all the great comics over the years, and we hope you keep up the great work for next year.

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