He’s a pirate first, and a ghost second

Here’s the 2nd in what is shaping up to be a 3 part Lost series. So you’ve seen the finale by now. Halfway through the super-secret flash forward I had it figured out. Being the studious gadget geek that I am, it was impossible to miss Jack’s Motorola KRZR (the “K” is for krazy), which would have been released in 2006. He might as well have been listening to “Jesus Take The Wheel” and buying tickets to Bad Mother Fucker Jedi vs. The Wicked Serpents.

About the comic. It was a toss up between “Zoinks” and “Jinkys.” Much like Sophie, I had to make a choice. I imagine the next scene would be Locke pulling off Jacob’s rubber mask coated in phosphorescent paint and revealing “it was Old man Hanso from the abandoned DHARMA station all along!” and then throwing a Bowie-knife into his back.

On a side note; in a very Howard Hughes-esque move, Jacob seems to jar his own urine. Perhaps he’s also a reclusive billionaire who’s trying to build a fancifully large wooden plane.

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  1. Also everyone in your comics needs to get more sleep and I need to be in your comic and I need more punctuation and also your junk is an i-pod.

    I also would like to sell you some VIAGRA AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES CLICK HERE TO WIN!

    – ook

  2. @Jeramy Cooke

    As far as the characters needing more sleep…LOOK WHO THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. Two game developers and ME. It would be more realistic if they were actually asleep at their desks propped up by stacks of porn, Red Bull cans, and additional porn.

  3. Ruby Roo is ry recond-ravorite roggie! Affer rAsro Retson!

    And, yes, in "real life", they would pull off the rubber mask, and find a round-faced beardless bald guy inside. That guy knows about the hidden boxcar-size gold nugget at the bottom of the lake. He frightened off everyone else, but those snoopy kids will obtain a confession in five seconds!

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