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Have you heard about this swine flu? It’s like the regular flu but with the added Wizard Pride T-Shirtpower of PIGS! Depending on who you ask, we are either all doomed to die a paranoid, hammy death (which sounds delicious), or we are just as fine and hammy as ever and every one is freaking the pork out over nothing.

This comic is dedicated to all of the pigs that died in Josh’s pursuit of the perfect strip of crispy deliciousness:

Sir Francis Bacon
AbraHAM Lincoln
Simon and River Ham
Sparkling White Swine (an albino pig)

Alien pig visitor Pork from Ork
Vince with Ham-Wow!
and finally,
Icelandic Pig Singer Pjork

HE COMMENT CHALLENGE: What was Josh doing to make the hybrid bacon so potent, so addictive and so delicious? Was it hydroponically grown? What was it a hybrid of? My guess is he fed the pigs nothing but bacon… THERE OWN BACON! DUH DUH DUHNNNNN!

UPDATE: FB Wendell picked up the pig naming meme. You can see his efforts HERE. I am partial to “Amy Swinehouse.”

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  1. Haha, I saw the biosuit and though Josh was swineflu patient zero.

    I'm gonna guess he was trying to finally realize his dream of caffeinated bacon.

  2. He was obviously looking to oust the BaconSalt guys from the lead of the bacon industry. By way of some strange gypsy magics, I wager.

  3. Somehow I see this winding up on some Christian site as a way to show that gays can't raise children. They'll completely miss the humor and absurdity.

  4. I'm surprised no one has mentioned "manbearpig" yet. Seems apropos.

    Love the pigs' names in panel 2. I LOLed.

  5. Simon and River Ham! Must have been a bear indeed.
    Caught bit of the live inking, nice work there.


    • My god…I think you have just breached one of the seven seals…surely mention of this product must be a sign of an impending apocalypse, as the tobacco manufacturers go forth into their fields, setting loose the sea of swine, and yea, verily, the anointed geneticists with their sorcery create the one substance mankind loves more than gold…and hence the Gilded Tobacon Lord was borne into the world…

  6. Genetic manipulation to change the pig's bloodstream into pure maple syrup. Kinda like a pork-maple Alien from planet LV-PORK26

  7. he's clearly working to deal with the cloven hoof/chew-its-own-cud issues mentioned in the Bible. duh.

    also, i have been freaked out by pigs for some time because they are so content to eat dead humans:
    think of the canadian pig farmer who killed prostitutes and fed them to pigs.
    think of al swearengen on hbo's deadwood series, whose lackeys fed all the camp's victims to the chinese guy's pigs.
    i'm sure there are more, but the point is, pigs *want* to eat you! agh!

  8. Josh: "Sup dawg. I heard you like pork, so I put a pig inside your pig, so you can eat bacon while you eat bacon!"

    • Not a bad idea … sort of like a turducken, just with … hogs.

      Maybe a bacon wrapped pot-bellied pig on a bed of short ribs.

  9. My guess is motor oil. He fed the pigs motor oil via baby bottle every day since birth. It makes the pigs' coats shiny, and their flesh juicy and tender.

  10. So thats where the swine flu came from!! Josh has been playing god! A pork loving god who perhaps loved pork too much….some lines should not be crossed….

  11. your need to get the muscle to fat ratio to a point somewhere between the American bacon and Warthog bacon. but also keep the salt content down. i’m trying to find a contact at Texas A&M, someone who knows more about pigs than i do. my knowledge is limited only to the end product. sidenote: bear bacon is pretty good. and that’s non-human type of bear.

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