Going Once, Going Thrace, SOLD!

I’m sure a decent sized chunk of the people reading this don’t watch Battlestar (why? don’t you love happiness?), so here’s the cliff notes: Battlestar Galactica is a show, it’s 35,000 surviving humans vs. millions of robots called Cylons, some of the Cylons look human and one is still hiding among us, some of the Cylons (called Hybrids) are submerged in tubs of goo, speak only in math and riddles and occasionally go nuts and tell the future, and one of those “goo tubs,” along with a shit-ton of other BSG props and swag, are going on sale soon (link to actual auction site).

I will simultaneously pitty and envy the dude that drops $30-40,000 on a full sized Cylon Raider. In other BSG news, the prequel series Caprica finally got a full season greelight with a 2 hour pilot/movie. Despite being set in the BSG universe (50 years earlier) it’s not supposed to feel like BSG at all. I will certainly give it a try, but I can see myself losing interest pretty quick if it ends up being “FAMILY DRAMA IN SPACE!” Will they maintain continuity and have the kid playing young Bill Adama fall face first into a meat grinder so that he can one day be played by Edward James Olmos?

So back to the props: if you could take any prop from a film or TV show and repurpose it for every day use, what would it be? Death Star chandelier? Planet of the Apes Statue of Liberty Coat Rack? Back to the Future DeLorean…Delorean (ya’ know, to drive and be awesome in)?

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  1. Is Joel wearing pants? Anyway…

    . The Jaguar-Hearse from 'Harold and Maude' as my car
    . Catbus from MNT again, as my car or, possibly, house
    . Tigh as my butler

  2. Is Joel wearing pants? Anyway…

    . The Jaguar-Hearse from 'Harold and Maude' as my car
    . Catbus from MNT again, as my car or, possibly, house
    . Tigh as my butler

    Yes, Tigh is a prop…

  3. I'd like the holocamera and holoprojecter from Star Wars to use at work, at school, on annoying dates…It could be quite handy.

  4. Batmobile as a lawn ornament… I don't even care which Batmobile.
    And yes, I live in hickville, where cars are lawn ornaments.

  5. /second on the Tardis
    Could be a Tardis closet or a Tardis actual phone booth or an actual Tardis Tardis.

    K-9 would be a good second choice – he could follow me around and laser beam people with his nose as they cut in front of me in candy lines at theaters, cut me off in traffic or just generally upset me.

    Plus, the kids could ride him, he';s a no-poop pet AND there has to be a beer bottle opener in there somewhere.

  6. i want one of those big rock faces from the labyrinth to guard the front of my house. "the path you will take will lead to certain destruction!"

  7. I still don't watch BSG and found it humorous enough anyhow. The concept is geeky enough and nothing that was BSG-specific is really all that specific to BSG; sfici is full of cyborgs, weird implants, vats of goo of indeterminate organic makeup, and jumping as a means of FTL travel.

  8. I think being a cylon hybrid would be quite soothing. You get to stay in the bath all day and talk shit. It wasn't until I read this strip that I realised that's what I've been striving for all my life.

  9. The Gate from Stargate SG-1 as the gate to my driveway.

    PS: if you both pity and envy someone who bought a cylon raider then do you pity or envy someone who dropped almost a million on the original hero model of the Enterprise D
    because its envy all the way for me

  10. I'd mod it into an iPhone or PDA. It's a little bulky to put to the ear, so I'd need a decent speakerphone speaker.

    Unless of course, there really was an Imaging Chamber. In that case I'd be using it all the time for semi-nefarious purposes.

  11. I'd take "Magic Voice" from MST3K, and make her answer all the freakin' phone spam I get. And then maybe pair her up with Tony Stark's sexy British AI magic voice to play opposite as sort of a romantic tension counter. I'd pretty much have the phone and all my enternainmnet needs covered at that point…

  12. So glad you like it. I actually havent seen one in person yet. Make sure you wash it on cold water (does Canada have hot water?) and not with your jeans like josh did. hes ruined all his HE shirts by washing them in lava against rocks.

    Wear it over a thermal!

  13. Come to think of it, Kryten from Red Dwarf would be SO useful around the house. He does basically everything. Including making coffee with his groinal attatchment. Nuff said.

  14. oh, i watch the HELL out of some BSG. the minute i heard about that auction is the minute i thought it would make a nice hot tub.

    and thanks for reminding me that scifi channel has yet to show the last half of the season . 🙁

  15. i Strongly suggest you download the catalog from their site and look at the all the drool worthy swag. They are selling basically everything that ever appeard on the show, from uniforms to props, to set pieces to vipers. Its fucking epic.

  16. I would probably want the Hatredcopter from Metalocalypse, I would probably use it as my house since it's certainly big enough. It would kick ass if it actually flew.

    BTW Joel, my "Eh Team" shirt came by today and I love it!

    It came at just the right time too, I just finished an exam today (Protein Structure yea!) and have two tomorrow (Immunology and Molecular Genetics wooo!) and it was great to have something cheer me up a bit from being so serious about studying.

    I just wish it wasn't the winter up here so I could wear it outside. -15C with the wind up here in Ontario.

    I think I'll wear it under a hoodie tomorrow for good luck.

  17. I want the little blue worm as a doorbell. People would come up and press the doorbell button, and a little light would go on in his little house, and he'd yell "OI! SOMEONE'S HERE FOR TEA!"

  18. The murderous, pneumatic piston from No Country For Old Men to use as a bottle/canned goods opener.

    Oh, and that cow-punch he carries around too.

  19. That is really funny.

    Now I really want to watch that show. (And I recently found out that Robert Picardo was on there too- if I've got that right. One of the sexiest bald guys ever.)

    Thanks a lot.

  20. *cough* Joel, I run the Battlestar Wiki *cough* Joe spent over 3 months @ B.C. Canada working on the descriptions. There is two parts. One from Season 1 to Season 4. A second book, which is just as big will come out after Season 4.5 🙂

  21. http://www.iit.edu/~stuact/images/catbus.jpg

    It is the catbus and it is made of awesome. It is a cat, and it is a bus, and it is from the awesome awesome awesome movie My Neighbor Totoro, by Miazaki and put out by Studio Ghibli. (also the people responsible for Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke and others.) It is an awesome kids' film, originally japanese. It's dubbed /really/ well into english.

    Um. Pardon the otaku rant. But yeah, catbus. ^_^

  22. Hellboy's gun as (surprize) a gun, that thing is probably larger than my head, and the kickback would shatter half the bones in my skinny-ass torso, but it would be AWESOME to get to shoot it just once.

    If Hellboy's gun is unavailable, I'd settle for the Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon 'Harkonnen'. Kick ass.

  23. Would have bought the mead vat from Banderas's 13th Warrior and turned it into a hot tub but just didn't have the cash. Still kinda regret it because it was the perfect size and had steps and everything. XD Would have just needed a little work (and to have the like 6" deep blue plastic liner removed haha). Oh well, we did get a bunch of furs and stuff dirt cheap.

    Movie auctions kick ass.

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